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How The Coronavirus Is Turning Us Into Self-Centered Idiots

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What do toilet paper and frozen pizza have in common?

To find out that answer (and much more), listen to this weekend’s podcast on how your behavior during this time of growth and red alert is actually revealing who you truly are.

Join my friend Joseph and me as we go over the destructive behavior of the human mind and how we need to look at Mr. and Mrs. corona.

Take Action Now To Strengthen Your Immune System

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Today we are joined by two of my new favorite people. Scientists Ken and Sierra talk all about the one thing you need to prevent at all costs: the cornonavirus.

Forget what you have been hearing in the news. It’s all about protecting yourself from the inside and not stocking up on toilet paper and water.

Today’s podcast may just save your life! Go to c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

How’s Your Inner Idiot Doing?

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We all have one. We all give into them. And we all stop loving and living when we allow this inner side of us to win.

Today, we crush the inner idiot that lives inside all of us, so listen up!

Our Time Is Here… Are You Ready For It?

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Today I am going deep with all of you – I am going to expose some serious feelings, frustrations and lessons I am going through.

But most importantly, it’s about what my heart is truly trying to handle. So know that this podcast comes straight from my heart to yours. It could be the most personal one yet. Give it a listen and a share it with someone who needs it.

Here Comes The Bogeyman… Are You Prepared?

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Join Ken the Scientist and me as we go over what is coming to a town near you… The bogeyman is knocking on our doors, and if you’re not prepared it is going to kick you in the ass!

To help fight the bogeyman, I suggest grabbing some C60 – it’s the best defense against the bogeyman that money can buy.

Today is a wake up call, so I strongly suggest you share this podcast with everyone you know before the bogeyman gets them! And be sure to go c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

My Dream Came To Me In Whole Foods

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Today, my dreams showed up in Whole Foods of all places. And I’m not going to say another word, because you need to listen and truly let go of all the conceptions you may have about reality.

Casper The Passive Aggressive Ghost

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In life, you get what you deserve. When you play the game of ghosting, you lose out on everything that life offers.

Today we will meet the Caspers, a ghosting couple who played the game and lost the house of their dreams.

Why You Need To Put Your Air Mask On First

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Today I am joined by 4 very amazing guests, and we dive deep into what’s important in this crazy world today.

From health to mindset, nothing is off limits in today’s roundtable podcast. There is something powerful for everyone here, and you will be sure to say “yes, I now fully understand why the captain tells you to always put your mask on first!”

And to truly help your health, check out C60 and get 10% off your order with the coupon code WYGANT10.

The Definition Of Self Control

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As humans, we have this need to know what’s next. We speculate. We talk nonstop.

But, once we realize we can only control ourselves, that’s when life becomes more amazing.

How To Make Money In The Stock Market With A Spider Who Loves Trends

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The key to making money is to follow the trends and know exactly when to take advantage of that move.

We make the stock market simple for you on today’s podcast with my friend Dan from TrendSpider.

Also check out the discounts that TrendSpider has just for you at https://trendspider.com?fp_ref=david59 – and if you want to see what we are talking about then check out the video version of the podcast on YouTube.

Your Genitalia Is Not An ATM

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The other day I overheard a conversation that was based on genital rights.

That’s right: how much her genital area was worth monthly and the advice she was giving a nice young woman.

You need to listen to the whole episode, because what you’ll hear is incredible!

How To Master Yourself

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Mastering your impulses – it’s that simple.

Words are just words. Actions are everything. So listen and learn how to master yourself on today’s reality check.