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How To Free Yourself From Yourself with Libby Pease

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Today I have a special guest on the 10 Minute Daily Reality Check: Libby Pease.

Libby is a top mindset coach who is going to show you how you can free yourself from the stories that have been holding you back. No more mental prison!

For a free private chat with Libby you can reach her at or her website:

How to Make Money and Succeed In the Stock Market with David Moadel

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Now that the entire stock market is open to the world (with all the big companies offering free zero commission trading), there is no reason at all why you should not learn how to make your money grow.

But… in order to do this, you need a mentor someone who has great skills. I just so happen to have one of my mentors on the podcast today: David Moadel.

David is an amazing teacher who will show you in today’s show how you can make money and learn the stock market. To learn more about David go to

How Do You Find Your Personal “It”?

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I heard all of you. You all loved the podcast from Wednesday so much that you sent me more emails than any other show I have ever done.

You loved how I helped define the IT of life. But…So many of you were confused in what your personal IT was all about.

Well, today I am going o give you a checklist so you can define your own IT. And for those of you who have not listened yet I strongly suggest you listen to Wednesdays podcast and learn all about the power of IT.

Life Is All About “It”

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I want you think for a second how many words end in IT.

Today I go over what IT is and why most people walk through life as zombies not knowing what there personal IT is.

Without embracing and knowing what your IT is how can you ever be a success in anything you do? This will be eyeopening advice for all on this amazing October day.

How To Make $10k Without Working

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Every single day we hear another claim of some miracle business that will allow you to make 10 grand or more in less than 4 hours a week.

Well, today let’s just wonder, what if this was all true… and if we can do this in 4 hours a week, imagine how much money we can make owning all these businesses if we work 60 hours a week.

Today I pull the rug out from under all the snake oil salesman and expose the reality of what really works and what is just more bullshit.

Stop Being A Princess

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Are you a Disney princess? Are you a man princesses? If you are always tapping into the little girl inside of you, how are you going to conquer the world around you?

Today I take you by the virtual hand and lead you out of a life that is making you too soft and too much like Cinderella.

Time To Break Up With Everything

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How do you define happiness?

Its pretty simple: you get rid of everything that does not work for you.





With less than 90 days left in the year we will be challenging all of you daily to do something that takes you out of 2019 and into a new reality.

The new you in the new decade. Today, we embrace the power of breaking up.

90 Days Of Power Starts Now

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90 days. Only 90 days left in this year. That means today is the day you set that goal, so when we all say goodbye to 2019 you will be 90 days ahead of everyone else.

Momentum is the key to change, and today is day 1 of living as the most powerful version of you.

Become Resilient

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The weekend is almost here…

What are you going to do this weekend to get your ass handed to you? That’s right. That’s what I’m asking.

What challenges awaits you, and what failures will you learn from?
Today we talk about the one thing that matters most when setting goals: resilience.

The Dangers Of Your Virtual Social Footprint

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Think before you post. That harmless social media post that you are about to put on the public record could be the judgement of others that holds you back from the future you desire.

That’s right… your social media footprint does you way more harm than good. Today I explain why and what future judgements are coming your way.

Why I Love The Powerful Single

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Greed… It’s a powerful force that is driven by ego.

When ego is trying to push your greed to its max ,you will always be left holding your dick in your hand and having an empty wallet.

Today we talk all about being the magical single, and why I’d rather have a few powerful singles than one home run.

The Power of Dedication and Experience

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Today I have an old friend on the show: Adam Lyons. We dive deep into the world of dedication and why so many people fail at the simplest things. So listen today for a rare insight from two veteran coaches and be sure to follow Adam at or book a consultation at