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Episode 413: Do You Lack Impulse Control Like Roseanne Barr

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What the hell Roseanne Barr – how can someone be so freaking stupid? What a great example of a total lack of Impulse Control – she is a queen, a great example of what NOT to do.

Ambien chimes in – listen and hear what they had to say about the bullshit excuse Roseanne tried to use for her poor behavior and total lack of control.

Remember – your actions have a ripple effect, her’s to the tune of $60-$100 Million dollars and tanked the careers of so many of her co-stars.

Episode 412 – Your Phone is Making You Lazy

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Using your phone is making you lazy – how to avoid the pit of being lazy, losing motivation and letting your life slip by.

Episode 411: The Vortex of Acknowledgement

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The Alignment Paradox – Let’s explore how creating alignment begets alignment within the vortex of your circumstances, your world and your life.

When you’re fully aligned – You’re fully aware. Let’s talk about what mirrors back to you tends to be the most annoying thing in the world.

David explains a recent experience where a current (frustrating) circumstance mirrored his past actions. The things that annoy you the most about others are often times the things you most need to work on yourself.

How evolved are you – and what are you doing to see yourself mirrored back in their eyes.

Episode 410: The Vortex of Annoyance

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Who & what are you surrounding yourself with? Your vortex is your world and what you put in the vortex comes out on the other side – what do you want as an outcome?

The saying – you are what you eat is true and so consider – you are the people, the thoughts, the feelings you put in your life.

Your vortex is the center of your vibrational field.

What would you life be like – if/when you aligned yourself vibrationally?

Episode 409: The Power of Fake News

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The Power of Fake News is real – from Fakebook to Instaself you are being sold a lie each and every day. What you’re listening to is controlling your life.

You’re only part of the problem when you buy into the bullshit media propaganda machine. So what would it be like for you to wake up?

Spread the news – real news to real people. Spread news to people who need it at the time it’s needed. Lose the noise and gain the clarity you’ve been looking for.

Episode 408: Stop Fucking Up Your Kid

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Episode 407: Chase Enabling

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Today we are talking about dicks, people not the tool. And we dig into the concept chasing – are you a chaser? What is a chaser and if you are how can you overcome the burden.

Lessons from the loss of $75,000 – and how to make sure you always get what you have coming to you in the best way possible.

Tune in and lets find out.

So listen, subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review and share us with your friends, and come back on Monday for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck!

Episode 406: Step Out Away From The Talk Talk Zone

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Do you have people in your life who just talk? They talk and they talk and they talk some more… and yet they don’t follow through.

Today I give you the raw and unfiltered truth about these talkers and how I feel on them – and how to deal with the talkers in your life.

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Episode 405: The Power Of Negative 254 Degrees

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Today’s reality check is brought to you by Matt from Coast Cryo, the best cryotherapy spa on the whole west coast. And we’ll be talking about everything from entrepreneurship, who our favorite Billions character is, and what cryotherapy is and how it can transform your health and lifestyle.

So join us today, subscribe and rate the podcast, share this with your friends, and be sure to check out Coast Cryo for yourself (listen to the podcast to find out where you can find ’em!)

Episode 404: Facebook Dating!? What Happens Next?

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Have you heard? Facebook is (or might be) making an online dating site. Which brings up the question… what are all you guys and gals going to hide behind now?

Because you can’t hide your age on Facebook. You can’t hide your weight on Facebook. You’re forced to be authentic.

And if that sounds terrifying to you, well then I recorded this podcast for YOU. So listen to it, download it, subscribe to us, share this on social media and be sure to tune in tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 403: Do You Fear Success?

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Today let’s follow up on yesterday’s podcast. We’re going to talk about your stories that you tell yourself, from your addictions and co-dependencies to your expectations and your fears.

And I’m going to reveal the truth about what your stories actually are: a bandaid you put on your soul so you don’t actually have to change.

So listen in today, download and subscribe to the podcast, share this with your friends, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help that doesn’t suck.

Episode 402: Are You A Resistance Masochist?

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Today we’re talking about the choices you make in life. And really, we’re talking about the choice you make every day – to change… or remain in the status quo.

Because success is always in your hands. And when you choose to make excuses, when you choose to NOT change, you’re telling the universe that you’re a masochist. You love the fear and anger and frustration. If you didn’t, you’d make a change.

Listen in today to discover how to escape your own resistance masochism, leave us a review and be sure to subscribe, share this with your friends, and come back tomorrow for more radical self-help!