Do you remember when you were a kid? I’m talking maybe 2 or 3 years old. Did you have a comforter of some kind?

Some kids have an actual pacifier, others carry around a little blanket like Linus in Snoopy, some have a teddy bear or some other cuddly toy. If you try to take a kids comforter from them they normally go totally nuts and have a meltdown. What did you use as a comforter when you were a kid, and what would you say if I told you, it was because of a comforter that you can’t meet men, or men won’t approach you?

Imagine walking into a coffee shop or somewhere else you normally go, and sitting there over in the corner is a grown woman, sucking on her thumb and holding onto a big blue blanket. She’s holding the thing so tight you’d need a truck and a toe rope to get the thing from her. Or imagine you walk into the same place and see a guy sitting sucking on a giant pacifier. What would you think of them?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re out there with your head buried in your iPhone or tablet device. It seems like we’ve lost our ability to sit in public, without clinging onto some kind of digital device to keep us company. The phones and tablets have become our comforters. They’ve become our safety blankets protecting you from the evil outside world. But here’s the problem…

If you’re staring down at your phone looking busy, men aren’t going to approach you. If I’m sitting next you somewhere and I see you staring at your phone, I’m not going to bother trying to start a conversation because you’re clearly not interested in communicating. Obviously, if you have to answer a call or a text message that’s different. But that’s not what’s happening. Everywhere I go I see people looking at their phones constantly. People are staring at their phones for minutes on end, and it’s unattractive. Check out the video below and I’ll show you a prime example of why men don’t approach you, and show you how to open up and let guys know you’re happy to talk.

It’s time to drop the Linus blanket and start connecting with people!