As I’m reflecting, writing this, on a Saturday, late afternoon, heading to a massage…

I realize I’ve got some pretty damn amazing friends in my life.

I feel blessed to have such honest, loving, friends in my life.

Friends who don’t sugarcoat anything. Friends who will always look out for the best for me, but also make sure that I am the best person I can be.

I love having week-ends alone. Rolling with the punches. Going with wherever I need to be, doing whatever I needed to do.

No kids this weekend.

I drove out of town with no kids.

So the weekend for me was just to kick it. Reflect. Hang out and appreciate.

I went to see my coach, Josh. I recently did a great podcast with him about spirituality and I hope you guys listen to it.

We had a great two hour talk and really ironed some things out. Went deeper into some lessons that were being presented. Gave myself permission to talk about things, more in depth for all of you. Texted an old friend of mine back in New York, after having a great heart to heart conversation with him the day before.

My friends mean the world to me.

They’ll tell me when I’m an ass.

They’ll tell me when I’m right. They’ll tell me when I’m wrong. They’ll be 100% honest with me because they know that’s the way I live my life.

I don’t play games. I don’t try to fuck with people’s lives. I don’t try to manipulate people’s feelings.

I highly disrespect people who do that.

Sometimes it makes me look deeper into things that are going on. I they’ll always be there for me. I look at some people who are just shitty people.

There are shitty people out there in this world. We’ve all had the pleasure of dealing with them.

Some of you have shitty ex’s. Some of you have shitty bosses.

And some of you have some shitty friends.

I think about people who really don’t take other people’s feelings into account, and they’re self-centered and don’t take anybody else’s life into account. There are people like that in this world. People that just will walk, will try to walk all over somebody for their own good and their own personal gain.

Shitty people. No other way to put it.

My friend Larry Michael, who is one of my best friends, says, always look when you’re dating somebody. People can’t choose their family. But look at their friends. Do you like their friends?

Are their friends cool people? Are they people that you can imagine hanging out with?

One of the people I was with, I looked at all her friends, and really didn’t like any of them. I found them boring. Superficial and lacking depth that I crave. That was a great warning sign that I didn’t really listen to. I’m not perfect. I don’t listen to all the warning signs, but I certainly work on building my intuition up every single day.

Look at their friends. Friends they chose are the way that they are. Do they control their friends. Do they have friends that actually call them out on their bullshit, or are they just sitting there small talking their friend.

The depth of someone’s character is shown by the friends that they have, so on this day that I wrote this, I just want to tell all my friends: I fucking love you, you know who your are.