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Why I Want To Be A Vampire

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It’s simple: I am at a point in my life where I believe I would be better off as a vampire.

I have given this a lot of thought and when you’re done listening, you will want to join me as vampire friends.

The Defining Moment of a Clueless Moron

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Today I am going to expose a man who you can learn so much from.

There is a man in a powerful job who continues to define what stupidity is. Yet, no one does a thing about it.

You will learn so much from this lesson today that you will never ever look at life the same again.

The One Habit Everyone Lacks

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Life is one habit after another.

Sometimes I think we are all on autopilot and don’t even realize what we say or do.

So today, I am going to reveal the one habit everyone lacks, and when finally engaged this habit will change your life for the better.

Life Is One Big Experiment. Get Used To It.

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Today is for everyone who has something that they truly desire, but come up with excuses and fears why it can’t happen.

I am going to reveal the secret to how you can make it happen for you… starting today.

He Who Hesitates Masturbates

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There are two types of masturbation.

The first one is safe and needs no explanation at all. The second one will damage your mind and soul and leave you weaker than an ant trying to carry a boulder across the street.

Here’s another hint: we all do this second form of masturbation daily and it’s the number one reason why things are exactly the way they are for you.


The Magical Bonding Powers Of Fish

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Today I am going to let you into a secret life that I live. One that includes a lot of warm water and just the right amount of light so everything can flourish and grow.

On today’s show you will also meet an incredible entrepreneur who will share his story of how he turned a passion and a hobby into a big empire that spans you tube and social media – be sure to listen and then go to https://www.aquariumcoop.com.

What Tiger Woods Can Teach You

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Golf: not my sport, but the mental game of it is truly amazing to watch.

Tiger Woods wins the master against all mental odds. And what do I mean by mental odds?

It’s a daily battle against the demons and Tiger Woods has a message for all of us.

Listen to today’s podcast to find out what it is.

The Only Way To Change Your Blocks

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I have a goal for all of you this weekend: We are going to rewrite a story that holds you back.

I am going to give you one task and by Monday you will be able to live a new story and conquer the world.

How To Instantly Control Your Craziness

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Today is simple: I am going to give you the power to control your emotions and that crazy mind of yours. This one simple technique that will change your life – so listen in!

In Search Of Certainty

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Hey you – yes that’s right, you certainty-obsessed human being. I know how badly you desire change in your life.

I get it. I understand it.

But… I am here to burst that bubble of being so damn precise and certain in how you work your life. And tell you why being NOT certain is actually the most powerful way to grow and thrive.

This much I know: you will be a far more daring and bold person after listening to this podcast.

The Number One Reason Why Sex Too Soon Ruins A Relationship

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You want to know the mistake most people make when they desire a relationship? They have sex way too fast, before they’ve even built the friendship.

And why is it important to build the friendship? Don’t you want passion, romance, chemistry?

Sure. But chemistry is an illusion. Friendship is everlasting. And sex is only greater when you do these three things – listen to today’s podcast to find out what those things are.

Do You Live Inside a Plastic Cup In Walmart?

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Have you ever been to Walmart? I know you have.

Have you ever ventured into the pet department in Walmart? Have you ever seen those absolutely beautiful beta fish?

And then does your heart sink when you see that they live inside a tiny plastic cup?

Today I’m going to explain how you are actually in that plastic cup.

It’s not the beta on the shelves at Walmart that need the empathy and sympathy. It’s actually you, who are living in that plastic cup that needs to be set free.

Listen to today’s podcast so you understand how to set yourself free from a life in a plastic cup on the shelves of Walmart.