Let’s face it, when we’re angry, when we’re upset, a lot of us soothe ourselves with some type of food that isn’t necessarily good for you.

I know when I’m sitting around, I’m in this the dark ages of my life.

When I’m sitting in my man cave and I’m just angry at the world that day, I tend to not really care about myself as much as I normally would.

And I have guilty pleasures.

As a matter of fact, just this past week, I guilty-pleasured out on an entire box of rice crackers and peanut butter.

Another night I guilty-pleasured these Coco Puff Cereal made with beans. Granted, everything that I’m still doing has a little bit of health to it.

Sometimes I’ll look through and find the gluten free pretzels that my daughter has left behind.

I’ll have a few of them and it leads to a complete binge of the entire bag.

Sometimes on the way home, I need to have an entire bag of blue corn chips. Once I start eating them, it’s all over for me. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten into some great conversations with people in the supermarket about this. Whenever I see somebody debating about the chips, I will literally look at them and say:

The bag serves one, which one are you going to down tonight?

And I’ve had hilarious conversations with people about guilty pleasures.

I’ve never been a chocolate guilty pleasure kind of person, and I’ve never been a pint of ice cream guilty pleasure person. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

But I’d love to know what your guilty pleasure is. When you’re just feeling funky.

When life has kicked you in the ass a little too much.

What do you dive into and why?

What is it about that? Because we know in those moments, we really don’t care about our low carb diet.

We really couldn’t care less if we’re eating paleo.

We really couldn’t care less if we’re vegetarian at that moment.

What’s your guilty pleasure and why? What is it about the guilty pleasure that satisfies you?

Look, we all know sometimes the guilty pleasure makes us feel really lousy after.

And sometimes we feel bloated, and we just don’t feel good. But hey, what is your guilty pleasure and why?