Your dating excuses are getting old.

I am so over the dating excuses I hear on a daily basis, from not only the women that I meet, but also the people that are e-mailing me. It’s getting old.

You’re busy being busy 24/7 is starting to make you look like a scheduled toddler.

My daughter has play dates.

My daughter has dance.

My daughter has school.

My daughter has music.

She’s scheduled. Most children are scheduled. So that’s probably where you learned this terrible behavior.

You can thank your mom and dad for scheduling you to death. And this seems to be a very female trait.

It’s amazing how you can go and connect with somebody and they’re honest, they tell you they want to see you again, and it takes weeks to see them again. Why?

You’re scheduled. Every week there’s another reason why you can’t be vulnerable and open, yet you crave and desire a connection.

For you doubters out there thinking well, the person is not into the person, I call bullshit on that.

The excuses I’ve heard this week from my crew, meaning all the men and women I coach, have been unreal.

The holiday season has already started. Really? It’s already started?

I’ve got all these work meetings.

Do you have them wee into the hours of night?

I’ve got plans with friends, music to go see, wine to be drinking.

It’s getting old, folks. If you want to find love, sit in your house and deal with your kryptonite. Don’t be so scheduled. Open your schedule and have something called momentum. Dating is all about momentum. You can’t keep the momentum when you aren’t willing to change your life around. The only reason why you’re busy being busy is because you’re alone. And I understand that.

I understand that you’re alone. I understand that you don’t want to sit in your house. For some people, it’s their kryptonite. They can’t stand it.

For me, I don’t mind. I don’t mind sitting around watching a show, reading a book, hanging out and just chilling out. It’s fine with me. I’m okay with my own company. I’m okay with my own thoughts.

But I understand a lot of people need to be busy being busy 24/7 because it gives them an opportunity not to be alone. But when someone wonderful shows up in your life, somebody who you’re interested in, I strongly suggest you clear your calendar to give it a shot because the only reason why you’re busy being busy is because you don’t want to be alone.

Your friends that are occupying your time, let me tell you something, when they meet somebody great, they’re going to stop occupying your time and you’re going to be left all alone.

So be the one who leads the charge. Stop the dating excuses and go out and build some momentum with somebody awesome who comes along.

Stop talking so much about how you want to meet somebody and how it’s important to you and actually go and meet somebody.

Stop talking about how you want to spend time with somebody and travel and do things, and you’re searching for your partner in crime, as so many people write. Your travel companion.

And actually go and hang out with somebody. Get vulnerable, folks. Stop the excuses and be more open. For me, when I hear them, it gets real boring because hey, I’m David. I know the excuses. I’ve been coaching people for 17 years. So when I hear them thrown at me, I think to myself, great, another immature woman who can’t let go of her fears and who wants to just stay alone because it’s safer.

Lose them. I don’t want to read it. I just want to relax into somebody. A friend of mine the other day told me that her sister is always relaxing into somebody. I was like, oh my god, can I meet a clone of your sister? Because that to me is the exact person I want to meet. Somebody who is mature enough to stop being busy and start recognizing a high vibrational equal that shows up in their life.

I don’t want to chase. Men don’t want to chase. It’s boring chasing you all over your social calendar.

What is nice is to just fall into somebody, hang out, and have a mature relationship instead of playing the game of chase and excuse.