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The Power of Dedication and Experience

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Today I have an old friend on the show: Adam Lyons. We dive deep into the world of dedication and why so many people fail at the simplest things. So listen today for a rare insight from two veteran coaches and be sure to follow Adam at http://www.attractionexplained.com/ or book a consultation at eve@socialtrainingcompany.com.

Antonio Brown Takes On #MeToo

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Today’s podcast is not for the weak. It’s not for the feeble. And it’s not for anyone who loves to pull the victim card over and over.

Today I talk about the bullsh*t of #MeToo, the complete double standard that we have, and why men are equal victims in life but never allowed to voice it.

So get ready, and give it a listen.

Why The NFL Has Approach Anxiety

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The best time of year is here. The summer is dwindling down and the NFL season is upon us.

Today I explain why the bears will not go anywhere with their current QB: he suffers from a SERIOUS case of approach anxiety.

So listen, and you will also hear my picks for the current season. Enjoy your day, and enjoy the season.

Love The Place You Are

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Wherever you are, there you are.

So where you are today? Is that a place of love… or is it a place of hate?

Find out how to control that and be love, wherever you are.

Emotional Discipline

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What do all winners have? What is the mental super power they all possess?

Emotional discipline. That is the key to life

Listen. Learn. And embrace today’s powerful podcast.

The Comfort Zone Of Bullshit

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So you want to break old habits… Who doesn’t?

Well then, why don’t you ask yourself: does it always seem like something gets in the way?

Do you want to know what that something is? Then listen and pay close attention to what I have to share with you today.

Face Your Struggles Or Die A Weak Ass

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Oh yea.

Today I am going to kick your ass all over the world you live in.

I will share with you how I face struggle and how I kick its weak ass.

Today you are going to grow 6 inches inside and out.

Why the Word I’ll “Try” Sucks

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I’ll TRY. I CAN’T. MAYBE I can do this.

These are all feared-based words that people use when they truly don’t believe they will ever get good at something (and lack the skills to make it work).

Today, join my good friend Greg and myself as we go over the main block to people’s success: the word I’ll “try” and the lack of actions that come with it.

How To Become A Unique Powerful Brand

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Today I have a great guest. As you all know, I truly believe that in order to make a statement in life you need to create and look at yourself as a brand. Yet, the problem is that most men look like a bad ad for a tired old mall shop.

Today join Michael French from www.redrabbittradingco.com as we talk about the importance of personal style and branding as well as how to take business risks and follow what you are passionate about.

This is a show that will change the way you look at yourself and how the world looks at you.

Is Mark Zuckerberg Showing You Something You Need To Know?

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The major lesson that Facebook is giving you every single day is not the lesson that you think. It’s not the wonderful memes, the pictures of your friends, the rants and raves of a close friend in need of being heard.

It’s a deeper lesson. A lesson that literally helps you in every interpersonal relationship of your life. Every one of them. And when you listen to today’s podcast, and you hear what this lesson is, you will see things different, and your life satisfaction will go up.

Today John Keegan and I will expose it. We will go into detail on it, and it will change the way you look at life. Give it a listen, and you’ll see why.

How Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Going To Own You

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Facebook: a happy place for so many people. So many of you love to post things on Facebook. You get to stay in touch with old friends.

A lot of you never read articles about Mark Zuckerberg, and what he’s really about. How he’s been under investigation many different times… How he’s been called a man who wants to control the world. A lot of you don’t even realize that every single time you post on Facebook, everybody hears it – and so do the people who control Facebook.

Today, we’re going to talk about the next control that Facebook craves: a new cryptocurrency called Libra Coin. Today, as John Keagan and I go over this, and you’re going to hear the real reason why Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook want you to use their coin. It’s another step and another plot in the evil empire of Mark Zuckerberg.

“What’s Your Excuse” Became My Excuse

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Today, John Keegan and I explore the world of excuses. And I’m going to reveal something to all of you that’s going to blow you away.

There was a decision that I made almost 20 years ago that changed the course of what I think would have happened with my business. Now, I’m fully appreciative of my business. I enjoy it. I’m proud of it. I love the success that I have.

But, there was somebody that I listened to a long time ago, and to this day, I think, I shouldn’t have listened to them. So, I look back at the past and realize that I made some decisions that I should have not made, but I’m fully responsible for that.

Today, we dive deeper into that, and we dig through the excuses. What’s your excuse? Listen, learn, and join John and I as we explore this incredibly mind-opening topic.