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Episode 426: The Zen of Making Money

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The incredibly successful, knowingly or unknowingly find a way to become zen about the way money is made in their world. This is not to say that there is no work, quite the opposite – they work their asses off to make it happen.

In today’s podcast (which is quite a bit longer, and every bit as valuable) we uncover what the Zen of Making Money is really all about. And we explore this with Crypto Jay or Crypto Junkies on Youtube and on Twitter: @CryptoJunkieCo – Check Jay out and consume as much of his wisdom as worldly possible.

We cover:

Tony Robbins
Crypto Currency
More about Money
How to be Zen
Trading Tactics and Tips
And even more on making money

We cover a TON in this podcast. Don’t miss it.

When was the last time you were able to sit down and listen to the actual, proven processes used to transform a bank account from being empty, to being constantly filled. Stop wasting your life living for the weekend, living pay check to pay check and begin to discover a whole new way of freedom.

It’s your choice.

Episode 425: Overcoming Your Inner Skeptic & Making Money

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Get ready for a continuation of education on business, crypto trading and the discovery of how to use data to create a transformation in your bank account… and in your life.

David unveils how he overcomes fear, and converts anxiety to action. A life skill that has direct impact in your life, from dating, approaching the opposite sex, to confidence in your job, making money, trying on new experiences or whatever – this is a no -nonsense skill everyone should master.

More on Jason Bond – and how Jason’s stock trading room is a Fountain of LIFE for your bank account. Reading between the lines – David tells you exactly how to succeed while most others flail and fail in every market.

Watch Jason’s webinar here to discover how he & David generate money day after day.

Episode: 423: Why Your Friends and Family are Clueless

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Father’s Day has just passed and I had a blast with my amazing daughter. Hopefully each of you had a great day (all you Dad’s).

When is it time to move, to move on and to something bigger and better.

Also – as a side: let me know what city I should consider moving to; Austin, Seattle, New York, Nashville – or some other city, give me your unbiased feedback!

Most of your friends and family really care for you – and this is why you should NOT ask them for advice because you know what – their fear wants to protect you.

Discover what to do when you family projects their stories on your life. How to step out, be brave and make any/all risk turn out positive for you. Get your advice from someone, ANYONE who is unbiased because you’re actually getting an opinion you actually need.

Lastly – how to sit on a pile of cash!

Episode 422: The Lessons of Celibacy With Sarah Rose

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A whole new type of cleanse – celibacy. Discover what 90 days of celibacy will teach you about yourself, your partner and the life journey that we are all on. Uncover how celibacy empowers you, your partner, your sex life and impacts each other area of your life.

Can you imagine David – being celibate for 6-7 months? Listen and learn why he did it and the profound impact the journey of no sex had and continues to have on his life.

Ever considered sex as a drug? Think of the chemicals that are released into your system when you have sex, or an orgasm. Remember the last time you just laid there, in that state of bliss – yeah that can be addicting.

Learn how being mindful of your sexual power will impact each and every aspect of your life. Listen and learn how giving yourself sexual space will create a mirror into empowering yourself and your life.

Episode 421: The Thump Thump Theory – Life’s Greatest Secret?

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If you’ve not listened to David’s last Podcast Episode 420 – listen to it!

As a man we are taught from a young age that being vulnerable, feeling your emotions is what women do… not men. But, why? Real men are able to be vulnerable, are able to wield their emotions to be powerful, to be authentic and to be a magnetic force for everything they want in life, including women – what about you?

A brief exploration of how emotions, vulnerability, authenticity is THE most powerful tool set available to get the girl, live the life, and have everything you want.

The real question is – are you brave enough?

Episode 420: Time to Rewrite Your Story

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June 11th – David Wygant comes at you with a 10 Minute Daily Reality Check. Join David on the beginning. The beginning of something great, something that you’ll want to be part of at the start.

Join David as he rewrites his story.

Real Estate
Stock Market

It’s because I’m ready. It’s because you deserve the next level, you deserve more from me that just dating, relationships. You want something more, but often times people are just too lazy to do it. They are too caught up in an old story that is holding them back.

Nobody is going to do the work for you – stop fucking waiting around for someone else to the work. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Learn. Learn. and Execute Relentlessly.

Episode 419: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future

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David Wygant and David Moadel from Looking at the Markets cover the details of being a successful trader – and how to use leading indicators and how this gets adapted to your life.

David Moadel is the master at taking the emotions out of the market – why does this matter? Well, when 90% of retail traders FAIL at trading (why does this happen, listen and learn how to be one of the 10% – not one of the 90%)

HOPE is NOT a strategy – a strategy is a strategy, learn how many people confuse the two and how to overcome the biggest pitfall of hitting the buy button.


Listen and learn what all of those items listed above have to do with one another and… possibly earn a shit ton of cash through using the RIGHT strategies in the right way to create the right results.

Episode 418: Why Rapid Change Creates Your Field of Dreams

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There is no finish line in life – aside from the grave. We always want to be growing and evolving – because growth continues to grow.

When we realize that growth is something that we SHOULD always embrace – because it’s always around us and we choose to embrace it or not. David and Greg explore the real simplicity of talking to the opposite sex – they are just people, why are people so into the pain in this and so many other areas?

Is it easy? Is it easier to accept the failure, or because you never have to deal with rejection?

Learn about the 30 Day Promise process and how it will change your life in dating, in work and for your own personal success.

Listen and learn the simple steps to create life long success through rapid change – mental insight into your actions and REJECTING the fear of rejections.

Episode 417: Lose the Story, Gain the Experience

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What happens when your action begin to change – more importantly what if you could circumvent the decades and use the experience to your benefit?

Have you ever explored getting others to view you as your change… as opposed to the old you? Consistency – listen and experience a proven system to create real lasting change – because often times we place other peoples perspective on ourself. What if you could view yourself – as yourself – NOT as others see you.

Does real lasting change actually take that long? Should you have to wait for months and years to see the change? Listen and get the answer.

Episode 416: Navigating Crypto with The Chart Guys

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David Wygant talks crypto, reality, making money, with Dan from The Chart Guys – and they look into the future of how to live your life on your own terms.

Mac D, RSI & Volume – what the hell are these and why you should be paying attention to transform your bank account, your future and your ability to access everything else you want from this life.

When you’re serious, Check out The Chart Guys for real actionable information.

Paper trading…huh? Learn how to learn, how to test and why you should balance knowledge and massive action to be successful in every aspect of your life.

Want to make money, to learn the trends and increase your life profit for now, and in the future. Listen to this podcast if you’re even thinking about trading crypto, stocks, forex or anything else.

Episode 415: Data Driven Dating – The Future of Swiping

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How we are conditioned to swipe for love… or how we THINK it’s for love.

David Wygant and Zackary Lewis, Founder of Say Allo, talk about the impact of finding a match by the way you swipe. And how much people swipe for fun and expect a long, lasting love filled relationship – David and Zack talk about the mental mis-match.

Learn what your swipes can mean about you, and who you may be attracting by how you swipe – this is crazy, you have to listen.

We talk about reaching the next level – where DATA (swipes) dictate who you’re matched with and influence your dating. It’s the whole new world of DATA DRIVEN Dating!

Episode 414: Are you a PIN Obsessed Paranoid Human?

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David Wygant dives deep into the aspect of being paranoid and how your actions, conscious or not lead your life.

Have you ever noticed the difference between men and women at the grocery store – and do you cover your PIN Code when entering it?

Stop being paranoid of everyone around you – the person behind you, right now – is not the Rain Man and being paranoid of this is the tip of the depth of your fear.

And don’t forget about big brother – posting on Facebook is insignificant compared to someone stealing your PIN.