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Who Do You Blame For Your Life?

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Today you woke up. Brushed your teeth. Poured yourself a cup of coffee.

When was the first moment today that you blamed somebody else for your life? I want you to think about it. It might’ve been a simple moment, when someone cut you off in traffic. You blame them for you being late to work. But in reality, all you had to do was leave five minutes earlier.

You know what? That person who cut you off wouldn’t have mattered, because that person wouldn’t have mattered. You blame the traffic. You walk in the office and go, sorry I’m late.

It starts off with simple blame throughout the day, but the real person you need to blame is the person we’re going to talk about in today’s podcast.

John Keegan and I talk about who’s to blame for your life. We also come up with a solution, so you’re no longer blaming anybody and you’re really living the higher vibration of life that you desire and deserve.

How To Get Past The Lack By Repeating Things

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There’s really just one secret to life. I’ve interviewed and I’ve hung out with some of the world’s most successful people – men and women, millennial and teenager, baby boomer and grandparent.

I’ve talked to many incredibly successful people of all ages. Every single one of them shared the same secret with me. It’s a secret that I myself have used throughout my entire life to build businesses and to be successful.

Today John Keegan and I will expose that secret, and you’ll be absolutely amazed at just how simple it is. But the biggest challenge you’ll face is this: can you get past your own personal demons and truly use the secret so you can have everything you’ve ever imagined in life?

The Age Of The Distraction Machine

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There’s this machine that was created. When it first came out, it was brand new and excited the masses.

As time passes by, the machine tends to evolve as all machines do. First this machine was small. Then the machine got large. Then the machine got bigger. Then the machine got even more complex.

Then the machine started getting into your psyche. Then this machine started controlling your psyche. Then this machine started taking away moments between you and other people.

Then this machine fully dominates you. It actually makes you get a new one often. This machine controls you. It’s the biggest mind control you’ve ever had. And you allow it every single day.

Today, John Keagan and I will explain to you what this machine is, and how you can break free of it before it totally destroys your life. This podcast today is one of the last few that we strongly suggest you pass onto other people.

Global Warming? No, We Have Global Chilling.

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Here’s the story of man named you, who was allowing every single person to steal your attention. Here’s another story, of a woman named you, who would allow all your friends to post things non-stop.

We live in a society now where everybody is allowing other people to steal your attention. If you listened to Monday’s podcast, you understand that this is a major concern. Today we have a different message for you. A message so profound that will allow you to connect with people like never before.

We’ve taken the iPhone that was literally given to us for convenience, and we’ve allowed this device to intrude in our lives. We look at it more than we look at a human being, more than we look at the world around us. We read things from people instead of hearing their magical voice and seeing they’re beautiful and amazing eyes.

Today we’re going to talk about how to literally get away from the age of distraction we live in. There’s global warming going on, but we live in a world that actually has global chilling. You’re going to find out how to make this world a warm place again.

Everything Is A Conspiracy Split Your Attention

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We live in a world that is literally split. Messages coming at you a thousand miles an hour. Visual pictures. People posting things. People seeking validation.

The world is living inside the United States of the iPhone. We’ve taken this simple device, and we’ve allowed it to distract us from the most amazing, beautiful things in life called the world around you.

The world around you is the greatest dating place ever. The world around you is the greatest meeting place. The world around you has nature, sensations, visual imagery far greater than that from Instagram.

Today’s podcast is the most important message you will ever hear. It needs to be spread, and that’s what you’re going to do after you listen to it. You’re going to spread this podcast all over the place, and we are going to change the distraction of the United States of distraction.

Why You Need New Real Friends And Not Facebook Friends

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Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome and myself today as we talk about the value of new friendships, why new friends open new doors, why new friends give you the greatest growth, and how to recognize a powerful connection and cultivate that new friendship.

Stop Following Start Living

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We live in a world where we follow more than we lead, and we reward people with our following skills… and by doing all of this, we tend to lose our own identity and take on the identity of others.

Some of these “others” are total strangers. Some of them are people who we would not even like if we met in person.

So why do we do this? Well, today is your lucky day, because today Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I go over the answer to this question.

How Trends Can Change Your Finances

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How can trends that happen day to day, month to month expand your finances and allow you to make serious money…?

Join a friend of the podcast, Jake from Trend Spider, today as we explore how daily trends can truly give you the financial freedom that you desire.

To find out more about Jake check out trendspider.com. He has a very special free offer waiting for you!

Do You Have A Plan Or Are You Ad Persuaded?

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Do you a specific plan on what you truly want out of life? Money? Health? Relationship?

Do you realize that you are constantly being pushed in 100s of different places everyday without you even realizing it?

Today Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I go over how to block out the noise and allow yourself to define who you want to be.

How Much Would You Pay For Freedom?

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If you had total freedom in your life, what would that look like to you?

Have you ever channeled your inner Madonna? Because she was the original freedom power broker.

Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome and myself today as we go over what freedom is and how you can have it today.

The Power Of All

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Join Jerremy Newsome and myself live from Nashville today as we go over the only way to live and love: the power of all.

What exactly is all? How do we define all? And most importantly, why do we chase all? Our definition of all is not at all what you are thinking.

My Insecure Side (Yes I Have One For Real!)

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So, you think I don’t have those moments if insecurity?

Guess again. I not only have them, I own them! I cherish them and embrace them like they are my best birthday gift ever!

Join Jerremy Newsome and myself live from Nashville today as we go over this self discovery, and go to reallifetrading.com/ to see more of Jerremy.