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Don’t Lease Your Behavior. Own It!!!

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Today you join a new friend of the podcast Stephen Veach as we go over the critical 3 step process to owning your shit!

You want reality? Well, today is all about why you are still stuck, no matter how much self-talk you do.

Without knowing this 3 step process to owning your behaviors, you will always be someone who is leasing who you truly are instead of OWNING it.

The Secret To Mastering Motivation

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Today I am joined by my good friend Ken The Scientist, and we dive deep into how you brain is wired and what key things prevent you from being self motivated.

Think about where you are at today. How’s the new years diet going? How’s the new years workouts going?

How are you doing today and are you staying motivated and committed to the goals you laid out just 3 weeks ago? The problem is not your brain, it’s your body and how it feels day to day.

Today Ken and I go over the missing ingredient that you can take daily that will ramp up all of your motivation and get you rolling into momentum.

To grab a bottle at a discount and to find out more about this powerful motivation product go to www.c60purplepower.com. Use the code Wygant10 to save 10 percent off your order and join me on the path to self mastery.

Why Marriages Fail

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Why do marriages fail? The answer is easy…

Marriages are not like a true partnership, and there is always one person who abuses the marriage (or sometimes… not always).

Even if you are not married, this will help any relationship you have, so listen up!

Stop Mouthing Off

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There’s a saying: Less is more. Today we dive into the need for so many people to open their mouths and try to be Mr. or Miss Big Man. So do yourself a favor. Listen and don’t talk today’s valuable lesson!

Patrick Mahomes, The Master Of Self-Mastery & How You Can Learn From It

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Self mastery: it was on display on Sunday as the Chiefs showed you how to master all emotions and win at life.

Even if you’re not a football fan, all of you need to master the art of self-mastery to be a success. So listen to this and I promise you’ll thank me later.

Your 2020 Health Blueprint

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New year, new you. So let’s start with your body and your health. Join Julie Olson and me today as we go over how to be healthy in 2020!

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety

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We all have it. We all suffer from bouts of fear and anxiety.

How many of you suffer from anxiety when it comes to talking to a sexy stranger that you are attracted to?

How many of you find yourself making excuses and talking yourself up that the next time will be different only to find yourself doing that same behavior all over again?

What about bouts of depression?

How about I told you that this can all go away. Anxiety. Depression. Fears.

Today I have a very special guest Dr. Claudia from the OC and she is going to enlighten you and share with you how this can all be a thing of the past.

Mindful Masturbation Through Meditation

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Today we have a great topic: how to truly be sexually open and free through the powers of mediation and mindfulness.

Join Jessica Graham and myself as we dive into the world of sexual awareness and how to be free and open with yourself and your partners.

Jessica shares her amazing journey with all of us and I am sure you will truly be enlightened after this podcast – and to find out more about Jessica go to www.yourwildawakening.com.

How To Reverse Aging With C60

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Today we are joined by our friend Ken the Scientist and he is going to talk all about how to stay young healthy and reverse aging with C60. This is a must listen, no matter what age you are!

Be Your Own Santa

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What exactly is Christmas? Is it a marketing game to get you to spend money? Or is it… magic? Listen today to find out.

I Dare You To Make Me

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Today I am going to show you how a child’s game called “make me” is actually stopping you from growth.

Today’s episode is very eye opening and powerful so plug it in and listen!

You Are More Powerful Than Google

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Google and social media and great. But, do you want to know what is more powerful? Listen on today to find out!