You knew I’d say something about this. First off, my heart goes out to all the families who have had to endure this tragedy. I guess it’s just another example of what guns in the wrong hands can do in this society. We live in the most crazed gun culture out there. All because of the American right to bear arms.


We have gun control laws that need tightening, end of story. How many more tragedies do we have to witness? How many more innocent people need to die because it’s as easy to buy a gun as it is to buy a Slurpy from 711?

Why do we need guns anyway? To protect ourselves? Get real. When was the last time you needed to protect yourself with a gun? Are we seriously saying that if the boys and girls killed in Santa Barbara had guns they’d have been able to see the shooter coming, and could have shot him themselves? It’s just crazy.

I also want to address a couple of the forums out there. One is called, “PUA Hate.”

On that site, they’re actually calling this guy a hero. Are you effing kidding me? This is ridiculous. There’s nothing heroic about this guy. There’s nothing heroic about his posts, or about his anger. He just found himself on a site full of likeminded people full of hate, resentment, and negativity towards any man who tries to improve himself with any dating related advice.

The guys on that site call any man who listens to dating products, or goes to boot camps “zeroes and losers.”

Meanwhile, they’re the ones sitting there lonely, spewing hate, negativity, and applauding a severely disturbed individual for doing something horrific. No man has the divine right to have a woman in his life. There is no law that says a man MUST have a girlfriend to have validation.

The world is made up of different people. Not every man is going to be an alpha male. Some of us are naturally shy. Some of us are insecure. Some of us aren’t as great with women as others are. But feeling sorry for yourself is, to me, the most pathetic way of asking for help. We live in a society where there are tons of advice sites, experts, and products out there to help you improve yourself. There’s no reason guys who want to work on themselves can’t. But you have to do the work.

I’ll give you an analogy I give to all the guys who come to my boot camps. I tell them, “I’d like to become a doctor. I’m going to buy a course on becoming a plastic surgeon or brain surgeon, I’m going to read it tonight, and then I’m going to start practicing right away. I’m going to start working tomorrow.”

Most the time they look at me as if I’m mad. The point is, to get good at anything, you have to put the hours in. You need to have a positive attitude, and you have to apply yourself more than others do. You can’t feel sorry for yourself. You can’t look at other people and compare yourself to them. Comparing yourself to other people is the most negative form of self-talk out there.

When I watched the Elliot Roger video, I thought to myself, “These girls are missing out on something. He should have been able to get a girlfriend.”

It must be awful feeling that lonely all the time. I felt for him. I wish he actually had the help he needed. Where was his family during all of this? Where was his movie director Father? He supplied him with a BMW, why didn’t he supply him with the necessary help?

A friend of mine has a son who went to school with Elliot Roger, and said he always thought there was something off with him ever since he was about 6 years old. Why did nobody spot the signs of what was coming until it was too late? In this modern world, there will always be websites that allow people with mental instabilities to spew their hate and find affirmation and validation, and that’s what PUA Hate did for Roger.

It validates all the negative feelings. It validates the belief you’re a social outcast. It must have torn Roger apart even more, and made him feel even worse than he did. It’s time the Internet desk jockeys who’d never say the things they type to someone’s face took some responsibility.

Sure, they’re great with words because they’re hiding behind a screen using a nickname. People are afraid of talking to each other. We hide behind our screens. We date online. We date on mobiles. Then when we meet people face to face they don’t meet our expectations and we end up lonely and frustrated.

It makes me sick to think about all those beautiful young people that died for no reason. Why is it always our country that has these tragedies? Why don’t we read about these things happening in other countries? It’s because nobody has gun control laws like the U.S. You want a gun? Drive up to Starbucks and go buy one. I know some of you will say, “It’s great we can protect ourselves with guns.”

I really think we have it ass backwards here. I really do. We let people have guns. We have websites that allow people to spew hatred and venom. If you want help, go and get help. Stop spewing your venom everywhere. And for those who have spewed venom on this site, go look at your venom and ask yourself, have you REALLY done everything you can do get emotional balance, to get happy, and to get healthy?

You have one shot at this gift called life. Don’t blow it with anger and hate.