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Episode 438: Is Life a System or Pattern?

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Today, Chris Luna returns to our show and we talk systems and patterns.

Lots of guys want to meet women, and they’re thinking about systems – “If you do A, B is going to happen.”

Patterns do develop in all things – stocks (which you know I’ve been talking about), dating, and seduction. Today, Chris talks more about patterns he’s recognized – the ways of thinking and approaches that have become part of his programs.

Patterns are in everything . You can buy as many courses as you want to, but if you don’t apply the advice and recognize the patterns – i.e., make the commitment to engage, nothing’s going to happen.

If you want to succeed in life, you HAVE to commit to the process.

Chris is a great person to show you how to do that. – check him out at https://www.craftofcharisma.com/ and listen to the podcast to hear more about his approach to coaching and more.

Episode 437: The Best $397 I Ever Made

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You probably know I’ve been learning about trading stocks, cryptocurrency and bonds. I’ve been learning nonstop – 17 hours a day, looking at charts.

I’m working on being able to see the same patterns over and over again. Life is patterns, no matter what your profession or what you do in life.

I’ve been virtual trading for some time, and now I’ve decided it’s time to rip the bandaid off and start paper trading – using the patterns to figure out how to become successful at this.

I know a lot of you who’ve listened to me are trying to meet someone, trying to work on techniques of meeting someone, work on how to become social – almost like paper trading through life, all you possibly can. Think about that – you’re literally life trading nonstop. Trying to figure out exactly how you, as a person, can start to see the patterns in people and start taking to them.

So today was my day to rip the Band-Aid off… tune in and I’ll tell you what happened.

Episode 436: Stop Crying for Your Mama and Grow Up

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I’m big into goals because I hear from so many people who don’t operate based on goals.

They know what they want, but they don’t have a plan. They don’t have goals.

In life, when you want something really badly, you can’t just BEG for it or wish for it – you have to listen for it. Want it, apply it.

I practice something in my life called the Power of Six. Six times, means, listen to the same thing over and over.

When you apply yourself, when you listen, when you set yourself up to achieve your goal – your patterns change. You change.

It’s time to set some goals.

Episode 435: Tomorrow is Really Pinocchio’s Nose

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Today I learned about the passing of someone.  It got me thinking about life – we’re always booking the ticket into the future.

We leave tomorrow piled everywhere we go.  We put off a lot of things until tomorrow. We’re good as human beings to put things off until tomorrow, because tomorrow’s another day – right?

But deep down, we know there isn’t an endless supply of life out there.

Sometimes, we just don’t have tomorrow.

The thing is, we’ve only ever had today, and the present moment. This moment right now.

Let’s talk living in the present, in the Now.

Episode 434: If Life Was Easy

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If life were easy, people would be doing it right.


It’s amazing how often people tell me their life is “incorrect,” “wrong”.

I always tell people over and over – if you want an uncomplicated life, concentrate on one thing at a time.

Let’s get into this a little deeper today ….

In the time you have for yourself, what are you doing? How do you spend your “free” time?

Episode 433: Goodbye LA, You Boiled My Fish

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You know what? LA sucks – and I’m ready to move on.

I’m in the process of breaking up with Los Angeles and it’s one of the best breakups of my life.

I’m moving to Austin, Texas in the near future. The houses are beautiful, the lifestyle is incredible. I can’t wait to get out of here.

I never thought Texas would be my type of place. After living in LA for 18 years, I can say I’ve loved so much about it. But last night, I came home to an apartment that was probably 110 degrees (yes, as hot as Austin). You’ll never believe what else I came home to …

Tune in and I’ll tell you more about what I found in my apartment when I got back.

Episode 432: How to Make Money Before Morning Coffee

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As you know, I’ve been documenting my day trading journey – all the way from crypto to stocks to everything in between.

The morning gap is one of those parts of trading that I’m still working on understanding. If you’ve been listening for a while, you probably know I’m always looking out for new strategies and techniques to improve my trading.

So the other day I’m looking at the internet and I come across a strategy that really changed the way I trade.

David Frost has over 2 decades’ professional trading experience, and using his techniques, myself and other traders are making money before morning coffee. You can’t argue with that.

Find out more about David by visiting his sites:




Or email him at david@mystrategicforecast.com.

Episode 431: The Best Swipe Dating App Ever

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Hope you’re all enjoying the 4th!

Let’s talk dating today – specifically, swipe apps.

So many people these days feel like dating is about “winning” – as if swiping enough is going to help you hit the jackpot.
Why doesn’t this work?

Life is about CONNECTING, not winning. So the question is, are you connecting?

So, how do we fix dating?

Well, my friend Charles is here to talk about his solution for “fixing” the imbalance we see in today’s swiped dating.

Tune in to find out more!

Episode 430: How to Understand and Make Money With Bitcoin

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Welcome to the first podcast for July 2018! We went a little over ten minutes today, but with good reason …

I’m excited to welcome our guest, financial influencer Bennett Stein. I learned a lot from Bennett’s videos and online learning tools when I first started trading.

Bennett and I talk about making smart trade decisions, the future of Bitcoin and different types of trading, and his tips and tricks for smart trading.

Working with someone who has the experience and the “been there, done that” someone like Bennett has makes the difference between trading smart and throwing away cash you wouldn’t have to.

So listen in, follow along and hear some of Bennett’s secrets of trade!

Episode 429: How to Make Money and Control Risk

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Welcome to the last week in June! Don’t forget my birthday – it’s this Sunday and we are going to be giving out deals all next week!

Today we talk about money, age, how to control your financial freedom, learning and so so much more.

Today we talk with Petra Hess from Petra Picks which you can check out at PetraPicks.com. Learn from her hard won lessons and listen to her amazing stories: how she turned 3 years of education and effort and recouped a massive loss of 50% of her assets.

The difference between being lucky, being smart and actually succeeding – learn from Petra & David on the best strategy to find real, lasting, risk mitigated success.

What happens when you put in the work, and how David is converting his experience with dating, love and coaching to turn his passion of making money into an ongoing stream of revenue.

Do the right thing; take a look at Petra’s Picks and actually educate yourself to turn your ideas into money making success stories.

Episode 428: Did You Fall on Your Face Today?

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David has been teaching men and women how to overcome their bullshit for over 20 years. Your stories, blocks, excuses… they are all meaningless.

How cool would it be to be as successful at anything –

Don’t expect greatness – without putting in the work. Explore what happens when you believe you’re able to circumvent all of the hours, blood, sweat, tears and headaches. I’ll give you the answer – you get nothing.

Without putting in the work…you will reap no rewards.

Learn how to overcome the fear, the fear of really living your life. To do so, will open doors all over the place.

Life is so much more than the day to day actions, that the mundane. Discover what happens when you look up from seeking shortcuts everywhere – and what will transpire when you open yourself up to a new way of being, doing and having.

What will you allow your human spirit to become – why be held down, back and made less than you’re really capable of.

Episode 427: Beware of Where You Get Advice.

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How do you feel about the people who walk around projecting happiness – and yet inside, they are just sad, and down trying so hard to show they are happy…but are not. Often times these folks search out a coach – anyone to help them. Regardless of the qualification.

Watching YouTube for hours on end does not make you a coach, does not even qualify you to give advice. So who should you listen to or choose to guide you?

Watching YouTube does NOT make you a coach.

Have you had a coach, or better yet, how many do you know? Do you believe everyone should be a coach? David talks on the “coaching industry” and the rampant disregard for actual applicable knowledge.

How many people give up their deepest, darkest challenges to someone who is NOT AT ALL qualified to give advice on anything. Explore the lack of qualifications when talking with someone and make sure that you’re working with someone who is actually qualified to deal with your satchel of issues.