Check out today’s video and you’ll probably see one of the big reasons why you’re having trouble meeting men (so many women have no idea this is the reason)!

It’s all about this ongoing plague we have going on today. Everywhere I go I see groups of women sitting together. They’re having conversations, but not with each other. They’re chatting with their phones. It’s amazing. You’ll see 8 women out together on a Friday night, and every single one of them will be looking at their phone, smiling and laughing.

Not one of them will be facing each other. They’ll all be in direct eye contact with their smartphones. And there’ll be 3 things going on at once. They’ll be texting, on social media, or Facebook. I don’t count Facebook as social media because it’s more like its own little pretend friend world. Social media to me is more Instagram and Twitter.

It feels like I’ve talked about this so many times, yet still the world is being taken over by smartphones. We’re so dumb allowing our phones to take over. It is a smart phone because it knows how addicted you are to it.

In today’s video, you’re going to see what I see every single day.

You’re going to see women who are not connecting with each other, women who are not connecting with men who are looking at them, and women who are oblivious to the men around them.  I’m not saying women are the only ones at fault.  Men do it as well, but I would say more women, more so than men are addicted to their phones because you enjoy the validation. You enjoy posting pictures, and you’re constantly texting.

The thing you don’t realize is that your phone is literally ‘man-repellent’. Men need inspiration, a vibe, a smile… something. Most men need more than that to approach you and start flirting. And they get absolutely zero from you when you’re engaged with your phone.

It’s like holding 24-hour gossip in your hands so you can check on your other sorority sisters. I don’t want to trash you, rip you apart because I’m here to help you overcome some of the mistakes you’re making in not meeting men.  Not connecting with the right man. You’re about to find out why your phone is not your best date, and how to become more present in today’s life.