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This Conversation Could Change Your Life…

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Wow. It’s true! What is true, you may ask. If you listen to today’s podcast you will find out that what you really think may not be what you really NEED to think.

Are You Living Your Inner Idiot’s Dream?

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Join John Keegan and me today as we explore the crazy lunatic that controls your brain: your inner idiot.

The Pandemic Of Socialism

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I am back! Time to hear what changes have happened along the way.

2020 The Year Of The Facial Diaper

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So what do you think of this year? Tune in as Ken and I go over 2020 and what really happened to the world around us.

To find out more about Ken check out https://go.c60purplepower.com/wygant10/

The Tree Monster Does Exist

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Have you ever seen a tree monster? Today I am going to share with you exactly what a tree monster is and how you can meet one too.

What A Liberal World Means For You

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Today, join my friend Ken and me as we go over the new liberal world and how it may look and be for you. The world is going to drastically change and you need to be prepared for what is ahead, so you don’t get blindsided again like 2020.

To find out more about Ken’s life changing product click here: https://go.c60purplepower.com/wygant10/

How To Determine Your Internal Moods

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I moved, and it’s been a real challenge. Moving to a new city. Having my comfort zone pulled from under me.

Today join Ken and myself as we talk about some deep life challenges.

And to find out more about Ken and his amazing product click here: https://go.c60purplepower.com/wygant10/

The Power of Healing

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Today I have an amazing guest Dr. Hahari Kulsa. He is a master at healing all your aches and pains and has some life changing advice for anyone who has any health issues.

How To Scale Up Your Life

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Meet Ravi. He is one incredible business man. His story will resonate with you in so many ways.

So if you’re feeling in need of inspiration, this podcast is for you.

Ravi’s Instagram: http://bit.ly/ravi-instagram

Ravi’s Youtube: http://bit.ly/subscribetoravi

Ravi’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raviabuvala/

Scaling With Systems Website: https://www.scalingwithsystems.com/

The Best Place To Find A VA: https://www.scalingwithsystems.com/the-best-place-to-find-a-va

Free Course On How To Scale Your Company: https://scalingwithsystems.com/scale

How To Collect Rent From The Stock Market And Get Paid

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Today my new Friend John is going t o show you how to collect weekly rent from the stock market. That’s right… weekly paychecks every single week with minimal risk.

To find out more about John and his 5 favorite rent collecting stocks go here: https://cptdashboard.blogspot.com/2020/09/david-wygant-podcast-5-stock-i-like-for.html

Are The Dems The New Enemies Of 2020?

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Join Scientist Ken and me as we discuss the world as it is unfolding right now. We answer this pressing question: are the Democrats the real enemy of the state right now?

To find out more about Ken’s life-changing product that will make you feel so healthy you’ll want to run a marathon tomorrow check out go.c60purplepower.com/wygant10/

The Coolest 18 Year Old Entrepreneur You Will Ever Meet

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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Mike D’Antonio. He started trading stocks at 15 and building a YouTube Channel at the same time. Now at the age of 18 he has a ton of followers and a massive discord channel.

Mike has mastered the art of trading and he is here today to share with you his journey and how he went from high school kid to master of option trading by 18. Whether you trade stocks or not that does not matter. He will inspire you to do whatever you want.

To find out more about Mike go to https://stockedup.university/