The Modern Dating Survival Guide

Right now, dating is more competitive than it's ever been — learn these 6 proven skills to stand apart & succeed in the modern dating world.

What You'll Learn Inside:

How to Text

Everything from how & when to send the initial text to flirting and following up (THIS is where 95% of modern daters absolutely FAIL!)

Flirting 101

Discover the long-lost art of flirting by channeling your sexual energy and losing all your inhibitions and fears of the opposite sex.

Mindset Hacking

99% of your problems in modern dating are in your mind — learn how to reprogram your brain to be mindful, self-aware & absolutely fearless.


Stop wearing the "mask" of who you THINK he/she wants to see and ALWAYS show up as your true, authentic self.

Men & Women Alike are Saying:

Just 3 pages in and I already feel like my entire perspective has shifted. After 5 years terminally single, I was about to give up but you changed that.

— Max C

I used to be SO shy that smiling at men made me feel like I was bothering them. Now I feel light. Confident. Thank you David for everything!

— Louise

Are You Ready?

Dating is more competitive now than it has EVER been in the entire history of mankind. Between online dating, social media, and swiping apps, you're now competing with literally MILLIONS of other people for a man or woman's interest.

Modern dating is a survivor's game, and only the strong will survive. And that means, if you want to succeed in dating, you're going to need certain skills.

And that's why I've written this little book for you — get it for FREE now!

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