A friend of mind called this morning, and told me he wasn’t feeling great. To be honest he hasn’t been himself for a while and I know why. He’s craving adult connections. He has his beautiful kids but that’s it. He needs adult connections, the kind only a woman can give him.

He’s putting himself out there again, but this time, he’s not taking it so seriously.

People take dating too seriously. I see people’s online dating profiles and they look as if they’re dating like their life depends on it. Anyway, he recently met a woman, and he said to her, “Let’s just go out for an ice cream.”

What a cool date. It’s just ice cream. That’s all it is.

We all crave connection, yet we’re terrified of dating. But take the pressure and goal out of it, and it’s actually fun.

We all like ice cream, or coffee, or a walk on the beach splashing in the water. We forget that dating should be fun.

We all get caught up in our busy lives, doing the same things we do over and over again. Where does that take us? Back to our bed laying in bed alone at night. All because we were too afraid to meet up for that coffee or ice cream. Just take one hour to see what someone else is all about.

Look today at your inbox in your online dating site.  I know there’s a guy or two in there who’s at least worth an ice cream. I bet there are guys in there you miss all the time. You liked him at first, you read his profile, but of course you took too much time to get back to him, and before long there was a disconnect.  It is just ice cream.

Look at your inbox, write a guy back who intrigued you, and ask him out for ice cream. Go meet for an hour.  You’ll know if there’s a connection or not.  We spend so much time not enjoying life, and not letting go. It’s just ice cream after all!