Some many of you are so caught up with the idea of seducing a woman. You’re desperate to work out how to get her to come over to your house so you can have sex with her. If you want to know one of the most beautiful seduction techniques that no guys ever really seem to talk about, it’s a sleep over.

A sleep over is so much fun. That’s right; actually inviting a woman to a sleep over. Make it as innocent as you did when you were a kid. Tell her how you’ll raid the refrigerator in the middle of the night when you’re hungry. That you’ll tell her bedtime stories and you’ll talk until the wee hours of the morning, until your neighbors tell you to be quiet. That is, hopefully if you don’t live with your parents anymore.

Tell her that you’ll have a pillow fight and she should bring over her favorite pair of pajamas. It’s one of the most beautiful, innocent things about when you first start dating and liking somebody.

When you first start to like and date somebody, most people want to rush to have sex. They can’t wait to find out what she’s like in bed, can’t wait to go down on her, can’t wait to dirty talk, can’t wait to do all those things. But in reality for a woman; it’s all about feeling safe, and building trust.

That’s the beauty of the beginning of a relationship.  The safer she feels, the more trusting she is, the more she’s going to want to give herself to you when it comes down to sex.

Having a sleep over is part of that process. Eventually as in any relationship, you’re going to start to have sex. That’s just what happens. But you’ll never be able to get the beginning back. In the beginning, it’s innocent and fun.

Curling up to watch a movie, getting into bed and just cuddling all night long. Talking, touching, but not having sex. Waking up the next morning and seeing each other for the very, very first time. That’s all part of seduction that nobody ever talks about, and that to me is some of the best foreplay you’ll ever have.

A sleep over is something that most guys don’t even consider, and it’s something that you should incorporate.  It’s innocent, it’s beautiful, and it’s really going to make a woman feel things that she probably hasn’t felt in some time.

Try it next time you’re hot for a woman, the next time you’re dying to have sex, and the next time you really want to be with somebody. Suggest a sleep over, and watch what happens. Resist your sexual urges.

Just be a man and make her feel safe.  Curl up, watch a movie, make her breakfast in the morning, and watch how she gives herself sexually to you after that. Build the trust, make her feel safe, have fun, because that’s what this dating thing should be all about.