You want to know how to hit on a waitress?

Punch her in the face.

Yea, I know, it’s such a bad joke.

Okay, seriously, do you want to know how to hit on the waitress?

It’s simple:

Walk into the restaurant like you’re making an entrance; it’s literally your show and not hers.

When you walk into a restaurant, you walk in with complete and utter confidence. And when you see a waitress that you find the most attractive, walk right directly over to her and say something immediately.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and don’t do what most dudes do.

She’ll say, “Evening boys” or something like that.

I’ll look at her and say, “Yes it is. Come. Let’s sit down. Let’s eat. What are we going to have tonight?”

Immediately I’m subconsciously asking her out on a date, playing with her.

She’ll say something like, “Ah, I wish.”

“Really, you wish? Fine. If I were a genie I’d make your wish come true. Where’s your manager?”


“Just show me your manager.”

So then she’ll point to her manager.

I’ll say, “Great. You’ll be eating dinner with me by the end of the night.”

So then I go sit down. She comes over and takes our order. I asked her what she likes. Flirt a little bit more. Then when she leaves with the order, I go over to the manager.

I walk up to him and say, “Eric…”

Eric looks at me like he’s supposed to know me even though we’ve never met before.

“Your waitress, Amy, is amazing. Best service in the world. And I’ve got to tell you something: the second we walked in, we felt absolutely fantastic. I love that, because I go out to eat all the time, and most service really stinks, so good job on your staff; good picks too.”

At some point she’ll come back to the table and ask, “What did you say to my manager?”


“Well because he wants to buy you guys a round of drinks. And I go on my break in five minutes…”

When you approach directly with confidence, you’re going to be able to connect with the waitress in ways that you’ve never connected with her before.

It’s strong; it’s powerful; it shows conviction, and it shows that you know how to run the show and that’s what women are looking for. Women love when you run the show because they feel they are amongst a strong man.

She’ll come back to your table a few more times. She’ll bring the drinks. You’ll be old friends. Eric will come over. You’ll have social proof because the manager likes you also.

Now go out there and try it. Only a strong, fearless, magnetic, confident guy is going to go pull this off and that guy needs to be you.

Get the waitress. Make her yours.