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Dating, Mindset, Success, & Social Strategy

With 20+ years experience and thousands of men all over the world that I've helped, I guarantee I have a game plan for you that's going to completely revolutionize not only the way you date, but also the way you conduct yourself socially, whether in business or your general community.

Whether it's just a quick phone call or an in-depth month of coaching with me, I'm committed to equipping you with the skills you need to become the most confident, powerful man you can possibly be — pick the right coaching track for you below & let's get started immediately:


One-Hour Transformation

Your most urgent dating, social & business obstacles solved in just 60 minutes or less!

  • Get INSTANT expert advice that will dramatically change your life!
  • Perfect if you have a question or problem that you need to address NOW
  • Every session is custom tailored to your unique needs, personality & goals
  • Pay-as-you-go (with discounts for booking bulk sessions)

Rapidfire Email Coaching

Answers to all your most urgent dating & relationship questions — delivered immediately into your inbox!

  • Get INSTANT expert advice that will dramatically change your life!
  • You get to choose the timing & topic of each email session
  • Least time & cost-committing coaching track available
  • Multiple email packets available

The Play-By-Play Evaluation

Send me recordings of your dates and/or approaches & I will personally send you an evaluation.

  • Get practical, actionable tips on how you can improve your dating life
  • 2 evaluation packages available:
    • Get 2 approaches evaluated
    • Get 1 date evaluated
  • Get REAL insight that can only come from the outside looking in

Online Dating Profile Revamp

Struggling with online dating? I'll redesign your profile from top to bottom to attract the world's most BEAUTIFUL women online!

  • Get a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with me & my coaches
  • Completely optimize your profile — including your pictures, interests, biography, & more!
  • Ongoing profile revisions — live with your new profile for a bit & we'll tweak it accordingly.
  • Tinder/Bumble re-designs also included

1-Month Transformation

An entire month 100% customized to address your goals & completely revolutionize your dating life.

  • Work intimately with me as we uncover & solve EACH of your dating issues
  • 4 1-hour phone sessions & recordings of each session
  • UNLIMITED email access with me
  • A custom dating game plan made just for you
  • FREE copy of my best-selling audio program for men, Men's Mastery Series
  • FREE unlimited text messaging with me
  • & much, much more...

6-Month Transformation

Become a dating & social MASTER over 6 months of me personally mentoring you.

  • In-field training over the course of 1 weekend — either here in LA or your hometown
  • Lifetime recordings of all sessions
  • Unlimited follow-up coaching for 6 months
  • FREE copy of my course, UNSTOPPABLE (a $4,997 value!)
  • FREE pass to attend one of my bootcamps

David has a gift, a unique genius, for helping you to move authentically through the world and to easily attract people to you.

Thanks for all your help David!

Aaron Ross

CEO, PebbleStorm

Instant advice. I cant believe how fast you got back to me. 3 emails in one day… do you work 24 hours day??? Thanks for all your help and I love the Daily blog. Great stuff David.


Atlanta, GA

Just reading your words from the email I became more confident in what I need to do. Having you answer emails for me over the last month has been really valuable. I now have a clear understanding of what I need o do everyday to meet more women, I also have this amazing 60 page word doc filled with personal advice from you.

It is amazing but you were right I do have my own dating journal after 30 days and I have used it everyday to check out some of my custom approaches and tips.

I even downloaded my story to my I phone so I can have it available at all times for reference. You are an amazing person to work with David and I will refer you to every one who needs a kick start.


Houston, TX

Thanks for the help. I am amazed at what David was able to accomplish in a few short emails.


NYC, New York

I want to thank you for your interest in working with me, the guidance and the advice you have provided. With that, I am making improvements to learn, grow and overcome issues with my last relationship. And to know what I want in the next relationship – the right one. Again, I thank you.

Daniel R.