We all have one guilty pleasure, and some of us have more than one.

But what is the one show that you just can’t miss?

You look forward to watching it when it comes to Netflix and doing a marathon. You literally will hide in your house all day, turn off cell phone, not stare at texts all day, skip Facebook, social media, and all the other stuff…

And actually sit there and do a marathon.

I once did that with Breaking Bad with my friend, John. We literally sat in the house, in the middle of the hot heat of the summer, and basically watched Breaking Bad every single night until like 3 in the morning, when he slept over. Our eyes would be bleary, our eyelids would be getting heavy, but we’d look at each other and say, one more?

So what is your guilty pleasure? I’d love to know because I’m always looking for a new guilty pleasure.

I’m always looking for a new, great TV show or a new great series to watch.

And don’t be embarrassed if it’s something really ridiculous. I’ve had quite a number of guilty pleasures in my life.

Never missed an episode of 90210.

Mel Rose place is the place I wanted to live.

In the 80s, I was watching Dynasty.

Miami Vice was great. I had wanted to walk around in no socks, and basically just be a cool, under-cover cop in Miami and drive a car.

I’ve had many guilty pleasures, many throughout the years so that I wished I stopped watching, but kept watching. I remember when I watched Lost.

Even when Lost went in directions that were just so, well, lost…

I still kept watching it.

What is your guilty pleasure and why?