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Today we’re going to talk about choices.

Every choice you make and every word you speak when you wake up in the morning programs the exact type of day you’re going to have.

If your first words are, “I’m so tired today”- you’re literally telling yourself that you are going to be tired all day.
From the moment you wake up, you need to use words and phrases that get you jazzed for the day and your day will be much better.

When I first started on this journey, I used to wake up stimulated and excited. I called it my morning hard-on for the day ahead.
I would say, “I am so excited for the amazing day the universe is going to give me!” when I first woke up in the morning and it helped me gain that mindset.

If we wake up whining like babies, “Wah, I’m so tired!”, that’s the voice we’re telling our subconscious minds and because of it, we’ll be tired all day.
Listen to how exciting life is. We don’t know when or where the exciting thing is going to happen, but if we’re looking for it, if we’re telling life to bring it on, we’ll manifest what our day is to be. We’ll be able to handle challenges. We’ll be excited to learn something new.

“I am” is our willpower.

“I am an Un-Sugar-atarian” will help us not eat sugar. “I am a vegetarian” helps us not eat meat.

We have to stop giving our power to things. We have to stop allowing our impulses to control us.

We can stop ourselves from giving in. We can control ourselves and ignore our impulses.

“I am a lifestyle choice.”
“I am dedicated.”
“I am focused.”
“I am somebody who has made a lifestyle choice.”

We are capable of manifesting our willpower by programming our brains.

Episode 463: How to Stabilize Your Internal Elevator

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Happy Labor Day!

Today’s podcast is about sabotaging.

Most of us sabotage ourselves like we’re literally the military, destroying ourselves.

Think about your year right now. It’s September. Eight months have passed –

What were your goals this year?

How did you accomplish them? What’s your score card look like for the year?

If you look at your overall goal you had for this year and you’re stalled, can you identify with the WHY?

Why are you not there?

Let’s talk about it.

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Why do some people succeed and other people fail constantly?
Some people don’t realize that change takes time

We watch videos and buy books and expect instant results.
We try things right away and expect it to work the first time even though it almost never does.

It’s taken us all a long time to get where we are right now, in our bad states. Why can’t we see that? And why do we expect that change will happen immediately? Why do we just quit when it doesn’t happen instantly?

Arnold Schwarzenegger said something about true champions persevering and pushing through the difficult times and he’s right.

We’re sold instant miracle cures and we buy them, but they never work.
We have to get frustrated and push through and trick our instant gratification minds.
It took us a while to get into the hole and it’ll be harder to get out. It’s like quicksand.

It’s takes a long time and a lot of hard work to get out of the quicksand.

We need to work hard to be a true champion.
True champions only know how to be a champion by pushing through the tough times in life.
The choice is yours.


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I have honey on my mind.
What does honey have to do with the reality of so many people today?

There’s so many great things about honey. It tastes good and it’s good for you.
But why do so many people prefer fudge?
Why do they want to be “fudgey” and not appreciative, when you get more with honey?
Think about how people act towards other people when something goes wrong.
Think about customer service reps that take all the blame for people’s mishaps.
Someone’s life is a mess and they made it a mess and they want to blame it on someone else.
Teflon Larry and Teflon Sally are the people who blame customer service reps for their problems.
Their lives wouldn’t be such a mess if they were appreciative of things in their lives.
They would get more with honey.
We all need to take responsibility for our lives and be more appreciative for everything.
If our lives are a mess, we have to stop blame everyone else and accept the blame.
For every finger we point at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at us.
We get more with honey.

Just a thought.


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Guest Rande Howell is here to do some reality talk with us that’s a bit of a follow up from yesterday’s podcast.

I had a realization today about myself- women have always been my drug of choice, and I have bounced from one to the next my entire life because I have “shiny object syndrome”.
This also happens with my trading.

At the end of the day, I review all the stocks I’ve picked throughout the day the same way I used to review women I would see at night clubs.
And whenever I go back to see my stocks from any day, I manage to still kill it every single time. Am I activating my instincts?
Rande thinks it’s a “lust” instinct, and “lust is a very powerful emotion”, that’s it’s survival. It’s the evolution of a Trader.

Do we train our brains to provoke discipline and partiality? We follow our rules, sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re not.

Can we play under conditions of uncertainty?

Take a listen and check out Rande Howell’s website http://www.mytradersstateofmind.com/.


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Are you closer to your goals now than you were a few months ago? I think I have an idea why you may not be.
Here is something I’m learning about giving into your programming of impulses.
I’ve been trading stocks and because of that, I’m learning to recognize patterns in trading.
I have spent a lot of my life going from woman to woman to woman until I couldn’t remember who I truly spoke with.
It became an addiction. I gave into the impulses.
My natural impulse in trading is to go from one stock to the next. It’s part of my nature. I love instant gratification.
And now I am no closer to the goal I gave myself in the beginning of the summer.
How many of you do that? Have you reached your goal that you set months ago, or have you given into your impulses and find that you haven’t reached your goal?
I am no different than you. We give into our impulses. We need to stop allowing our impulses to take over. We need to stop acting like children. We need to write down our goals specifically and follow through.

Discipline is the only way to reach our goals. We need to admit we lack discipline. And until we discipline ourselves, there’s not a chance in hell that we’ll reach our goals.
Getting better isn’t enough. Embracing little wins is not enough. We need to cross the final 10%.

Then we can congratulate ourselves.

Just a thought.


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You’ve heard about the 5 second rule, right? We count to make a decision. We debate it out in our head.

We’re going to make it a 3 second rule now.

The longer it takes you to make a decision, the less successful that it’s going to be.

It’s that way in everything that truly matters.

When I look at stocks and they move without me, it’s because I thought about it for too many seconds.

We make decisions on impulses and we don’t think about our decisions.

Most things in life are traps that allow us to think way too long.

Giving ourselves 3 seconds to ask “Do I really need this right now?” will help us succeed.

Try it out next time you’re in the market when they give out free samples. “Am I going to benefit from taking this sample?”

As yourself a question so you don’t act on impulse.

Epoisode 457: Why Your Ego is a Moron

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We are facing an epidemic. A disease that is afflicts everyone. One that stops your progress in life.

Hot Air Disease.

Endless words that come out of my mouth, “I’m going to do it my way”, is the biggest mistake human beings make.

We should look in the mental, emotional, and physical mirror- look at ourselves inside and out- and ask ourselves how much progress we have truly made.

The ego always loves to say “I’ll do it my way”

We don’t change if we don’t follow a distinct plan. When we don’t follow a concrete plan, we’re only harming ourselves and perpetuating the hot air that comes out of our mouths, the words that say “I’m going to do it my way”. It’s the biggest mistake that human beings make.

What if you actually lose the hot air and followed the distinct plan? Let’s see how that works.

Let me know your progress.

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It’s time to be honest with ourselves. I know I try to be honest with myself every day. Can you?

We all think we *can* do things and figure things out on our own.
That’s the problem.
Going to outside sources so that others can help you challenge yourself and push yourself, that’s how we do work on ourselves and how we grow.

Looking at the things in our lives that need work, every single thing, and ask ourselves if these things can be figured out on our own? We can’t. It’s why we do things in groups because others can help push us: physical trainers, book clubs, tutors- they all help push us harder than we can on our own.

When I push myself, I feel proud because I’ve overcome the extra blocks.

Why talk about a goal when you can actually achieve that goal?

We usually trick ourselves into thinking we’ve done our best because it’s human nature and easiest that way.

But we need to get outside help to push us further so we can achieve our goals.


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A lot of us have the illusion of progress. We feel good when we make a little progress but we don’t when we’ve reached a plateau.

When we look at those who are successful, those are the same people who track and review their progress and push themselves more the next day.
We’re comfortable with being satisfied with a little progress but we don’t know what to do when we plateau.

We get held back by patterns because we don’t realize that patterns consistently change. They always move and they always plateau.

Instead of looking at the progress we’re making, we should focus on the plateau so we’re more aware of it and we can learn how to excel.

Take losing weight. We feel good so we congratulate ourselves by eating something that isn’t good for us. Then we hit a plateau.
Immediate satisfaction can cause us harm.

We should focus on doing things differently so we can excel.

We can prepare for the plateau and better pass it.


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We love to blame our lives on external circumstances. I did this because of this, I did that because of that.
It’s human nature.

But we are weak and we make bad decisions. We give in to manufactured cravings. We do it. Nobody holds a gun to our heads.
We make the bad decisions and then we blame it on other things.

So how do we learn to accept what we do and change our patterns so we can achieve our goals?

The people who write down their goals get to where they want to go.

When you put down your goals it helps you not make shitty decisions.

I write down my goals and challenge myself every day. On one side I write down my goals, on the other side I write down my problems.

I read them and commit to them and it helps me overcome my weak moments.
Don’t blame your weak moments on external impulses. Make your goals the important focus.

You’ll reach your goals that way.

Episode 453: The Key to Success: Loving Your Losses

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The Key to Life …

What is the one thing we all DON’T like?


The Key to Success is loving your losses; using them for the learning experience they are.

You’re never going to succeed in anything you do if you do not understand how to lose.

Losing is a part of life, and how you embrace those experiences can inform the wins.

Listen to find out more ….

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