Let’s start the week off with a bit of healthy debate. I went out to dinner with a group of friends the other night. I forget how it started, but all of a sudden, we got onto an interesting topic. This topic threw up a question that kept us chatting for hours. If men and women didn’t need sex, would they still hang out together as friends?

Take away the need for human touch. Let’s say as humans, we didn’t need touch and we didn’t need sex. We didn’t need to connect physically on any level at all. Would men and women really hang out?

If we had no sexual drive, would we be friends?

It’s an interesting question and I’m not going to give you my take on it just yet.

I want to find out what you all think of this today. Let’s start an interesting thread and see how people feel. What do we get from each other? If men felt they didn’t need to impress women to get sex, and women didn’t have any way of using sex to gain status, marriage, or children (because that’s what some people believe all women do) would there be anything to draw us together? Do we connect that well mentally; we’d still naturally pull toward each other?

Without the desire for sex, would men and women hang out in their own gender groups? Would guys live with guys and women with women? Is nature the only thing that draws us together as human beings, or is there a deeper spiritual connection at play here?

I’ll give you my opinion on it later in the week, but for now let’s talk. I want to see what your take is on this. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.