Dear David WygantSometimes I get emails and I think to myself, are you kidding me? Are you serious? There’s no way in the world anybody sane would write this. I had one such email today, which I need to share with you. It goes like this…

“David, what advice do you have for a woman who never goes out. I’m always home working or doing things around the house. Plus, I don’t really like socializing in bars etc. Before you suggest online dating, I’ve already tried it. There were a couple of guys who said they were interested, but in the end we didn’t meet up.

I guess they weren’t that interested. What is it that I’m missing or doing wrong? Can you help?”

That’s it?

No name. Nothing. It makes no sense to me at all. You’re not going out anywhere, and you want to meet a man. Let’s go through this together shall we? delivers everything to your house. Music, toothbrushes, food, clothing, everything you can think of. Your car is electric so you never have to get out your car to get gas. You never go to the grocery store because you have everything delivered to you. You don’t have errands to run as you never leave the house, and I’m guessing you don’t work or you’d have mentioned it.

This is all just very strange. Amazon doesn’t deliver men to your door. I’m sure it might happen one day, but right now, you can’t go online and order your perfect man. If you could, I wouldn’t have a business and the women of the world would be in convulsions of happiness!

Your ideal man isn’t going to come and find you. He’s not going to turn up on your front door ready to ride off into the sunset with you. While you’re sitting at home all day watching reruns of “Honey Boo-Boo” you’re not going to meet anyone!

It just amazes me people can actually ask me this question. To be honest when I first read it, I didn’t want to take it seriously. I thought she was joking, but I realized she’s being deadly serious. She doesn’t go out to bars, restaurants, theatres, or anything and she wants to know why she can’t find a man!

How many times have I written this article over the years?

How many times have I talked about it on my programs?

To meet someone, you have to go out. You have to smile. You have to open up your energy. And you have to make yourself vulnerable. There’s no other way. You can’t sit at home twiddling your thumbs waiting for him to turn up. Love is a numbers game. You have to meet the guys you can’t connect with so you can get to the ones you can. There’s no other way. There’s no shortcut. There’s no magic button. This is life, and until you start living it, you’re going to be very lonely!