First off, I want to set the record straight.

I don’t treat women like Donald Trump. I respect and honor women. I enjoy women. I don’t touch and go past my boundaries unless I know that both of us want that physical contact, but I need to say something because I’m getting tired of this conversation, as well.

Is Donald Trump a misogynist?


One of the greatest presidents of the Unites States Of America, in the history of the US, Hillary’s husband Bill, was a big misogynist if you recall.

He would grope women.

He was caught in a few extra-martial affairs when he was running for president.

He had sex with an intern in the White House.

But yet, we love him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, would consistently gropr women at a restaurant he owns called Shatzee. Monday night, Shatzee was Arnold Schwarzenegger night before he even became governor.

Friends of mine used to wait for Shatzee and every single one of them was groped. Arnold would always have his way, touch and put his big man hands and always try to fondle a woman whenever she was cornered.

I hate to say this, but so many men who are famous and in power. Why?

Well, a lot of women throw themselves at these men.

So many women desire men in power. So men have had women literally throwing themselves at them nonstop.

So it gives them this feeling of invincibility that they can take whatever they want whenever they want. They can grope a woman when they want, they can fondle a woman when they want, they can kiss a woman when they want and they don’t expect to be said no to.

Whose fault is this? Is it men’s fault? Is it women’s fault for coming on to them? It’s the way you get wired. Nobody is blaming anybody, but women desire men of power, so women have become rock star junkies.

Political junkies, groupies, women have thrown themselves. I’ve been out with these men.

I’ve worked with some very high profile actors, producers, directors, and politicians. And I’ve gone out with them in public and it’s amazing how many women will throw themselves at these men nonstop, whether they’re married or not.

One of my clients (I will not mention him by name) was not about any of this.

I would coach him on how to be a better public speaker. That was his weak spot.

We met in a bar one night and a lot of women recognized him. They consistently came over to him and propositioned him with hotel keys.

Phone numbers.

Blow jobs in the bathroom.

He was happily married, so he passed on everything.

But he told me something that was very interesting.

He said David, since I became a famous business man, I have had nonstop women coming on to me. When I was single it was the greatest thing in the entire world. I would get laid when ever I wanted to and I never had to do anything and if I wanted another woman I always felt that I could take her because so many women were giving me the validation and confidence that I needed.

But now that I’m married, I look back at those days with admiration. It was fun but not once did I ever grope any of these women.

But he went on to tell me how he can see how everybody else can. It’s the way society is, but we judge, we hate Trump because he’s a misogynist.

YES. 40% of the women over the age of 40 voted for him. Women love men in power. Hate him, love him, what ever it might be. This is how society works.

Me, myself, I don’t get being a misogynist at all. I actually find it really disgusting that men think that they can grope a woman in the elevator or kiss a woman whenever they want or literally take a woman sexually even though she says no. Not my lifestyle at all, but once again when we’re sitting here and we’re arguing different points, and we’re angry about who he is. We have to realize how he got here.

Was he born a misogynist? No. But growing up rich and part of the elite, and women throwing themselves at him nonstop, sure he took liberties because that was how he felt. Invincible and felt like he could do anything.

Right or wrong, we need to stop judging everything that everybody is saying and doing and start worrying about our own lives.

We can only control our own life, we can’t control what we can’t control. So if you hate Trump for being misogynist, great.

Then you better hate all the other men as well. You might as well hate Bill Clinton as well. Might as well hate Schwarzenegger.