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Be Your Own Experiment

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If life was in a lab how would you create you?

Today John Keegan and I go over how to live a life that you create from your dreams.

It’s much easier than you can imagine, and far more fulfilling than what you are doing right now.

Lifestyles Of The Stupid And Famous

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People love captain America, but Chris Evans is a bad captain America.

Let’s think about what a super hero is for a minute. I want you to think about how many celebrities are actually super people.

Join John Keegan and myself today as we explore the world of the stupid and the famous.

Why You Need To Know Birdy And Ricky Linderman

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Join John Keegan and me as we introduce you to 2 legends in our minds: Ricky and Birdy.

Two men who knew what it was like to be a man.

Two men who inspired many men to truly stand up for themselves and allow men to be men.

The world needs more Rickys and Birdys – find out why on today’s podcast.

Attack Of The 6’6″ Gender Neutral

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Do we live in a world that is afraid to be different? Or do we live in a world that is becoming one gender…

Today we discuss the large amount of genders that exist and ask the important question: Why do we as a society feel the need to put people in a specific box?

Join John Keegan and me as we explore sexuality in today’s modern world.

Why Lumbersexuals Prove We Are Living In A Hologram

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Are you a trend setter or trend follower?

Today John Keegan and I explore the world of real trends vs individual statements, and you’ll be shocked to hear what we reveal about one very disturbing trend that is holding men hostage.

The Return Of Crypto: Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million

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With the start of summer this weekend, will this be another summer of Bitcoin and Crypto?

All signs point to BTC heading to the moon and back. The big question is: will it really happen or is it just hype?

My guess today is Jake from Trendspider, and we go over why just investing in Crypto this summer may afford you a weekend house in the Hamptons next summer.

I Am The Experience

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Before you do, you need to imagine what you desire the life you want.

It’s not seeing it first, it’s believing it before you see it.

Join John Keegan and me today as we explore the incredible imagination that you have that will help you create the life you desire and deserve.

Are You A Deep Stinker Thinker?

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Do you allow your thoughts to stink up your life? Are you always thinking about how things should be or how to get things done?

Thinkers tend to spend more time in there heads than actually getting things done.

Today John Keegan and I explore the world of the chronic head games thinkers play and how to change that self-destructive behavior.

The One Thing We All Transfer

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Join John Keegan and me as we share with you the one thing we all transfer without realizing it.

This one thing can either be good or bad. Some of us have the ability to transfer both while others only transfer the bad.

You need to listen to this right now it will truly impact your life on levels that you didn’t know existed.

The Illusion Of Tomorrowland

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You have heard it over and over: be present. But how do you be something you never have been?

Today, John Keegan and I explore the illusion of Tomorrowland and dive deep into Presentland.

Adam Gase Should Run Your Life

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Whether you are a football fan or not, the New York Jets grew up today.

Adam Gase stood up and showed all of us how we can take full control and live a vision, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

This is going to be eye opening for you.

Why People Are Dumb

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Join John Keegan and me as we go over how to deal with frustrating people.

There is one rule we live by, and you will find out why you have the habit of wasting your time involved with people like this.