If you had to vacation anywhere in the world and you had a magical trip that was paid for by, well, whatever, you won a lottery, you won a vacation trip. A genie granted you a wish, whatever it might be.

What is your vacation spot currently?

And why? Now, if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go and why? I’m curious. I’m looking for some great new places to travel to, so I’d love some great suggestions. Also, when you give a suggestion down below, tell me a little bit about the place and why it’s so amazing and magical and relaxing, and let’s get a little deeper, too, for those of you that really like to communicate.

Wherever I travel, I always have a big AHA moment.

There’s some clarity that comes to me. It always happens because whenever you leave your day-to-day grind.

Whenever you leave your day-to-day madness, you always seem to reconnect back to the true inner core of who you are as a being.

So, what is your big AHA moment that you’ve had when you traveled to some of these places, to the magical place that you really want to go back to and love, your favorite place. Then what is it about the new place that you’ve never been to that seems to be pulling you in that direction?

I love these type of discussions, so looking forward to hearing back from you.