The other day someone sent me an email. They said they wanted to do private coaching with me. I wrote back, “Great. What are you issues? It’s $300 an hour. When do you want to start?”

He writes back, “Can you do a discount?”

I told him no. I’m not going to discount anything. It’s not about me. I deserve to be paid what I’m paid. It was about him. I explained it to him. I said, “You just don’t want to make the investment in yourself. If I discounted it $50, how much of a difference would it really make to you? You obviously don’t believe in investing in yourself.”

To me, it’s a shame. I’m always investing in myself. Doesn’t matter what it is. I get a massage once a week. It costs me $100, but I still do it. I always buy clothes I enjoy. If I worked out how much I spend each year it would probably shock me. I get a good haircut when I need it. I stay in nice hotels. I buy books. I buy audio programs. I get therapy when I need it.

I’ve hired coaches to come and work with me for the day. I do it so I can grow as a businessman. I’m investing in the most important thing I have. I’m investing in the most important commodity I own; myself!

If I don’t invest in myself, who should I invest in?

I buy the best herbs. I eat great food. It costs more than the cheaper stuff, but I do it because I’m investing in myself. My body is my temple, so why shouldn’t I put the best into it? Why shouldn’t I eat the highest-octane foods I possibly can? I’m constantly investing in myself. Most people are cheap with themselves. There’s a great movie called, “Defending Your Life.”

It’s an Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep movie. I strongly suggest you watch it.

As a matter of fact, for those of you who invested in yourself and have a copy of my “Men’s Mastery Series,” you know I talk about this movie a lot. It’s all about investing in yourself. The character Albert Brooks plays never invests in himself. He was always cheap. A lot of you will read this right now and think to yourself, “Well I can’t afford this, or I can’t afford that.”

Those are just your excuses. I’m not telling you to overspend. I’m not telling you to rack up credit card debt. I’m not telling you any of this stuff. I’m saying within your means, make sure you spend a decent percentage of your income investing in your own growth. I had a friend once. He hated his job so much. I told him he should invest in himself. He asked how. I said, “How much money do you have in the bank?”

“I have half a million in the bank, but it’s for my future.” He said.

“No. You need to see it as your present. That’s money to invest in yourself. What use is it to you at the end of your life? It’s not money you get when you pass go. What do you want to do in your life?” I asked. He told me he wanted to start his own business. We worked out he needed about $80k a year to live. I told him to take half his money, and over the next 3 years start building a business. He could always go back to the corporate world if he wanted to. He looked at me and got all excited.

Next thing I know he has a new job. He never invested in himself, and five years later when I talk to him, he’s still miserable and unfulfilled. Sure, he has money in the bank for when he retires, but he’s going to spend the rest of his life working for a company he doesn’t like. He’ll spend years selling products he doesn’t like, and never experiencing the type of life he craves, because he doesn’t believe in a limitless life.

I believe man creates his own limits. If you create limits, you’ll experience a limited life. It’s all about your belief system. I believe in no limits and no fear. I’ve taken chances time and again, and they’ve paid off. Have I lost money? Absolutely. Have I always been successful? No. Have I made some stupid investments? Absolutely. But to this day, I know I wouldn’t me where I am now if I hadn’t invested in myself over the years. You can achieve amazing things with the right mindset and belief system.

Whenever talk to my friend now, I see he has that twinkle of desire for something more in his life. I see his desire for the things he’s never had, and desire for the things he could have had. For all he knows, he could have retired with $10 Million in the bank instead of his half a million if he’d have taken a risk, and done something he loved.

And it’s not just about the money. It’s about the experience. Money gives you freedom and that’s it. I strongly suggest you stop limiting yourself, and start investing in your future. If you live a fear-based life, you don’t experience life like you should do. I’m going to leave you with that, because I’m going back to my limitless life, with endless possibilities and endless beauty.

Now I want you to think about yours. I believe in you. I believe all of you can have a limitless life. It’s about belief and personal investment. It happened for me, and I’m no better than you. Now it’s your turn!