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Episode 476: Are You An Adult Baby

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When children fall, their parents prop them up and that’s how they learn to walk.

When parents remove the training wheels from kid’s bikes, kids fall but they get back up and learn to ride their bikes.

Children get back up over and over again.

Adults are bigger babies.

Adults try something. Adults fall. Adults give up.

This is because so many adults have a loser mentality.

When you have a loser mentality, you cry at the first sign of failure. You quit.

Life does not work instantaneously. We have to fall again and again and get back up each time until we succeed.

Do you choose to be a loser, or will you just BE a winner?

We need to take responsibility for our failures so we learn.

Babies and children don’t blame others for falling on their faces. They just get back up.

Be willing to fall on your face as many times as you need to so you can get back up each time.

Only then will you learn.

Episode 475: The Cycle of Mediocrity

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The NY Jets are in a cycle of mediocrity. Players come and go and they continue to be a mediocre organization taking one step forward and one step back.

I don’t want you to be like the NY Jets.

I don’t want you being the person that people say, “It’s the same old person” like people say about the NY Jets.

I want you to channel your inner Jets.

Think about the things that cause you to remain mediocre.

We all have our thing and most of us talk ourselves out of mediocrity with the “This time, it’s gonna be different!”

But we say that hundreds of times. We get stuck in cycles of old beliefs and patterns.

We resist the change.

What we resist, persists.

Only we have the power to change that mediocrity.


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How do you show up in life? Do you show up lazy?
Write down for yourself how many hours you have a week for free, personal time.
Then write down your goals and things you want, whatever it might be.
Then be honest and ask yourself how you show up for those.

Are you tired?

Are you lazy?
Did you do the best that you could?

Or did you only give a half assed version of yourself?

You don’t need to be “on” every single day and every single moment, but when you show up lazy, you’re showing the universe that you don’t really love yourself.
When you want something bad enough, you need to be “on”. You need to walk, not talk. The talk doesn’t create the life that you want.
So ask yourself: Do you show up? Will you show up?
When you show up, when you love yourself, when you stop being lazy- you get where you need to be.

You accomplish your goals when you go after them with all you have.

Challenge yourself to get what you want.


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We don’t really listen to ourselves.
When we do, we’re listening to old programming.
An example would be how powerful marketing and advertising are. We can recite commercials and songs.
We’re programmed that way. It’s the same with our actions, and not all of our actions are right for us.
When we attempt a new thing, we don’t trust it because it’s not in our programming.
We need to make a conscious effort to do it a new thing the right way to fight through impulses.
We have to spend time doing the opposite of what we’re used to, even if it’s uncomfortable.
We fear what we’re told, even when experts tell us exactly what to do.
We spend all this money on getting expert opinions and we ignore it.
We should just listen and leave our programmed impulses.
We should write down our “new” programming, remember what the experts tell us, and trust it.
It will be a challenge, but we’ll form a new habit.
Try it for a week. Then for 30 days. Take it day by day. Reprogram your mind and your brain.
You’ll then start doing the things that benefit you as a person.


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This is a difficult reality to hear but I think it’s important to discuss.
And when you hear it, I want you to write down how you feel- whatever feeling that is.
Whatever your thing is that you’re trying to overcome, you’re told to “follow the yellow brick road” and then some “magical” thing will happen.
Everywhere you look, there’s an illusion telling you that minimal work will help you achieve your goals. Everyone is looking for the easy road.
I don’t buy into the easy road. If it were that easy, we would all be skinny, rich, successful, and happy.
Everyone is trying to sell you a shortcut.
Visualizing what you want is not real. You have to work really hard to get what you want.
In order to be truly successful, we have to do one thing- to do it better than everyone else.
Make a conscious effort. That’s what winners do.
Are you going to cruise through the next year on hope?
Or are you gonna kick ass?


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Life is not practice!

We pat ourselves on the back every day, but then a situation presents itself and we freeze, and the opportunity passes us by.

We role play every day, but when we’re face to face with what we fear the most, we choke.

How do we confront the real situation and get to where we want without freezing?

How do we learn to believe in ourselves?

We have to look at why we freeze. We get in our own way.

We have to walk through the fears.

We need to just go and say “Fuck it” and say what we need to say.

It’s the only way. Try it.

You’ll survive.


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Productivity in life is taking a bad situation and turning it into a good situation.
Every successful person follows a certain set of rules.
Intuition makes us think we know better. Doing things our way means we usually get in our own way.
Are we going against a set of rules a successful person has set up because we’re stubborn?
Successful people have figured it out for us by learning a whole new set of rules that are anti-intuitive.
When we follow those rules, we become successful.
Most things in life are simple. When we are battling obstacles unsuccessfully, it’s usually because we are following our intuition and not following proven rules that work.
Set up distinct rules and follow them.
Ask people who are successful what rules they follow and then follow them.
Write them down and read them every day.
It will help you change your habits and stop giving into impulses.
Try it and document your success.


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Burt Reynolds died last week. He was the epitome of cool.

He had immense talent, a winning mentality, and an overall zest for life.

When I think about him, I think about all of us. What type of human experience do you want to have?

Do you feel like you’re a winner?

Losing is a part of life and that’s something winners understand.

We have tools that we can work with. When winners don’t have those tools, they go to the Human Depot.

Human Depot is a wealth of information that helps us be a better person in life.

Sometimes we lack motivation. Sometimes we give up. We need to go to the Human Depot to find the push we need from other humans.

Human Depot has every type of coach available for everything we need to help us with our accountability.

We don’t have time available to waste.

Do you want to succeed but don’t have the tools?

Human Depot has those tools.

Invest in yourself.


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There’s a saying “the youth is wasted on the youth”

I finally understand it.

For those of you over 50, it’s good to know what you’re up against when it comes down to finding your mate. You are no longer a desired commodity. You have to get rid of the mindset that you are who you once were.

When you get older, you’re no longer young, bright, and cheery anymore. Right?

Are you getting what you want? Are you just wasting time?

When you’re out, you need to smile and bring out the flirting. Use your assets.

Don’t be lazy.

Put on your nicest clothes, show your assets, and go out there.

Make the attempt.

Just a thought.


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As you know, I’ve been transitioning from coaching to trading.

Kyle Dennis, talking with us today, tells us about his transition from real estate to trader.

He read some books and opened his own brokerage account and took a risk.

That risk cost him a lot of money but it was a great learning process and took him from average middle class guy to someone with a big savings account who does a lot of traveling and enjoying life.

I had the same feeling, the one that I could find something that doesn’t tie me down, something that gives me unlimited earning potential.

And I’m doing it. And even the choppiest days still gives earning potential.

Kyle explains his picks in his chat room and says “Don’t follow. Learn.”

Kyle has a lot to say about the community we have here. He never expected to be a teacher but passion for something makes it easy.

If you want to learn, put in the passion. Come on in and bring your passion and meet the community that helps push you along the way.

Kyle has a free webinar that teaches you what you need to know. This system is not anything that can be duplicated. You get all the help you need to get you trading.

I strongly suggest you watch this webinar. I’ve watched it a few times. The information is priceless.

Watch here: www.jasonbondpicks.com/aff?p=dw2319&w=btbwebfree


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I think I’m going to start calling this podcast “10 Minutes of Truth” because that’s how I’m feeling today.

Do you truly want the freedom to be whoever it is you want to be?
How many times you say you want this freed?

You say you want to be thin and you talk about it over and over again, but then you find something you want to eat that you shouldn’t. Then you eat it.

And after, you give yourself a pep talk. “That’s the last time I’m ever going to do that!”, you say.

Pep talks are usually given after a slip-up. It’s impulse control

We do this in many aspects of our lives. Think of all the pep talks we give ourselves after every fuck up.

It’s patterns all the time. I do this in trading.

We delude ourselves by saying, “This is the last time.”
We cover it all up with fantastic words to make ourselves feel better over and over again.

If we keep covering up our actions, we miss the lesson. So we should get angry at ourselves.

We allow our impulses to set us back further and then we cover it up.

We need to own up to it so we can learn from our mistakes.

We need to call ourselves out on our bullshit or we’re going to do it again.

Only you is stopping you. Only you is getting in your way.

We need to admit that we fuck up because it’s a really great thing to do.

Nike doesn’t say “Just Do It Mediocrely”

Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Let’s get out of our own ways so we can achieve our goals.

Just a thought.


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How many of you remember Annie singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?”
How many of you always think the sun will come out tomorrow? Tomorrow is just the best day in the world, especially when today you’re fucking up.

The sun always comes out tomorrow

What you really need instead of the sun coming out tomorrow is a good old fashioned spanking.
Turn around and spank your ass because if you don’t, you’re not going to learn.

I don’t believe in beating people, but I do think you need to get on all fours and get somebody to spank your ass or get somebody to wash your mouth out because it’s just bubbles coming out.

We need to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.
I am dealing with this right now in trading. I went with my impulse.
I made an impulsive move. Most times I just sit there and watch but today I wanted my piece and I had my wits about me.

I sat and thought about my impulse.

Acting on my impulse set me back for the day.

I got on the floor and metaphorically spanked my ass as hard as I could. That’s what we need to do.

We need to stop sugarcoating our fuck ups because we never learn from them.

Our same mistakes are recurring because we haven’t given ourselves our virtual spanking.

Feel the pain to reach your goals.