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How To Be Demon-Free

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What would your life look like if you actually got rid of all the demons inside your mind? You can actually be demon-free.

I went and got the formula so you can be demon-free in 2019 and no longer feel the need to cry for mama, or quit when things get a little rough in your life. So get ready to demon-free in 2019. Check it out on today’s podcast.

Straight People Problems

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I hear a lot of you straight people whine and complain about the most ridiculous things in the world.

Do you realize you’re in the majority? Do you realize that your lifestyle is accepted all around the world. Imagine if you were in the minority.

Imagine if you were gay. Imagine if you didn’t like women or men, you liked your own sex. And imagine if you had to tell the world that. In the place that you live, it’s not accepted.

Oh man, the lessons we could learn. Today, we talk about why straight people problems aren’t really problems, they’re just excuses for not living a life that you truly want.

Time To Kill Your Heady Head

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The most dangerous neighborhood in the world is sitting on your shoulders right now. The thoughts that cross your mind day in and day out are the reasons why you are not expanding and living the dynamic life you truly desire.

Today we’re going to go through tips on how to get out of your head and into your body, into your mind, into your soul. It’s time to lose the heavy head.

The Power Of Kiss

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Today is Valentine’s Day.

Is it a real holiday? Or is it a holiday that was concocted because Hallmark decided that we all need to really show love one day out of the year?

Today, I talk about the power of kiss. The kiss is just a kiss.

But the kiss I’m going to talk about today is going to change the way that you behave in your life. This is one kiss you do not want to miss. This is one make out session that is destined to change your life!

The Truth Behind Overnight Sensations

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We all want something. And the thing that we want the most is always the biggest challenge for us.

How do we get that thing that we truly desire, and why does it seem like some people are overnight sensations and it happens right away for them with ease?

Today we uncover the truth behind the overnight sensations and expose the reality of what is real… and what is hype.

Participation Trophies Are For Pussies

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Wine. Cry. Complain.

Today’s podcast is going to show you why you’re being a faggot in your life.

But before you get all bent out of shape and think that I’ve gone politically incorrect, you need to understand one thing: gay people are gladiators. Some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.

But faggots? Well faggots are people that are satisfied with participation trophies in life and pointing the finger at other people for all their failures.

Why You Should Love The Patriots

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There are two major takeaways from Sunday’s Patriots/Rams Super Bowl. The first one is obvious: Julian Edelman’s beard’s true identity is revealed in today’s podcast and when you hear what it, you’ll never ever be able to look at him again without a smile.

And the second takeaway is what defines greatness and how the patriots are teaching you one of life’s greatest most powerful lessons: the art of being present.

Be A Bear, Not A Bare Minimum

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Lets look at how every successful person is truly a growling bear.

Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski. Bill Belechek. All people who don’t waste time on bare minimum effort and truly have a long term goal in mind every ascend of everyday.

Too many people show up on a daily basis and do just that show up and do the bare minimum in life. Today we all learn how to become powerful ass kicking bears!

How Life Is Like Facebook’s Stock

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Today I’m going to go through what expectations do to us.

Life is extremely simple. Life is everything you see in front of you.  

The problem is too many people lose in life when they do not see what’s in front of them. How many of you create stories of the way you want things to be? Or how many times do those stories actually match the outcome that you ended up having?

Today we’re going to go through how Facebook can teach you exactly how to be more present, arrive more in your life and become the high vibrational human being you always wanted to be.  Life is exactly what you see, not what your mind creates.

How to Stop the Lazy Cycle and Be an Outlier

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So many of you are lazy. We all have an inner lazy being. A lot of you love to talk about the things you’re going to do.

I call it the Peter Wolf syndrome. You talked about it over and over again and yet people see you not do it, so then they don’t believe you.

To be truly an outlier in all aspects of your life, you have to admit when you’re calling in Peter Wolf. To truly be the most successful version of you, you need to have a vision, a dream.

To truly understand why you’re preventing yourself from driving in the left lane and driving like a little grandma in the right lane. You have to be more honest with yourself.

Today’s eye-opening pod cast is one of the most honest self reflections you’ll ever have. To coin a phrase from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “You may not be able to handle the truth” of what you’re going to hear today, but you’re going to listen to it and when you do, I want you to understand that this truth is designed to get you out of your own way.

Enjoy the show and do me a big favor: pass the show on to everybody you know. Because everybody needs a good Jack Nicholson, kick in the lazy ass.

Is The NFL Rigged, Or Is It Just Like Life?

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I’ve waited three days before I share with you what I thought about the NFL nightmare on Sunday. There’s a lot of conspiracy theories going on right now. Is the NFL rigged?

I’m about to tell you something that’s going to shock you in today’s podcast.

Not only is it going to shock you, but it’s also going to enlighten you and give you the truth behind Belichick and the New England Patriots. And it’s also going to enable you to use pass interference calls in your life.

Oh, today is going to blow you away because not only is the NFL not rigged… But it’s exactly like your life.

The Best Dating App for 2019

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Today we will explore what the best dating app is for 2019. Forget Tinder and Bumble – what I am about to share with you will change the way you look at swipe dating.

No more catfishing. No more endless texts that go nowhere. No more fake photos and meeting someone who doesn’t look like their picture. This is a must listen for anyone who is dating and looking for a true connection!

P.S. After you listen to today’s podcast, make sure you go and download the app at https://www.meetinthecove.com/ and use the referral code WYGANT to get 100 free likes!