Who do you follow on social media?

I’m curious about who you follow on social media, and why do you follow that person?

What it is about that person that interests you so much?

What are you, how you bond with that person, why are you bonding with that person?

We all live lives that are interesting in their own ways.

But we all like to follow somebody on social media who may live a life that’s a little different. We do it for inspiration. We like their quotes. We enjoy their little videos or their snippets or whatever it might be.

Maybe their occasional words of wisdom inspire us in a way that we need on that day. Who do you follow on social media?

I’m looking to find some new interesting people that I can read up about and maybe take up their books or you know, learn their viewpoints.

You know to me, I’m into health and fitness and wellness and life and love and relationships, but we don’t need to limit it to that because I would prefer to expand my brain and my mind.

So, I’m curious who you all follow and why. Maybe there’s somebody interesting that I can start to learn more from.