I’d like to know what your worst ever date was, and how you got out of it while still being nice to the guy.

We’ve all had really… really bad dates. It could have been a match.com date, or it could have been a blind date our friend fixed us up on. It happens to everyone, where within 10 minutes of sitting down, you know there’s zero chemistry or chance you would EVER be into this person.

Then, you find yourself sitting in a restaurant, forced to share a meal with somebody you don’t even want to share another second with.

I remember my first really bad date was with a woman that was taller than me. It was in Grand Central Station. I was 22 years old and my friend, Del, set me up with her. He knew exactly what I liked because he saw my ex-girlfriend. I told him I like very petit women. Small.

He said, “Don’t worry she’s great.”

That should have been the first clue. All of a sudden, I’m standing there and I hear, “David?”

I turn around and I’m looking up at an Amazon. She was 6’4″. I couldn’t believe it. I had absolutely zero physical connection to her, and you know how important that is.

I promised this girl dinner because she is a friend of a friend. I was pretty broke at the time — and now I had to spend money on dinner for someone I wasn’t even even attracted to. After an hour, I told her, I needed to hop on the train and get home because I had to take out my dog (that didn’t exist.)

We’ve all had dates like this. Bad dates where we’re sitting opposite someone we’re simply not attracted to. I’ve had many of those when I was Internet dating.

I remember one time I showed up and this woman came over, literally 100 pounds heavier than her picture. She sat down, and I didn’t know who she was. She says, “Hi Dave.” I’m not sure if she responded to the look on my face or she was so used to the reaction but then she said, “I’m so sorry, my pictures are what I’m going to start looking like again.”

I felt compassion for her. I felt sadness in my heart that she put on all this weight because she got sick, and she was hoping to lose weight. She was trying to get a guy by showing men what she used to look like. I told her I needed to go. I let her know I didn’t feel any spark but I appreciated her honesty about who she was.

Could I have done a better job of letting her down? Maybe, but at least I did it with compassion in my heart.

So how do we escape a bad date?

How do we do it with dignity so we don’t make the other person feel lousy about themselves? We’re all human beings. We want to let somebody down with dignity, and with kindness, because we don’t want them to lose all their confidence.

Today’s video shows you exactly how to get out of a bad date and how to do it with dignity. It shows you how to let a guy down but have him still feel confident in himself. Remember, there’s someone out there for everyone so you don’t want to knock people down just because YOU don’t connect with them.