Today I want to know what is your favorite magazine or website that you go to on a regular basis.

I’m curious to know you better.

My favorite website that I go to is or ESPN.

I just like to read about football year round. I find it interesting, I find it fun, I enjoy it, it’s the only sport that I follow.

But what is your favorite website? Or if you’re old school, what is your favorite magazine you read and why?

What is it about this website that brings you back over and over again, or this app that you have on your phone.

What is it, is it the stories?

Is it the writers?

Is it the content?

Is it the subject matters they pursue?

The same questions if you’re an avid newspaper or magazine readers.

Newspapers are now basically virtual. But what is it about these publications that keep bringing you back every single day? What is it? Does it expand your mind, does it expand your brain?

What does it feed inside you? I’m really curious today about that. Looking forward to seeing your responses.