One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of how to be a powerful man, is that you have to be able to admit your mistakes. That, to me, is power. To be able to admit when you’re wrong, to look somebody directly in the eyes and tell them that you have wronged them, you have not done right by them, to admit that you were in the wrong. That is a real sign of power.

The other day somebody wrote me a birthday wish, and I want to share it with you.

He said…

“Happy birthday, David.

It’s a real inspiration to see people who have passion for human interaction. When it’s all said and done… it’s the relationships we’ve built throughout our life that bring us true love and fulfilment.”

This is so true. A powerful man has powerful relationships. A powerful man has great friendships. A powerful man is a man that is true to his word. A powerful man is a man who is able to give. A powerful man is able to go deep to figure out who he really is.  A powerful man knows that external validations are not necessarily what drives him, but more importantly a powerful man recognizes when he’s been driven by external validations, and he’s able to realize what he’s been doing.

The first six months of this year have been so eye-opening to me. I’ve realized my true power is not based on a lot of the things I thought it was. I realized my true power is based on the love that I have for other people, my friendships, my vulnerability, my acceptance of who I am.

Today’s video is very personal to me.

It goes through what I was feeling one night recently. Sometimes when I do a video, I’m sharing personal feelings with you because I find it important. Maybe if you see me for who I really am it will inspire you to be even better and more open with yourself.