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Be Your Own Santa

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What exactly is Christmas? Is it a marketing game to get you to spend money? Or is it… magic? Listen today to find out.

I Dare You To Make Me

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Today I am going to show you how a child’s game called “make me” is actually stopping you from growth.

Today’s episode is very eye opening and powerful so plug it in and listen!

You Are More Powerful Than Google

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Google and social media and great. But, do you want to know what is more powerful? Listen on today to find out!

Life Is Easy. It’s YOU Who Gets In The Way

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Have you ever wondered why some people have it so easy? What is their secret? TODAY is the day I expose it to you…

Growth Time Expansion

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We live in a world of schedules, and today I am going to explain the power of growth time and the importance of you.

That’s right: the most important person in your life is YOU. And until you recognize that you’ll never be what you want for others.

Stop Living Your Bullshit

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Nike called me today and they are going to do a brand new ad campaign. I am going to need 4 people who are stuck in one area of their lives.

Listen in and tell me if you are that person that Nike and I are looking for, and enjoy today’s podcast!

How to Have Endless Great Sex With C60

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Today I am joined by my new friend Ken The Scientist, and we go over the greatest new weapon in your sex life!

Do you crave endless power to have erections that last all night long? Do you desire to be so sensitive to his touch that orgasms are as easy as baking apple pie.

Today we dive into the science behind sex and how you can have the best sex of your life right now. So listen and be sure to go c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

It’s Time You Met Your Body’s Best Friend: C60

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I am super excited about today’s guest. As all of you know, I am super into health. And I recently discovered something that I know will not only change my life… but will truly impact your health as well.

I am really happy to be sharing gift of C60 with all of you today. Today’s guest is Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist,” the founder of C60 Purple Power, listen and make sure you use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Massive Action, Massive Results

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What is deep inside of you may not manifest for a long time?

Today I go over the process of massive action to cure all that ailments: YOU.

Your Back Pocket Excuse

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There is a reason why you are stuck In the past. It’s your idea of what you used to to be.

But, if what you used to be was so great, why are you so stuck in the body and mind you have now? Find out on today’s podcast…

The Future Bionic You

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Imagine a world where you can replace your weak parts with bionic parts. That day is coming faster than you think!

Join Larry Michel and myself as we go over what the future has in store for your health wealth and body. The 6 million dollar you is coming!

How To Heal And Trust Your Gut

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Today, I had the opportunity to connect with Whitney Kell, a very special guest who will truly enlighten you.

As you know, I always talk about following your gut. And when I connected with Whitney I followed my gut, checked out who she was and immediately thought, this fascinating woman needs to come on the reality check and share her wisdom.

Today she will tell you how to heal your gut, as well as many other valuable life lessons on how to show up at a higher level in life. We get real and raw and I expose a side of me that has been hidden for quite some time.

To find out more about Whitney, go to her website at www.whitneykell.com.