So it’s been a while since I made fun of the PUA community – I’ve been really on really good behavior lately. Some of you reading the blog really hate when I make fun of the PUA community, because you defend it by saying that it’s really good for certain things.

And do you know what? I do believe that it is good for certain things. I believe that you can learn a foundation from some of the pick-up artists; I believe that some of the pick-up routines are actually great crutches – great ways for you to start learning how to communicate with women.

Hell, if you need a script to talk to a woman – that’s the only way you can start doing it – that’s great. But then all of a sudden you realize that you don’t really need the script anymore and you have become more confident, and you’re done. There’s a starting point for everybody.

But I still can’t stand the nicknames!

There is this one company out there who has a coach that they call “Natural.” His name is Natural something – I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t want to give them any press. I don’t want to give them any traffic from the site or anything. Instead of just calling him by his real name, his nickname is “Natural ______.” I’m not making this stuff up. He’s got videos on YouTube where he says, “hey everybody, this is Natural ______!”

If you’re so natural, then why are you calling yourself “Natural _____?” Why do you need to have a silly, stupid nickname?

Do you go up to women and say, “hello, my name is Natural _____, what’s your name?” “My name is Post-Menopause Jane!” “Really, well good to meet you, Post-Menopause Jane!” Why don’t we all walk around with names like this?

Tony back there should call himself “Copywriter Tony” or “Sales Copy Tony.” Rey can call himself “Surfer Rey” because he likes to surf. Khiem can say, “you know, I may be from Vietnam, but I’m really French, so you can call me French Vietnamese Khiem.”

Daphne doesn’t ever bark, so she could be “Barkless Daphne.” I could be… well I just would like to call myself my own name! How about “Grandpa Wygant” as they all call me, because I’m older than them.

Or the other day, I was on American Airlines and I met the pilot, whose name was Tom. But I could have called him “Pilot Tom.” “Hey Pilot Tom, how are you doing today?” Or the girl that served me coffee at Starbucks the other day, I should have called her “Starbucks Amy” – well I probably would have done that, because it’s a nickname and she was cute.

But I still don’t understand why these pick-up guys call themselves natural but they still have made-up names. Why do they have to make up their names? Why can’t they stand behind who they are as men – why do they have to make up such silly nicknames all of the time?

Now I’ve been told by some of them that the reason why they make up nicknames is that when they meet a woman, they don’t want her to know what they do for a living. You know what? I’m proud of what I do. When I meet a woman, I tell her exactly what I do: “I teach men how to be men and I teach women how to attract the man that they want.”

I’m proud of that. I’m proud of the work that I do, I’m proud of my clients, and I’m proud of my life. But why are these people hiding? They don’t want women to know that they are actually being manipulated through sleazy pick-up techniques? They don’t want women to know that they are “The Phantom?” Or “Natural Joe,” or whatever the stupid nickname might be?

Once again, this is an open letter to the PUA community: grow up! Start calling yourselves by who you are, and brand yourself. I am so sick of all of the nicknames. It’s just so silly. You’re just a bunch of boys running around.

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Enjoy and have a great Thursday.