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Episode 494: The Land Of The Buts

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Are you where you want to be in life?
I want you to write down the things in life that you absolutely love.

When we go through dark times, or “dark cloud-itis”, we forget about those things that we appreciate. We concentrate on the things that aren’t working.

“Things are great, but….”
It means you’re not happy where you’re at.

The “power of but” tends to leave us feeling not great.

Write down what you appreciate and then act on it. If you appreciate people, call them or text them, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Battling negative energy is a waste of your time.

Do the appreciation list and have a great weekend.

Episode 493: It’s Not Going To Happen To Me Syndrome

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What’s the one thing you can not live without? What’s the one thing that, if you lose it, it gets harder to get it back?

Some of you will think “money”. That could be the case, but money is just a way we pay for things.

But really- the one thing we never get back if we fuck it up is our health.

I see unhealthy people all day every day, people who don’t honor their bodies at all, eating the worst stuff.

We like to pretend that “this is not going to happen to me.”

But then we go to the Doctor and we get bad news.

It’s time to grow up and look at our health regimens and do something about our health.
We need to stop waiting until the Doctors warn us.

We need to get our shit together and remember that it IS going to happen to us.

Let’s fix our lives and our health before it’s too late.

Episode 492: How To Punish Yourself To Success

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I’ve been doing a lot of deep introspective work over the last few months. There are so many “experts” out there right now so it’s more difficult to get clients. This is why I started looking into trading.
I’m thinking more about risk and how when you don’t take the risk in life, you’ll have a Black Friday, or a spontaneous combustion.
I listen to Jerremy Newsome when I’m getting in my mindset, so I’m talking with him today.
Jerremy is really successful and he has an incredible system on how to win when it comes to trading. 
His worst case scenario isn’t really that bad because he has the right mindset. He has the right way to reprogram his brain to have the right approach to the market. 
And he wants to share it with us.
Key point- if you want to win anything, you have to lose first.
Finding a mentor that relates to who you are is also a key point to success. 

Listen to Jerremy Newsome’s stories at the link below. He will personally help you succeed.


Episode 491: Why The Risk Angel Is An Idiot

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In order to succeed in life, you need to take a shot.
Think about the things that hold you back.
It’s fear.
Nobody wants to lose but how will we know if we don’t take a shot at it?
We are usually risk-adverse because risk is uncomfortable.
That’s ego. We don’t want to fail.
But what’s the worst thing that can happen if we take a shot?
We fail? Then we learn.
Everything in life is risk.
Do something that’s life changing. Try it.
Take the shot.

Episode 490: What’s Your Why For I

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Driving in LA is the worst thing to do. I see people on their phones all the time.
I wonder who everyone is trying to be validated by.

People are always posting pictures of themselves for likes and comments that they’re never going to look at again.

We are using social media to constantly validate us.

We forget that our journey in life is about us, not what other people say to validate us.
I spent my entire life trying to prove myself to my father.

And even now, my programming has me here trading stocks to prove it to my dead father who used to trade stocks, that I can be more successful than him. The ultimate “fuck you”.

Why are we living life for other people?

We need to remember we should only do these things for us, not others.

Just a thought.


Episode 489: The Dreaded Paradox Of Struggle

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If everything in life was easy, we’d all have whatever we wanted.

We’re wired to not like struggle. There’s nothing fun about it.

The moment we start to struggle, we immediately want to quit.

There’s a paradox of struggle that goes on in our brains. When the shit hits the fan, most of the time the shit sticks to the fan.

Struggle effects us all. When struggle hits us, the universe is testing us to see if we have what it takes. And just when we think we’ve mastered something, the universe hits us again.

90% of people fail because most people give up when the struggle hits.

But that’s when we need to face the adversity the most.

It’s the time we need to look at what we’re doing wrong so we can face it and reroute ourselves to get where we need to be.

Listen to the lesson of struggle.

Also- check out this life changing FREE webinar


Episode 488: The Reality Of Why Diets Always Fail

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Diets never win. Doritos win.

When we get home from our long day, we give ourselves pep talks but those talks don’t work no matter how good they are.
Setbacks shake up our confidence.

We spend most of our day doing little things that break our diets. We have the muffin at lunch, we have the beer after work, we skip the gym.

Then we go home and give ourselves that pep talk again that tomorrow will be different. It’s a cycle.

We are sugar addicts and we have a difficult time monitoring ourselves. We keep getting in our own way.

There’s support out there and it’s the only way to lose the weight. I need you to check out this link. This is a guarantee to get out of this cycle and there’s a Facebook group full of people who will get you there because let’s face it, we need help.

Listen to this FREE webinar. This will work for you. And like I said- It’s FREE.


Episode 487: How To Lose Weight So You Don’t Die

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Put your hand on your belly and ask yourself if you’ve tried to lose weight.

93 % of the people in the US alone are overweight in their belly and in their butt.
Sugar is everywhere and it’s the #1 reason why people are gaining weight rapidly.

If the outer part of your belly is big, imagine what the inner part is doing.

You’re getting fat from the inside and it’s causing health related issues.

We’re meant to be thin and physically active but we sit too much. And we eat too much sugar.

The cure: Bodyset. Just like mindset, we have a bodyset.

We get Type 2 diabetes then we pump ourselves full of drugs. We get heart disease. What we look like is just aesthetics. Our insides are more important.

Listen to the Sugar Belly Secret. Join the facebook group to hear people’s advice so they can really help you and guarantee your success.

Click this link and listen. It’s a proven way to lose weight.


Episode 486: Do You Suffer From Speculation Paranoia

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The Speculation Story is a great topic. There are many examples. Dating is a good one.

Think about when you go on a date. You look at the person and you speculate what you *think* they’re about. You have a preconceived, speculative story of what you think this person is all about.
Think about the little things they do and how you speculate a rejection just because the person left early.

We’ve been taught how to speculate. We create scenarios because we want to know why something didn’t work out.
It helps us feel better about ourselves.

We need to teach ourselves to stop speculating because we don’t always know. We don’t always need an answer to everything.

We didn’t get the job because the company didn’t want us. We didn’t get a second date because the person didn’t like us.

We need to stop speculating and just learn to let things be.

Episode 485: Once In A While Syndrome

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Let’s talk about a disease a lot of people suffer from, a disease that can be prevented.

The disease is called “Once In A While Syndrome” and it’s a disease that has us “try” something every now and then, something we *should* be doing every single day.

We “try” and then we “cry” because we think that one time didn’t work. Then we give it.
But we only “try” it. We don’t actually “do” it.

The end result always takes care of itself when we do it fully every single day.

Think about trying to quit smoking. We can only quit if we DO it every single day.

If you want to get good at anything, be prepared to get your ass kicked every single day.

We can’t get good at something if we don’t do it every single day.

Episode 484: The Adrenaline Trap

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In your day to day life, are you thrill seeking?

I’ve always been an adrenaline rush guy when it’s come to most things.

I enjoy the pursuit of something new.

Life takes us into journeys of chaos and we’re always craving more chaos. We’re more comfortable believing we’re going to find success in chaos because we want excitement.

But the excitement comes outside of what we’re truly doing.

Business should be slow and steady so our stress levels don’t go through the roof.

We should all look at where we are in our lives and ask how much chaos we bring in every day.

Do we need this journey of chaos?

We need to simplify things so we can be successful.

We don’t grow in chaos.

Episode 483: How’s Your Internal Braking System?

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I’ll gladly take wins …

Let’s talk about wins, frustration and life today.

In my 20 years of coaching, I have coached some REALLY amazing men and women I’ve ever met.

They will GO and DO what we speak about over and over again, analyzing each and every move. Writing it down. The wins, the fears, the moments of failure.

In failure, the greatest lessons exist.

Failing at something imparts the greatest possible message.

Relearning habits and behaviors configures your internal braking system to give you the kind of life you’re looking to lead …

So you can reach your goals.
How do you get there?

How do you get to your next level?
Let’s talk about it.

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