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What A Bag Of Dog Poop Says About A Person

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In Los Angeles, there’s a problem. People never clean up after their dogs.

Today, we’re going to talk about what a bag of dog poo actually says about the owner of the dog and how you can judge somebody whether or not they pick up after their dog.

The Battle Of Probability Vs. Speculation

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Today we take a deep dive into your mind and dissect how much of your own B.S. speculation you fool yourself into believing.

How Much Are Mr. & Mrs. Amazon Worth On The Open Market?

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Imagine dating one of the richest men or women in the world. How do you think your life would change?

Join Larry Michel and me today as we talk about dating the rich and famous and how they see things.

Gender Neutral or Society Pressure?

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Join John Keegan and me as we talk about the rage going on: gender-neutral wannabes. Hear the truth about why we think gender neutral people need to pick a side.

The Recipe for Courageous

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What does it mean to be truly self aware and fearless in all areas of your life? Join Larry Michel and me as we set a very powerful intent for all you in 2019. Now is the perfect time to blast through your stories and fears and live the life you were destined to live.

95% of people want success but only 5% get it. Why? Because you have to be willing to fight through the fears and pain in all areas of life.

Episode 538: How To Lose The Luggage You Carry Around

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It’s time to leave your luggage behind.
Be honest with yourself today- how much do you like yourself?
If you don’t like you, how is someone else going to like you? You won’t show your real self if you don’t like your real self.
Maybe someone can love you even if you don’t love yourself, but they can’t fully love the you that you don’t love about yourself.
If you continually drag your past around, your fears, your excuses- then you never fully let go.
Ask why you’re dragging it all around with you.

Episode 537: Why New Years Resolutions Are A Waste Of Breath

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As 2018 comes to an end, did you live the 2018 you imagined?

I’d like you to write down what you wanted to accomplish but didn’t accomplish and why.

The reason so many people can’t live the life they imagined is because their imagination won’t allow them to do it.

2019 is right here- and are you going to do this to yourself again?
Are you going to set up a bunch of resolutions you don’t hold true to yourself?
The New Year doesn’t make you a new person.

Every day you have a new day to create a new you, no matter what day it is.

Can you hold yourself accountable to your goals?
Do you allow the past to dictate your future?
You need the tools to stop letting the past to create the present into the future.

I’m going to give you the tools to create a good future.
But I need you to make sure you are tired of not getting what you want out of life.
Write me an email with your goal.
I will be there to help you with what you need to leave the past behind via text, in person, on the phone.

But this offer expires at midnight on December 31, 2018.

I will add time to every program you buy with me.

You buy one month coaching program with me, I will give you an EXTRA TWO FREE WEEKS!
You buy 6 months, I will give you TWO FREE MONTHS.
If you work a year with me, I will give you an EXTRA SIX MONTHS of coaching.

My goal is to make all of you succeed, and this is my offer.

Do you qualify for this?

Go to my site www.davidwygant.com and look at the programs.

Read through every coaching program I offer and send me and email.

The Subject Line of your email should say: “I Am Serious”

-because I only want to work with people who are serious.

We will kick your ass to make you succeed.

Episode 536: How To Have A Very Wealthy Christmas

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It’s Christmas Eve and I really want every to say “Merry Christmas” to people.
But because we got so lazy as a society, we just say “Happy Holidays”.
I caught some shit for saying that the other day.
I love Christmas- there’s magic.
I want people to not be offended by hearing or saying “Merry Christmas!”
I have my friend Lex here telling us about making money in the stock market so you can have a very wealthy Christmas!
Lex knows what he’s doing and will spend the time with you to get you where you need to be with learning trading.
You can check him out at www.mytradehawk.com 
Watch all the videos and webinars he has for free for you!
Lex will give you a really good Christmas and trading deal.
Have a Merry Christmas and find some magic tonight!

Episode 535: Why You Were Born Lucky And Not A Homeless Dog

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Heading towards Christmas and the magic of Santa, or Bezos, is in the air. Amazon Claus is working hard to deliver all of our Christmas gifts.
And I’m thinking about babies and instinct. Babies go from being surrounded by warmth, to being pushed out of the comfort staring at weird people, to placed on someone who smells just like the inside, and then they’re ok. It’s instinct.
Instinct is an interesting concept.  
Seas turtles being born and having to rush to the sea before being eaten alive.
Fish get pushed out and are most times eaten immediately.
What about homeless dogs? Do they wonder why they can’t just go indoors when they’re outside?
It’s all the luck of the draw with animals. 
But when it comes down to you- your life- it isn’t luck of the draw.
The beauty of being a human being, you have a choice. You can grow up in foster homes and still get to evolve.
You have the choice to be who you want.

Episode 534: Why You Must Lose In Life To Win

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All I want for Christmas is to lose.

Don’t you hate it- losing? Losing a relationship, losing money.
You know who hates it most? Millennials! They hate losing.

I grew up trying out for teams and I would be nervous and I’d wait to see if I made the first round of cuts. We played hard and we practiced hard, and sometimes we wouldn’t make it. And it sucks. But it helped me, it helped others, get better.

Millennials got participation trophies. They never had to experience that first round of cuts.

How do you get better at anything if you don’t lose?
You don’t get a participation trophy in life just for showing up.

Life only works when you’re ok with losing.
You can’t pep talk yourself if you don’t feel any pain.
You succeed when you lose.

You gotta lose in order to win.

Episode 533: Be A Human Being Not A Human Doing

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What I have to say may change your life.
Look at your to-do list. Check at the last 10 days and look at the spaces all filled up.
You’ve been doing and doing and doing.
Did you do your homework? Did you do that activity? Did you do your job?
Always doing things. 
You became a programmed rodent.
Learn how to “Be’ in the moment.

Episode 532: Why Santa Claus Is So Angry

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One week away from Christmas, but not for the politically correct.
In a week, it’ll be Happy Holidays day with Holiday Claus.

When we were kids, everybody said “Merry Christmas’- the Jews, the Kwanzaa folks, everyone.

John think society is full of fuddy-duddies that have to ruin everything good.

The people who complain the most get all the attention.

Why can’t people just lighten up?

It’s Christmas. It’s magic. Santa is fun.

Except in NY. Santa is drunk is drunk in NY.

Tell people Merry Christmas.