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America's #1 Dating Coach is Now Accepting Private Client Applications

And I'm DEDICATED to Helping You Find Your Dream Girl
Not One Year From Now, Not 6 Months Now —


Do you think that the following would trigger an instant and massive improvement in your success with women?

  • What if you had a personalized dating book that was ONLY ABOUT YOU, and which addressed your unique dating issues and problems…
  • And imagine if I was mentally BY YOUR SIDE every time you saw a woman you found attractive whom you wanted to get to approach you, telling you what to do and how to make that same approach more successful the very next time…
  • Better yet, how would it feel to have your own exclusive audio coaching program that I create and design ESPECIALLY FOR YOU – AND ALL ABOUT YOU – that you can listen to anytime in your car, on your iPod, on your computer or anywhere you are…
  • And what if you could email me after every encounter you have with a woman, and have me break down and analyze that encounter for you to let you know what you did right and wrong?

“Such a Positive Impact on My Social Life!”

I called her like you said and left her a voicemail about the dog and told her I have a funny story to tell. She immediately sent me a text back to let me know she was at a holiday thing and couldn’t talk, but she would call me tomorrow (today). I haven’t heard from her yet, but no worries… It is new year’s eve, after all.

Better yet, I just got back from Whole Foods where I met a girl headed to a wedding tonight. Yada yada yada and we’re meeting at a parade tomorrow afternoon.

Can I keep questions 2 and 3 on standby?

I’ve got a long way to go, but you’re stuff is spot on. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my social life.

Happy New Year!

— Bill

It’d make an amazing difference in the results you experience, right? You bet it would!

And I'm just getting warmed up...

Now what if you also had me create CUSTOM conversation starters,  personal stories and buying signals just for you which you can have at your fingertips at all times on your BlackBerry or your phone so that you would be prepared to approach women or get women to approach you EVERYWHERE YOU GO…

… And what if you could text message me AT THE VERY MOMENT you are in an approach situation and have me right then talk you through your approach before it happens…

… Just think about how good you’d look and feel if I were to analyze your image, personal style and body language – and then helped design a style that’s PERFECTLY SUITED FOR YOU!

On top of all this, what if you had me…

  • Taking you through a step-by-step transformation of your mindset, inner confidence and approach skills…
  • Happily providing you with 24-hour-a-day email access, in order to answer EVERY QUESTION you have about any aspect of dating and relationships…
  • Planning the very best places for you to meet women WHERE YOU LIVE, in ways that work with your personal interests and hobbies…

Think about it: It would be like having me as YOUR OWN PERSONAL WINGMAN for 30 days and 30 nights!

Bottom line: I am with you for 30 days and 30 nights.  That’s right … you literally are in one-on-one-personal contact with me for 30 days. Think of how much easier it would be to have me coaching you personally every single step of the way.

Here's How It Works

During every 30 day period, I am going to work with 10 people. That’s it. Once the slots are filled you will have to wait for a slot to open before you can start.

And if you’re able to grab one of the slots, you’ll receive all of the following:

  • 4 one hour one-on-one coaching calls with me, where we go deep on what’s holding you back – and we formulate a simple, actionable plan that virtually guarantees your success…
  • A recording of each of the 4 coaching calls that can be downloaded onto your computer, onto your iPod or burned onto a CD … put these together and you will have your own personalized audio program that you can listen to anytime, anywhere, forever!
  • Powerful homework assignments – given after each of the one-on-one calls – that you will have to report on to me daily – because accountability is one of the single biggest keys to taking action and success…
  • UNLIMITED email access to me during the entire 30 days of the program – your opportunity to ask me anything, no matter how silly or challenging your problem seems (and, of course, everything will kept 100% confidential and I’ll never judge you in any way – that’s also the beauty of this, you get to ask me about things you may be uncomfortable or embarrassed talking with others about)…
  • Each day you will be emailing me your progress and I will be emailing you back your next step in the program.  After the 30 days, you will have your OWN CUSTOM DATING BOOK created specifically for you by me that you can keep forever and have available for reference and keep fresh in your mind what you’ve learned…
  • A full archive of CUSTOMIZED CONVERSATION STARTERS AND “BUYING SIGNALS” that will fit your personality and the situations you encounter daily in trying to meet women…
  •  I will address all of your individual dating issues, including teaching you how to deal with rejection, how to  understand EXACTLY how women think, as well as analyze what women are thinking in different situations when you first meet…
  • Every piece of dating advice I give in this program is personalized, custom, and relates SOLELY TO YOU AND YOUR DATING ISSUES…

If You Want CHANGE NOW... You've Come to the Right Place!

Because that's what I am. That's what I do. I'm an agent of change. I transform lives. I've been doing it for 20 years, and I've helped thousands of guys all over the world make the changes they need to make in order to become absolute MASTERS at dating, communication and seduction and attract the quality women they desire.

I empower men to become the single most confident and powerful people they can be. No games, no gimmicks, no "pickup artist" hocus pocus. The stories of all the countless men I've helped is a testament to how well my methodology works — and it DOES.

And I don't beat around the bush — when it's time for you and me to get to work, I dive headfirst into your life right away, and together we start making instant changes that you can often see literally from Day 1.

If You're Accepted Into This Life-Changing Program, You'll Also Get 3 Bonus Gifts:

#1: A Formal Breakdown & Assessment Of Your Image

You will send me 3 pictures, and then we will talk in detail all about your body language and clothing style, and what those two things are saying to women about you… This is HUGE — you only have one chance to make a great first impression!

#2: A List Of The 10 Best Places In Your City To Meet Women

I will write you a list of places that match your unique goals, personality, lifestyle and skill set (and even if I haven’t been to your city, I’ll do the necessary reconnaissance work for you!)

#3: A FREE Copy of My Men's Mastery Series Program

You'll get my best-selling audio series for men — a 169.99 value — for 100% FREE. In fact, this will lay the necessary groundwork for us working together. This way, you get a complete grounding my core teachings, including...

  • The Rules of Seduction: Based on the thousands of discussions I’ve had over the years with women…
  • The Foundation of a "Winning Image": The most effective ways to “package” yourself, plus how to use your new sharper image to make women APPROACH YOU
  • How to Seal the DealMastering the number “close” using powerful (and easy) “follow-up” tactics. Because what you DON’T say is as important as what you DO say…
  • Turn-on Techniques: Discover exactly how to seduce her mind AND her body, and why it’s SO important to do both!
  • And much, MUCH more...

This is my most popular instructional program for men – alone it’s transformed the lives of countless guys – but when you combine it with personal coaching, the impact is staggering.

"Got My First Date in Over Five Years."

I have to congratulate you, you were able to get my mind off my ex really fast with the way you engaged me in those emails.

I signed up for 30 days of unlimited email coaching and immediately sent you a my concerns and goals. Within an hour you had a detailed game plan to help me get over my ex and 4 days later I was able to get my first date in over 5 years,

What I found to be really helpful was to be able to email you after my dates. I was really scared that I had ruined that date with that hot woman I met in whole foods and you emailed me through the battle that I had in my mind after the date and helped me secure the next date with that amazing text message you wrote for me.

You have made this 37 year old man very happy.

— Brian,
San Antonio

Now Accepting New Applicants!

So, what will this program require of you? All it takes is commitment.

And in return I will commit to you... and that is why I am limiting the number of people I will work with in this program to 10 men every 30 day period. I do this to ensure that I can devote AS MUCH time to you as necessary, because if you're accepted, you get my UNLIMITED attention for a whole month!

You get unlimited email access. You get 4 one-on-one coaching calls.  And when the 30 days are done, you will have the recorded calls and emails from me to refer to forever as part of your own customized dating product.

This is a 100% customized, personalized programNO ONE ELSE in the industry offers a program that is so comprehensive and totally designed for YOU PERSONALLY!!

With a month of my time being devoted to YOU, the question is… Can you really afford NOT to do this?

Invest the time and money into yourself … and this program will pay dividends in your dating life forever!! But I can also assure you this: Your dating life will not change unless you take steps to make those changes happen.

30-Day Transformation

  • 4 one-on-one phone calls with me
  • Unlimited emailing
  • Image consulting
  • Personalized audio recording
  • FREE copy of my best-selling audio, Men's Mastery Series
  • FREE Limited-Time Bonus: Unlimited Texting With Me for 30 Days!
  • Customized list of the best places in YOUR city to meet women
  • Custom dating book

If you’re truly serious about getting love life handled, then I urge you to click the "APPLY" button right now. The 10 spots I have left will fill up quickly!

Apply now and if you're accepted, we’ll quickly set up a 15 minute call to outline your specific program – and together we'll immediately take that deep dive to transforming your dating life forever.

“I Can’t Believe How Fast You Got Back to Me!”

Thanks for the help. I am amazed at what David was able to accomplish in a few short emails.

— Joe,

“Just Reading Your Words, I Became More Confident.”

Just reading your words from the email I became more confident in what I need to do. Having you answer emails for me over the last month has been really valuable. I now have a clear understanding of what I need o do everyday to meet more women, I also have this amazing 60 page word doc filled with personal advice from you.

It is amazing but you were right I do have my own dating journal after 30 days and I have used it everyday to check out some of my custom approaches and tips.

I even downloaded my story to my I phone so I can have it available at all times for reference. You are an amazing person to work with David and I will refer you to every one who needs a kick start.

— John,

Took My Game to the Next Level!

I am not bad at approaching women and wanted a custom gameplan based on my skills.

Your one month of email coaching was a blast. Being able to email you anytime during the day helped me avoid a crisis and all stumbling blocks I used to have.

You took my game to the next level!! You will be on my Iphone forever.

— Neil,
New York


Instant advice. I cant believe how fast you got back to me. 3 emails in one day… do you work 24 hours day??? Thanks for all your help and I love the Daily blog. Great stuff David.

— TC,