You know, there’s a rumor going around . . . one I think has been passed down from generation to generation. The rumor is that white men can’t dance. They have no rhythm, no beat and no rhyme.

It’s funny, though, because last night I and about 30,000 other white men stood in a room and danced . . . at the Los Angeles Sports Arena watching Bruce Springsteen play. Yes, I admit that I was among the dancers in the crowd (and no there is no video of that posted on YouTube).

Here we were — 30,000 white guys dancing in the stands as living evidence to confirm the rumor that white men cannot dance — being led by another crazy little white guy named The Boss who can actually dance up a storm.

It’s amazing when you go and watch people who are full of passion and energy. I’ve written blogs about seeing Coldplay and Neil Diamond in Concert, both of which I loved. I’ll tell you something, though.

Nothing is more fun than seeing Bruce Springsteen play, hang out with his band and watching Silvio Dante from The Sopranos jam out with him. Actually, now when I see Bruce singing with Stevie all I can picture is Silvio eating with Tony at The Bada Bing!

Seeing Bruce Springsteen last night just confirmed for me that the man is a legend.  The man lives a life that’s full of passion.  Who cares if he’s named in some divorce thing and had a fling with somebody in New Jersey? I don’t follow any of that stuff. 

I know some of you guys have been reading up on that stuff, and it’s seems kind of ridiculous. Supposedly some guy’s wife was screwing Bruce and he named Bruce in the divorce settlement or the divorce thing trying to get a little publicity or something.

Who knows? Let me tell you something important. Bruce Springsteen is all about passion. He leads a passionate life.

We talk about passion over and over again here in the blog.  So I have some questions for you.

What is your passion? Really, about what are YOU passionate? I know what I’m passionate about in my life.

I’m passionate about my work. I’m passionate about my girl. I’m passionate about my friends. I’m passionate about my family. I’m passionate about my dog. I’m passionate about all the great people in my life, the things I do, the people with whom I hang, and about the work that I do.  I am passionate right now about just walking the dog and writing this blog.

So what are you passionate about? What really makes you feel great?  What are you really all about, and what would you tell us all about you?

Just one little “P.S.” to this blog …

I’ve just gotten an account with, and just started playing around with, Twitter. So if any of you have a Twitter account, ask me to be your friend (so I can figure this thing out!)