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Episode 512: How to Thrive, Not Survive

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People tend not to know what’s right for them.

There’s SO much stimulation out there that we can’t focus on what our correct path should be.

If you’re like me, it’s just “fight or flight” CONSTANTLY and sometimes we can’t fully let our guard down.

Eventually, you hit a wall. You start to notice the bad programming you learned from a bad source in your past.

Are you enjoying life in this moment? Are you stuck living to “prove something” to someone in your past?

Sometimes “healing” means letting go of old negative patterns to finally be able to THRIVE, instead of just survive. Whether it’s weight loss, mental health, emotional maturity, or eating habits, the things that hold us back will hold ALL parts of us back.

You KNOW what you need to do.

Your heart knows. Your body knows. Look at your health, What do you need? Be honest with yourself.

What are you going to do? Are you willing to do what it takes to heal and thrive?

Join me and my guest, holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert Elissa Goodman, as we discuss how you can not just survive, but thrive!


Episode 511: Listen Up! Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Life

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Here’s some reality – you want it? You got it.

You’ve told yourself over and over again, recreated the stories in your life that validate your negativity. When I’m coaching people, I hear that negativity – and I give you a 100%, totally unbiased opinion.

I don’t know you.

I hear you – and that’s better. A good coach doesn’t have to like you, or know you, a good coach has to hear you. And with a good coach, you do the work.

I need to connect the dots, hear your stories, and be able to break through the BS.

Part of what I do when I work with people is help them develop a new way of doing things. The human condition is all about trying to reinfect YOUR way into the program, into the process – and inevitably, it always fails.

When you do things your coach’s way for 30 days or 30 nights, THEIR way becomes YOUR way, and you’re no longer triggered by your own frustration because you’re no longer doing things THAT way anymore.

That’s how you make the change in your life.

Interested in coaching? Reach out here ——>


Episode 510: How to Free the Lizard Brain

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Today we welcome Bryan Robinson, PhD, who wrote the fantastic article, “3 Life Changing Steps to Chill Your Stressed-Out Brain” – check it out here:


Stress usually has to do with old programming we have in our minds – how can we work with our ‘lizard brains’ to get out of the rat race and allow life to sink in?

Bryan talks to us about the science of the brain and explains the ‘lizard brain’ – how its natural protection mechanism trips us up and how to rewire your brain to function in chill mode.

Check out Bryan’s website here:


And his latest book: #Chill: Turn off Your Job and Turn On Your Life.

Episode 509: Pass the Pretzels, How Ya Doin’?

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Here are a couple of observations that most of us see on a daily basis …

What are the two things people do when they get to a stoplight?

Before people had iPhones, the thing most people did is … well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

But they’re always going for it.

People are weird.

Let’s talk about it.

You’re not going to believe this …

Episode 508: Who Let the Crazy Out

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It’s Monday – Was in Tampa over the weekend.

Had a good coaching weekend, and I always feel inspired, alive after coaching. There’s something about helping someone manifest a new version of themselves that’s important.

Many people I coach find themselves doing well when they get into new relationships – then over time, they find themselves ‘letting the crazy out’, letting the ‘broken’ show if they haven’t done the work to repair the broken.

Most of us avoid the broken. We don’t fix it, we don’t pay attention to it – then when we’re in a new relationship, we get triggered by something and the self-sabotage comes flying out.

Let’s talk about how to fix that … finding ways to fix your broken for good.

Episode 507: Why Conspiracy Theorists are Always Wrong

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The stock market’s gonna crash – the dollar’s going to crash. Okay – conspiracy theorists. You hear them all.

If you look back in time, EVERY conspiracy theorist has had to say, “Well, I was wrong…”

No one can know the future. You can track patterns (which you know I’m a big fan of), you can look at everything around you to try to figure out some direction for the future, but ultimately – YOU are the only thing you can control.

So what are you going to do to change YOUR fate, your future, without worrying about what the conspiracy theorists have to say?

Episode 506: The Low Self Esteem World of Social Media

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Why is social media DANGEROUS? Why does it suck?

What social media has done to us as a culture is TEACH US the need to be VALIDATED all the time.

It forces us to look for the likes, the shares, ways to get noticed.

Self-esteem is about giving YOURSELF esteem – without the need for constant, cyclical, DAILY validation that social media requires of us.

So, how do we break the social media validation cycle and get back to ourselves?

Episode 505: Forget a Bucket List – Have a Live It List

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Things we assume …
We make a lot of assumptions in life.

We assume that we’re safe. We assume we know what’s coming tomorrow. The truth is, our assumptions don’t always meet us halfway – and when they don’t, we find we haven’t done the things we want in life that will truly make us happy.

Look, life is not safe …

You can have a bucket list, or you can have a LIVE it list, and live the life you truly want, the one you truly deserve.

What are you doing to build the life you want, NOW, rather than assuming it’s going to happen for you?

Tell me what you think.

Episode 504: Why You’re Not Your Own Guru And Still A French Fry

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Never in my life have I ever seen anyone QUIT in the fourth quarter of a game.

That’s just something you don’t want a coach to convey to a team.

Why quit?

Why not fight to the end? You never know what’s going to happen.

Human beings as a whole get in their own way over and over again. I’ve talked about the “Battle of the Idiots” before. You get in your own way, and it’s amazing to see it.

What can we do to stop fighting that internal “Battle of the Idiots” and take things to the next level in our lives?

Episode 503: Kill Your Inner Crybaby

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This is for all of you who want instant gratification …

You’ve really got to take a deep look at yourself and ask yourself this ONE deep question.

Let’s really dig deep into this. If you’re not asking yourself this ONE juicy question, you’re missing one of the most significant opportunities for potential growth – for being the kind of person you want to be.

Take a listen to the question, to what comes after, and let me know what you think.

Episode 502: How To Keep More Money In Your Pocket

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I’m upset because my fantasy football didn’t do too well- but that’s ok because Fantasy football is not real life.

Real life- what can you do with your life? There’s something called the stock market.

When you get involved in the stock market, you hear the most negative things about it because of our programming. But we are going to lose money in order to learn how to make money.

We live in a better world now full of some really great mentors.

Today we’re going to talk about entrepreneurial-ship with a really great mentor, Lex.

Lex will speak with you on the phone when you need help with your entrepreneurial-ship in trading.

Lex has an easy site that offers a “netflix” type model.

Check it out here http://www.mytradehawk.com

Episode 501: How To Be Your Own Boss Without Breaking The Bank

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Think about the birds outside and what they’re saying to you. Are they saying “chirp” or are they saying “cheap”?

If you want to be successful, you can’t be “cheap” with yourself. You have to go for it and pay money for help to get to where they need to be.

Some of us need therapists, some of us need coaches. We all need someone to tell us if we’re on the wrong path. Hiring someone makes us the entrepreneur of ourselves.

Do you want to waste your life, or take control of your life?

Investing in ourselves is the best thing we can do for ourselves.