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Adam Gase Should Run Your Life

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Whether you are a football fan or not, the New York Jets grew up today.

Adam Gase stood up and showed all of us how we can take full control and live a vision, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

This is going to be eye opening for you.

Why People Are Dumb

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Join John Keegan and me as we go over how to deal with frustrating people.

There is one rule we live by, and you will find out why you have the habit of wasting your time involved with people like this.

Why YOU’RE Who Is An Asshole

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The number one thing that prevents you from living the amazing life you dream about: Ego.

Today John Keegan joins me live from NYC as we explore the human brain and how the ego defines who you will never be.

Live From NYC: Habit-Stacking the Fears Away

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Today I am live in NYC and all I have to say is this: if you dare to listen to this live podcast, your perspective on life will change.

If you choose to pass, your life will not change for the best. What’s you’re choice going to be?

The Psychology of Trading

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Trading stocks is just like trading thoughts. The stock market is lifespan’s biggest best learning ground.

If you ever want to understand how people think and behave, all you need to do is watch the stock market and your life will change.

Today I join Anmol from www.livetraders.com as we break down how to understand the human mind when it comes to money and fear.

Whether you trade stocks or not this is a valuable lesson for everyone who wants to understand life, and more importantly understand yourself.

Welcome To The Future Of Orgasms: The Robotic Blended Orgasm

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Welcome to the future of orgasms. Blended orgasms with the power and engineering of a robotic helper.

Wait did I actually imply that a robot will help you achieve pleasure.

Listen in as my incredibly smart and fun guest Lora Haddock goes deep into what a real orgasm is all about.

The Only Life Partner You Can Trust

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I am about to tell you the truth about love.

You may not be able to handle what we I am about to say, but it is something you need to hear today.

If you are ready to hear what love truly is and how you can find your life partner, than press play and enjoy!

Screw The Government, Become The President Of Your Life

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I am going to tell you right now why it does not matter who the president is.

Trump, Biden or Micky Mouse. Makes no difference at all when you realize how you are actually the president of YOUR life, and you and only you can impact policy and changes that matter.

Why I Want To Be A Vampire

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It’s simple: I am at a point in my life where I believe I would be better off as a vampire.

I have given this a lot of thought and when you’re done listening, you will want to join me as vampire friends.

The Defining Moment of a Clueless Moron

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Today I am going to expose a man who you can learn so much from.

There is a man in a powerful job who continues to define what stupidity is. Yet, no one does a thing about it.

You will learn so much from this lesson today that you will never ever look at life the same again.

The One Habit Everyone Lacks

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Life is one habit after another.

Sometimes I think we are all on autopilot and don’t even realize what we say or do.

So today, I am going to reveal the one habit everyone lacks, and when finally engaged this habit will change your life for the better.

Life Is One Big Experiment. Get Used To It.

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Today is for everyone who has something that they truly desire, but come up with excuses and fears why it can’t happen.

I am going to reveal the secret to how you can make it happen for you… starting today.