This blog is directed at all the men who have large egos who wish that they were dating Jennifer Aniston, because she’s hot. But here’s the real deal, if I was single, I’d much rather date Jennifer Aniston, because she’s rich.

Think about it. First class all the time. Great hotels. Hell, I’ve read People and Us Magazine, I’ve seen some of the places she stays at. It would be a blast to be somebody’s boy toy. I had no issues and no qualms of ever dating a woman that has more money than I do. It’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t really care.

But here’s what happens, a lot of guys are so full of ego they can’t handle if a woman makes more than them. So what they’ll do is they’ll take her out to meals that they can’t afford, just to prove that they can keep up with her lifestyle. A friend of mine took a woman on a $10,000 vacation when he had $5,000 in the bank. She was accustomed to that kind of wealth. She tried to offer to help but he said, “No, don’t worry about it, it’s on me.”

Don’t worry about it, when I get home I’ll just stress for the next three years on how to pay this vacation off.

Who cares what somebody make? When I was dating, I would have loved to have met a rich celebrity woman and lived that lifestyle. Why not? Women do it all the time. Women meet guys with money and they’ve got no issues taking that money. Hell, they’ll marry guys with money for two years and then try to get half the money.

It’s about time we did a role reversal. I’m all for men dating rich women. And you know what, drop the ego and start enjoying the fringe benefits, because let me tell you something, flying first class, staying at the Four Seasons and eating $400 meals are far better than living in a one-bedroom apartment, having lawn chair furniture as living room furniture because you can’t afford a couch, and flying in economy in the last row so when you leave you feel like you were at a loud rock concert because your ears are vibrating for the next four years because you can’t hear anything because of the sound of the engines.

It’s time you all dated rich women, dropped the ego and had fun with it. Role reversal is great.