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Freedom! Do you know what it’s like to have complete freedom to do and say what you want?
Do you know how to get out of your own way? If you don’t trust the process and get out of your own way, you’re going to fail.
The average person spends 2 hours a day, or 60 hours a month on social media.
That’s 2 and a half days wasted that you aren’t putting yourself in the mindset to succeed.
Life is too short to waste time.
Trading has taught me how to put myself in the right mindset to succeed. It’s a system and if the system doesn’t work, it’s my fault, not the system’s.
I continue to watch and learn systems and learn to trust the system and getting myself out of the way.
The reason so many people suck is because they can’t get out of their own way.
Losers are always getting in their own way.
Winners get out of their own way.
Do you have a plan? I have a plan and I focus on the plan. If I get in my own head and not trust the system, it’s me getting in my own way.
People suck because they’re constantly looking at the end result and getting in their own way- so they fail.
Make a plan. Put yourself in the right mindset. Follow the plan and trust the system and you will be a winner.
Just a thought.


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I come from a long line of men with manginas, or in short, men that didn’t act like strong people.

The women in my family took on the stronger roles. My mother did her best to not raise me
the way my dad was raised by his mother, which made him really weak in my eyes.

Today a lot of women think that men are too soft or too weak, and a lot of women take on the stronger roles,
and then we have a lot of people who are struggling to find the person they want, but instead are finding men that cower and the women who don’t want the men who cower.

If you’re a woman who acts like a sergeant and you’re with a man who you find weak, maybe try to soften yourself a little and your man won’t be emasculated.

And if you’re a man who acts like a pussy, maybe stand up to your sergeant wife and she’ll have more respect for you.

Just a thought.


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We spend way too much of our time speculating when we need to realize that we have no guarantees.

Working in trading has taught me a lot about expectations, and not about “Next” but what is “Right Now”. It’s time to learn lessons from the past and stop speculating, because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Just some random thoughts today, about trading, about Trump, and about narcissism Let’s talk about it.

Today, think about yourself. Do you have any Trump in you?


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You know what a winner does?

A winner overcomes loser moments.

We all have them – learning lessons and using that knowledge to push our lives forward is what makes us winners, not losers. We need to start evaluating loser decisions, because the past gets you out of Loserville.

Crying “It didn’t work” doesn’t help. It keeps you in Loserville.

It’s worth it to put the time and effort in to be a winner.


Episode 446: Why Do We Take So Many Pictures?

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Okay, so I don’t look at all these pictures I have. Why do we take all these pictures, these videos, all this memorabilia – when we don’t use it or look at it?

To quote Michael J. Fox, “I’ve never been much of a picture taker – I’d rather have the moment.”

When you take pictures, you’re losing ALL the concentration that’s going on in the moment. Why don’t we choose the moment?

Maybe it’s time.

Episode 445: Are You a FOMO Victim?

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The Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO, is a disease that seems to rule our lives. You can’t enjoy your evening, you can’t make money, you can’t buy things when you have FOMO.

Regardless of your situation, you need to execute FOMO- because it stops you from living the life you want.

And another thing- I can’t help people who can’t help themselves. The people who keep saying “I can’t”- I’m not able to help.

Get motivated and try to get rid of your FOMO. We all have a little of it …

This weekend, I’m going to try to get rid of my FOMO and see how it goes. What’s your plan?

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Episode 444: The Land of the Idiots

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I’m really getting fed up with entitled people.


Did you know social media has given people a voice to ruin everyone behind a computer instead of talking things through? Have you thought about that? This is the society we live in today.


We’ve given everyone a voice and a way to react about everything. We’ve given power to the idiots.

What do you think?


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Episode 443: Why Trading Stocks is Like Picking Up Women

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Trading has taught me things I never thought it’d teach me – to be extremely pleasant, laser-focused, really thinking only about what I see on the screen. I can’t speculate where a stock is going to move; I can only think – is this my play?

I find similarities between trading stocks and picking up women in my past. There were patterns there – understanding the probability of a situation and making high probability moves. It’s not always about knowing EVERY single move, but having that sense of probability and perfecting your moves.

When I started trading, all the traders I learned from have certain moves – and those moves generate abundance. Knowing the right plays generates abundance.

In life, we all have signature moves.

What’s yours?

Episode 442: Are You Impulsive Like a Child?

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Impulse control. For me, it’s one of the most important parts of trading.

And it’s also something that affects us every single day. We have to control ourselves at work, in our relationships, driving, and for me- trading.

When we’re shopping, we struggle to control that impulse to buy the foods we know we don’t need but really want. How many times have you been driving and you want to react angrily to someone for cutting you off?

How many times do you find you have to self-regulate so you don’t buy things you don’t need, react in ways that could be dangerous, make choices that have permanent repercussions? It’s all about impulse control.

Lacking impulse control can lead to regret. Today I’m talking about my journey toward becoming non-impulsive as a trader.

This is one that gets right to it- cut and dry, let’s control our impulses so we can better achieve our goals.

Episode 441: The Dollars are in the Details with Dr. Barry Burns

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Today, one of my favorite subjects: Information. The details.

When it comes to trading, the dollars are in the details. Knowing how to access the great information that will teach you what you need to learn for success, and developing habits around digesting that information, is so important.

As you know, I’ve been learning to trade – and so much of trading has to do with patterns, learning, patience. One of my favorite trading experts to watch is Dr. Barry Burns, who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to all the indicators you need to watch. He explains things in such a simple way that’s easy to understand – I can’t recommend his trainings enough.

Today, Barry and I discuss the psychological impact on the brain when money is involved, Barry’s top trading habits and advice, and more. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Dr. Barry Burns (The Rubber Band Trade)——>


Dr. Barry’s website:


Top Dog Trading YouTube:


Episode 440: The Magic of Discipline

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I’ve never been good at structures and systems.

Life events have their way of either robbing you of structure, or conditioning you to never have structure in the first place.

I’ve been talking this last week about structure and systems. You can’t skip the steps. For me, I’ve had to figure out how to put structure and systems into my life. Trading gives me ultimate freedom – but to be able to do it, I’ve had to put systems and structures in place in my life that didn’t exist before.

How can structures and systems change things? Let’s talk about it.

Episode 439: Los Angeles – The Congested Truth

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LA: The land of the entitled. You’ve heard me talking about leaving, and why I’m doing it.

Today we talk LA traffic, LA rent, LA dreamers and the vapid lot that come with reality television.

There are a lot of great people in LA, but this is a strange place. I’ve been here for 18 years. If I go to the supermarket, I’ll see one of hundreds of people I know here. Nobody really gets together with anybody because getting somewhere is literally in slow motion.

Have you ever felt like it’s time to go somewhere else? I’m doing it. I’m making a plan. Things are changing …

Let’s talk about it.