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Episode 500: Become The Process, Not The Mental Masturbator

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Let’s talk about mastering the process.

Masturbating is self fulfilling pleasure. Mastering the process is a lifetime of pleasure.

Everything we do that’s harmful to us is because we haven’t mastered the process that puts us into a better place.

Everything in life that is rewarding is a process.

Shortcuts don’t work. The process is day by day and minute by minute.

We have to fight impulses so the process becomes natural.

Let’s break through the boundaries and trust the process.

Episode 499: The Frustration Of The Life Lottery

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I hear about people being frustrated every day about every different thing.
Frustration can be extremely overwhelming.
If everything in life were easy, we wouldn’t have so many internet “miracles” available to us.
I try to challenge myself every day, even through the frustration. I put myself into the mindset of success. I do this by seeking out experts who give me advice.
We have to start believing that we will be successful no matter what while also realizing that there will be immensely frustrating times.
If we want something bad enough, it will happen, but only if we can get through the frustration.

Episode 498: Apple’s New Invention The I-Kid

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Kids are so great because they haven’t been exposed to shit yet.

I never thought I’d have kids but when I did, I realized a love I never felt before.

My daughter has taught me some of my greatest lessons in life.

A lot of people want their kids to live their unrealized dreams, but what i love about mine is that she has her own dreams.
Kids teach you how to not always be so goddamn adult.

Adults complain and overanalyze and speculate all the time. Kids say whatever’s on their minds.

Kids teach adults how to be selfless.

You have an opportunity to learn from kids.

Episode 497: How Men And Women Become Glazed Donuts

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I do my podcasts while driving because driving makes me angry and I enjoy venting.

Today my vent is about the key difference between men and women.

Women want to know every detail about everything, especially conversations.
Men don’t remember conversations- men remember the outcome.

Men don’t give a fuck and their eyes glaze over when we have to hear verbatim conversations.

Just like women don’t care about fantasy football. Glazed eyes when we talk about it.
We’re here for different things and we can’t expect the other to care about the same things.

That’s the difference between men and women. That’s also what makes men and women great.

Episode 496: How To Kill Your Idiot Twin

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I’ve never learned lessons in life quickly. I have to do things and make mistakes repeatedly until I finally learn.
Channeling my inner stupidity is how I learned.
People usually channel their inner stupidity at least once a day.
Watch football. Players and coaches do it all the time.
Successful people do it all the time.
The people who don’t cover up their stupidity- they’re evolved.
When our idiot twin comes out, confront it.
Sometimes we need to look at our idiot-twin and bitch slap them across the face.
It helps us evolve.

Episode 495: Your One-Way Ticket To Nowhere

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I want to tell you something that I think you need to hear.

Everywhere I go in LA, people are saying “the universe is listening!”

NY is where everyone vents. They flip out and then they feel better and things are great.

LA is the land where every person likes to cover up their frustrations.
The people who never express themselves because “the universe is listening” are people who are suppressing everything.

Californians’ don’t allow you to vent. Putting a band-aid on it doesn’t help.
It’s perfectly normal to have loser moments and loser cycles in life and we need to vent. We need to let it all out.

If we constantly cover things up, if we keep from venting, the loser moments continue.

Don’t listen to anyone about the Universe listening.

Vent it out and clear the air and move on to bettering yourself.

Episode 494: The Land Of The Buts

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Are you where you want to be in life?
I want you to write down the things in life that you absolutely love.

When we go through dark times, or “dark cloud-itis”, we forget about those things that we appreciate. We concentrate on the things that aren’t working.

“Things are great, but….”
It means you’re not happy where you’re at.

The “power of but” tends to leave us feeling not great.

Write down what you appreciate and then act on it. If you appreciate people, call them or text them, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Battling negative energy is a waste of your time.

Do the appreciation list and have a great weekend.

Episode 493: It’s Not Going To Happen To Me Syndrome

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What’s the one thing you can not live without? What’s the one thing that, if you lose it, it gets harder to get it back?

Some of you will think “money”. That could be the case, but money is just a way we pay for things.

But really- the one thing we never get back if we fuck it up is our health.

I see unhealthy people all day every day, people who don’t honor their bodies at all, eating the worst stuff.

We like to pretend that “this is not going to happen to me.”

But then we go to the Doctor and we get bad news.

It’s time to grow up and look at our health regimens and do something about our health.
We need to stop waiting until the Doctors warn us.

We need to get our shit together and remember that it IS going to happen to us.

Let’s fix our lives and our health before it’s too late.

Episode 492: How To Punish Yourself To Success

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I’ve been doing a lot of deep introspective work over the last few months. There are so many “experts” out there right now so it’s more difficult to get clients. This is why I started looking into trading.
I’m thinking more about risk and how when you don’t take the risk in life, you’ll have a Black Friday, or a spontaneous combustion.
I listen to Jerremy Newsome when I’m getting in my mindset, so I’m talking with him today.
Jerremy is really successful and he has an incredible system on how to win when it comes to trading. 
His worst case scenario isn’t really that bad because he has the right mindset. He has the right way to reprogram his brain to have the right approach to the market. 
And he wants to share it with us.
Key point- if you want to win anything, you have to lose first.
Finding a mentor that relates to who you are is also a key point to success. 

Listen to Jerremy Newsome’s stories at the link below. He will personally help you succeed.


Episode 491: Why The Risk Angel Is An Idiot

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In order to succeed in life, you need to take a shot.
Think about the things that hold you back.
It’s fear.
Nobody wants to lose but how will we know if we don’t take a shot at it?
We are usually risk-adverse because risk is uncomfortable.
That’s ego. We don’t want to fail.
But what’s the worst thing that can happen if we take a shot?
We fail? Then we learn.
Everything in life is risk.
Do something that’s life changing. Try it.
Take the shot.

Episode 490: What’s Your Why For I

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Driving in LA is the worst thing to do. I see people on their phones all the time.
I wonder who everyone is trying to be validated by.

People are always posting pictures of themselves for likes and comments that they’re never going to look at again.

We are using social media to constantly validate us.

We forget that our journey in life is about us, not what other people say to validate us.
I spent my entire life trying to prove myself to my father.

And even now, my programming has me here trading stocks to prove it to my dead father who used to trade stocks, that I can be more successful than him. The ultimate “fuck you”.

Why are we living life for other people?

We need to remember we should only do these things for us, not others.

Just a thought.


Episode 489: The Dreaded Paradox Of Struggle

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If everything in life was easy, we’d all have whatever we wanted.

We’re wired to not like struggle. There’s nothing fun about it.

The moment we start to struggle, we immediately want to quit.

There’s a paradox of struggle that goes on in our brains. When the shit hits the fan, most of the time the shit sticks to the fan.

Struggle effects us all. When struggle hits us, the universe is testing us to see if we have what it takes. And just when we think we’ve mastered something, the universe hits us again.

90% of people fail because most people give up when the struggle hits.

But that’s when we need to face the adversity the most.

It’s the time we need to look at what we’re doing wrong so we can face it and reroute ourselves to get where we need to be.

Listen to the lesson of struggle.

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