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Episode 527: The World’s Biggest Spy: Facebook

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Social media is great at brainwashing.
People in powerful positions are good brainwashers.

But why are we so susceptible to it?
Why do we do whatever’s “In” right now?
I don’t want people to influence me for anything right now.
John Keegan here thinks these social media influencers want to brainwash us to follow extremism just like the universities. It’s everywhere.
And we hand over our total privacy to facebook with their new “Portal” app that’s on 24/7.
And people are allowing this. People are allowing Facebook into their lives to spy on everything you say and do.
These people you’re letting into your lives that you broadcast your entire lives out to are not your friends.

Episode 526: The Genderless Nation

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Anything you want to learn is on youtube.
We can find everything on “Youtube University” and it’s free.

The problem with youtube is that anyone can post a video and you have to sift through all the videos to get the best info.

But you learn important things in Universities that you can’t learn on youtube.

I’ve been in NY and I recently found a gender neutral clothing store that accommodates everyone.

I’m having difficulty understanding why anyone wants to be “neutral” because I feel anything in the middle is mediocre.

Gender neutral is widespread in universities.

I’d like to hear more from everyone else about what they feel about “gender neutral”.

Let’s talk about it.

Episode 525: To Live In The Past Is To Die In The Present

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I’m in NY and it’s time for a dose of John Keegan.

Thinking about this- To live in the past is to die in the present.

How many people are in the present moment thinking about triggers from the past?

When we focus on the past and obsess about the future, like thinking the way some past relationships ended, we tend to discuss these things in a jaded way.
Instead of seeing it as a journey that helps us grow, we feel better being jaded. It feels more comfortable to think the bad in the past was a waste of time.
Our brain is programmed to see the past as a failure. That’s because we haven’t healed.
Our ability to focus on something is our ability to create our own reality.

John says, “Good vibes only” and he’s right.
Challenge yourself and create your own reality.

Episode 524: Do You Sabotage Your Life

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It’s holiday time, and with that is engorging ourselves on all the junk.
I have my friend Debbie Lichter on today because I like having interesting people on my podcast, and this is the perfect podcast for this time of year.
We’re diving into food addiction today. No, I’m not talking about “treats”. We’re talking about gouging on massive amounts of food and how our programming can even force eating disorders on ourselves and our kids. Thus, we sabotage ourselves.
Debbie is here to help you manage your issues with food addiction and body issues. This is for everyone who needs to fix and work on themselves.
You can find more out on Debbie’s website where you can take a quiz to find out exactly what you need. You can also book a “Clarity Call” with Debbie.

Episode 523: The World’s Best Therapist, Nike

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I’m wearing brand new Nikes today and it reminds me of so many things we’re not doing on a daily basis.
Nike’s motto is “Just Do It” but so many people just can’t do it.

How long do you spend talking about what you need to do? How many therapists have you been to? How many times do you overanalyze the same situations every day?

Imagine how productive you would be if you stopped talking about things that are holding you back.

We don’t get time back.

Don’t over analyze.
Work on the thing that’s been holding you back.
It’s time to just do it.

Episode 522: Why You Mentally Masturbate Your Precious Time Away

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I’m going to NY for a few days to see family and enjoy some winter weather.

It’s my favorite time in NYC. There’s magic in the air in New York at Christmas time.
There’s no magic in the air in LA.
I go get my ass frozen at a cryo place, and this girl asks me “what would I do if I could do it all again?”
I would do some things differently.
I would go back and push myself harder.

We seem to want everything immediately. We don’t have much patience.

I think about some lessons that keep coming up in my life again.

We keep ourselves stuck in fear. It’s like mental masturbation.

I want you to think about what lessons come up differently for you?

The universe delivers lessons to us on a daily basis.

Episode 521: Why TMZ Is The Devil

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I just found out that a Running Back got released from his position because he assaulted a woman in a club.
She called him the worst thing possible and in turn, he assaulted her publicly.
There is nothing ok with what he did, but I have a hard time knowing that publications like TMZ can just assist in ruining lives by publishing every single action made by celebrities.
They do this because we live in a culture of people who are obsessed with everything celebrities do.
And this guy made a huge mistake.
But was it right for the media to expose it the way they did?

Episode 520: Why Being High Makes You Dumber Than Dumb

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Let’s just get high.

Let’s just get stoned and drunk and forget about our problems.
We can forget about the fact that our lives are a mess.
We can get ultra creative coming up with solutions.

And then we’ll wake and start it over again.

We’ll not go fix our lives, we’ll just get lazy and lost and stoned with no answers. We’ll get dumber.

We get high and do dumb things like send drunk texts to exes.

The higher we get the dumber we get, the lazier we become.

I’m not talking about recreational use when our lives are ok. I’m talking about using these things to numb us from our life’s issues. I’m talking about escaping our inner truth.

Being numb is dumb.
We can’t grow and evolve when we ignore our problems.

Confront your shit. Today.

Episode 519: Become The Captain Of Your Hook

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Tonight we’re talking about a movie called “BlameBusters” that I’m making up.
It’s about people who blame others for where they’re at.
I say a lot of controversial statements about people who are cheated on by telling them that they are at fault for it, because they ignored the patterns and the signs.
It doesn’t matter what it is- if you’re cheated on or if you have weight issues- you are constantly manifesting it. You have a tape recorder in you that says “this won’t work for me” because it’s easier to blame others for where you’re at.
“I’m not happy because” is just blame.
You want off this cycle, start taking responsibility.

Episode 518: Does Your Job Match Your Personality

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What do you do if a deal doesn’t work out for you like it was supposed to?
Do you go back and sue the person? Do you bully the person?

There seems to be lawyers just for buyer’s remorse.
Lawyers don’t care about buyers and their remorse, it’s just their job.

Lawyers seem to be those kids who were picked on in life and they wanted to get people back. They create havoc.

But then I think about doctors and some of the things they do. Doctors seem to really care about people.

Think about the people you know in life and think about their jobs and if they fit.
Can you look at your kid’s friends and see which will be the lawyer and which will be the doctor?
Are you truly utilizing your skills that you were blessed with?

Episode 517: Are You Self Absorbed

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I want to launch a new app called “The Self Absorbed Meter”.

I run into self absorbed people all day.

There’s not enough etiquette.

Everyone is self absorbed not leaving room for others.

But when you turn it around on them by going around them, they get offended.

This is because we live in a world where people are rewarded for being self centered and self absorbed.

This illusion is really dangerous.

When we’re constantly thinking “me me me”, we miss out on connecting with other people.

We’re rewarded for narcissistic behavior when people give us a “like” on our pictures and comments.

It takes a conscious effort to not be self absorbed.

So ask yourself- how many times a day do you do a self absorbed act?
Then ask yourself why.

We need to understand there are people on this planet who need to share the space with us.

Take responsibility for being nicer.

Episode 516: It Doesn’t Work For Me Syndrome

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What is this, “it won’t work for me” syndrome?
This is negative programming that people use to keep themselves in the equation thinking that everything they’ve tried to achieve won’t work, so it keeps us from trying again. 
We have to get to the root of it and look at the loop that’s been holding us back. We’ve bought all the programs to help us, we tried them, we gave up. 
We listen to the voices that tell us it won’t work. We do that because we’re pussies. We’re afraid of failure. We’d rather stay the way we are than do something to try to be better and possibly fail so we have to try again. 
The failure is going to make us feel worse than feeling shitty about ourselves. 
We need to take ourselves out of that equation. We need to stop rationalizing the doubt. Those voices in our heads are just fucking with us.
Our desire needs to be louder than those voices of doubt. 
Start believing in the “it works for me” syndrome. 
Change your mindset. It’s a conscious choice.