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Stop Watching CNN’s Fear Porn

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Join my friend Ken the Scientist and myself as we talk about the new porn that is inflicting the world: Fear Porn.

We talk about how to avoid it, how to stay healthy and sane, and how to live a normal life in the times of CoronaVille.

To find out more about Ken and get yourself the best immune booster on the market go to c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

How To Stay Focused & Productive During the Coronavirus

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Today we’re joined by my good friend Tripp from Tripp Advice, and we go over how to stay focused positive and productive during this challenging time.

Plus, we give you some major insight to how we are staying calm centered and productive in our lives as well.

Tripp and I go back years, so we always have an amazing and enlightening talk. So enjoy today’s podcast, and to find out more about Tripp go to www.trippadvice.com

How To Protect Your Finances With David Moadel

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Tough times the last month. So many people have taken a roller coaster ride down into the abyss with their portfolio.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Today, join my good friend David Moadel and me as we dive into ways you can protect your downside and make a lot of money when this is all over.

Its time you took complete control of your financial future. To check out David’s amazing you tube channel click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoWjpemcumDyh95Z9KPEdA

The Biggest Lesson From COVID-19

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Today we talk about the most valuable lesson from the coronavirus… and what precautions you need to take right now to protect yourself financially. Listen closely, because this information could change your life.

The History Of Social Distancing

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Most of you think the coronavirus started this thing called social distancing.

Well folks, today I am going to enlighten you and give you a very serious history lesson. Social distancing is a very old tradition – listen here to learn more.

How The Coronavirus Is Turning Us Into Self-Centered Idiots

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What do toilet paper and frozen pizza have in common?

To find out that answer (and much more), listen to this weekend’s podcast on how your behavior during this time of growth and red alert is actually revealing who you truly are.

Join my friend Joseph and me as we go over the destructive behavior of the human mind and how we need to look at Mr. and Mrs. corona.

Take Action Now To Strengthen Your Immune System

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Today we are joined by two of my new favorite people. Scientists Ken and Sierra talk all about the one thing you need to prevent at all costs: the cornonavirus.

Forget what you have been hearing in the news. It’s all about protecting yourself from the inside and not stocking up on toilet paper and water.

Today’s podcast may just save your life! Go to c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

How’s Your Inner Idiot Doing?

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We all have one. We all give into them. And we all stop loving and living when we allow this inner side of us to win.

Today, we crush the inner idiot that lives inside all of us, so listen up!

Our Time Is Here… Are You Ready For It?

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Today I am going deep with all of you – I am going to expose some serious feelings, frustrations and lessons I am going through.

But most importantly, it’s about what my heart is truly trying to handle. So know that this podcast comes straight from my heart to yours. It could be the most personal one yet. Give it a listen and a share it with someone who needs it.

Here Comes The Bogeyman… Are You Prepared?

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Join Ken the Scientist and me as we go over what is coming to a town near you… The bogeyman is knocking on our doors, and if you’re not prepared it is going to kick you in the ass!

To help fight the bogeyman, I suggest grabbing some C60 – it’s the best defense against the bogeyman that money can buy.

Today is a wake up call, so I strongly suggest you share this podcast with everyone you know before the bogeyman gets them! And be sure to go c60purplepower.com & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!

My Dream Came To Me In Whole Foods

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Today, my dreams showed up in Whole Foods of all places. And I’m not going to say another word, because you need to listen and truly let go of all the conceptions you may have about reality.

Casper The Passive Aggressive Ghost

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In life, you get what you deserve. When you play the game of ghosting, you lose out on everything that life offers.

Today we will meet the Caspers, a ghosting couple who played the game and lost the house of their dreams.