What an amazing day so far.

Do you know what the definition of an amazing day is?

An amazing day is when you wake up past your alarm, which I did this morning.

It was an amazing morning because I woke up next to the woman that I love and then took Daphne for a walk on the beach. I am going to head back to the beach and do some cardio then off to buy a new beach cruiser bike.
What else am i going to do.

I have some errands to run and then tonight I am taking my girl to her favorite place to eat.

Its a Saturday and I am going to appreciate and enjoy every moment. I am going to engage people and enjoy conversations with strangers. I am going to ignore the blackberry and be 100% present where am it each step of the way.

It’s all about taking every single moment and appreciating it.

That’s the definition of a beautiful day: being able to appreciate every little thing around you. Appreciating every visual stimulus around you – from beautiful women to great friends to amazing trees, the ocean, everything! It’s about really taking it all in.

When you’re out there in your world, do you really take it all in? Do you take in every little bit of every single day? Do you really appreciate it and stay present in the moment?

You knew there was a lesson in this blog somewhere and the lesson is this: go out there and take in every little thing.

Count the stars in the sky. Look at the trees on the street. Take a look at the water that is around you. Look at the color of the sky. Look at everything that is around you.

Become observant in everything in your life. The more observant you become, the more that you’ll have to talk to people about. The more you can talk to people, the stronger your connections with them will be and the less time you will be stuck in your head.

Todays video is all about how to look your best on your amazing days.