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Why I Stuffed People In Lockers

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Think about high school and middle school. All the cliques, all the groups, the jocks, the geeks, the popular crowd, the losers, the winners. All the crazy ways we acted as kids and how some of the damage we did carried over to adulthood.

Today, John Keegan and I talk about how there is no such thing as a geek, how an alpha make is just a myth, and why the world is equal in all ways.

How To Put The Sexy Back Into Sexy

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Sexy is how you look… or is it how you feel inside?

Today, join Fern Olivia and myself as we go over what sexy truly is. All of us have sexy inside, and it’s how we let it out that we’re going to explore.

Victims Are Pussies

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Today John Keegan and I go over how to let go of your inner pussy.
In life there are always two people who are involved in a relationship, and there is no such thing as a victim.

We choose our experiences because we need them, and if we go into victimhood, then we won’t learn and we will seek out our next victim experience.

Today is the day that stops for you!

How To Transcend Stagnation

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Think for a moment how long it took for our country to become what it is today.

Tomorrow the country celebrates a birthday, but today you’re going to join John Keegan and myself as we talk about developing your own constitution and how to develop skills and mindset to follow so you become as powerful as the good old USA.

How To Be Be Be!!!

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Today is my birthday… and today John Keegan and I are going to talk about what we feel is really important to us.

Join us in a special podcast about gratitude love and bonding.

Your goals will change for the year once you hear this, and you will also find out why John wants you to send me a pair of sneakers today…

Imagine If Your Parents Were Serial Killers

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So, you think you had a rough childhood? Well it’s time to stop pulling the childhood card and blaming it for all your life’s mishaps

When you hear about THIS person’s childhood, you will be inspired to make some radical changes right away. So join John Keegan and myself as we talk all about this in today’s podcast.

So What? I Cheated, Get Over It

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Today, John Keegan and I talk about cheating. And guess what? I have always said that cheating is the full responsibility of BOTH parties.

Yes, that’s right. Both of you were responsible for what went down in the relationship – and if you want to know the truth of why that is then you’ve got to listen to today’s episode.

How To Be An Ageless Wonder

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Do you ever think your to old or too young for something?

Age means nothing. It’s just a number we are assigned at birth.

Join John Keegan and me today as we go over the truth about age and how each and every one of us is ageless.

The Rise Of The Uber Victim

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Join John Keegan and myself today as we dive into the world of victims. So many people want to point the finger and blame others for there lives…

…When in reality you are the only person who can take control of your life. There are no victims in life, and today we explore why.

How Random Thoughts Create Great Results

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Have you ever thought about this: if you just acted on your thoughts, what great things might happen?

Today, John Keegan and I talk all about the power of random thoughts and how they can make your life amazing.

The Unlimited Possibilities Of Your Life

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What is your mindset?

When someone asks you that question, what is your answer?

Today I talk about how your mind is as expansive as the entire world… and the possibilities are endless.

Lessons Of Confirmation Compared To Lessons Of Emotion

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We have become a society of validation seekers. Come on now, be honest: how many times a day do you look at social media to count the likes?

Here’s the key to happiness: confirmation and validation need to come from within! Today we explore what it takes to truly be present with yourself.