I want you to look in the mirror right now and honestly assess yourself.

Your face, your hair, your body.

Your thoughts, your mind, everything.

Do you desire anything to change?

Do you not like your arms?

Do you wish your legs were smaller or bigger?

Do you wish you had more muscles in your stomach?

I mean, I can list each body part and I can give you the reasons why these things are or aren’t changing.

But here’s the reality of it…

None of it’s going to happen unless you do something about it.

  • Change the way you eat.
  • Change the way you work out.
  • Change the way you mentally handle things.
  • Change the way you show up for people.
  • Change the way you listen.
  • Change the way you date.

And the list can go on and on and be anything from body to mind to spirit.

But unless you do something about it every single day, nothing will happen.

Like Nike says, “Just do it.”

We can’t force change by thinking about change.

If you’ve got extra pounds on your body, you can work out all you want, but if you don’t change your saturated fats, your sugar, your diet, and the times you eat, you can literally be like a rat on a treadmill. You might be on that treadmill, you might be thinking you’re getting somewhere, but in reality, you’re getting nowhere.

A friend of mine said it to me the other day really well.

He’s not losing weight.

And I looked at his diet and found three things that needed to be changed immediately for him to lose weight.

I looked at his workout and saw a few things that immediately needed to be changed.

Change only comes when we’re dedicated to it and we’re willing to make the commitment.

Yes, I understand it might be hard to get rid of your Saturday night pizza and beer habits.

But if you truly desire change, it’s truly worth it.

Most people don’t think long-term. Long-term health and emotional and mental health.

We continue to do the things that we do because we continue to think that they’re okay to do, even if we’re not really 100% happy where we’re at physically, mentally, or emotionally.

We continue to bring in the same relationships over and over again, yet we don’t look at the lessons and don’t get the therapy or coaching that we need to work our way through it. So what happens? The same situation keeps arising over and over again.

We drive to a job 100 miles away — a job that we don’t even like — because it’s too much effort to actually go and look for a job.

Human beings are inherently lazy.

They want to make changes, but they are afraid to make the change because it means that they’ll have to give up the excuses, or give up the bad things that they like to consume.

I don’t mind giving up bad things. If I was overweight and somebody told me I could lose all my weight by giving up my M&M and my beer habit, I would find other things that are healthier.

I would find other things that satisfy me, because the truth is that every habit we have is just a trained habit that we have learned to have. You can train your body, because your mind is the most powerful instrument.

You think your body is craving sugar? It’s actually your mind telling your body that you crave sugar.

So if you crave and do something else, like a piece of raw chocolate, guess what happens?

Your body will start to adapt to that, which means your mind will start to adapt to that, which means your body will start to respond.

And, bad relationships are also learned relationships.

The other day, a friend was talking about the volatile relationship that he has with his girlfriend.

Well, we traced it back to the way that he saw his parents love one another, so this is the way that he felt like he deserved to have love.

So how do you do and get around that?

You train yourself and talk to yourself, and you write down exactly how you want and desire love, which is what my really groundbreaking Love Blueprint program is about.

You literally reprogram your mind, the mind that was programmed from mom and dad.

It’s all about reprogramming, and the work is never easy… but it’s extremely rewarding.

Toxic food, toxic relationships, toxic work habits, toxic living can easily be replaced by literally writing down and changing your thoughts and beliefs, but it’s going to take dedication and time.

Change does not happen overnight.

So many people want to buy a self-help program and immediately have change come to them, like magic.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who e-mail me and want change. They literally will ask for it. They’ll ask me to write something in an e-mail that will give them the change, like my magical words will help them actually transform immediately.

But in reality, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

You see, I’ve created all these wonderful programs for you to listen to over and over and over again, because I know that I need to reprogram the Pavlovian mind that your parents and society has given you.

Your experience is created where you’re at right now, whether it’s about food or working out or emotions or your career.

It all takes change.

I remember when I was a scrawny teenager, I hated it.

I couldn’t stand it.

And then I went and watched the movie Flashdance. True story. I saw Jennifer Beale dancing and I absolutely loved her body.

I watched the way she danced and moved and I thought to myself, that is the physical woman that I want to be with.

So how am I going to go and attract that? I’m going to become her mirror.

And that was a pretty advanced 19-year-old. I didn’t use these exact words, but I literally started working out that night. I had a weight set in my basement, and I started lifting weights and lifting weights.

A month in, I was sore, but nothing was really changing, so I kept going and going. And I’ve now been consistently working out for 36 years, never changing my routine.

Well, that’s not true. I’ve changed my routine, but I never stopped working out.

I eat healthy because there was a time in my life when I was absolutely not liking the way I was feeling. No details are needed, but I went to a nutritionist and I got rid of my addiction to shitty foods.

Yes, it was painful at first. No different than probably a cigarette smoker or no different than an alcoholic or a drug addict getting rid of things that were harming their bodies.

Do I cheat? Do I fall back sometimes? Absolutely.

I did it on vacation for an entire week. I couldn’t wait to get back to the life that I have. I thought, I am going to ignore the addictions that I re-created because that’s how powerful my mind is.

My mind did it.

You won’t see the results right away.

Whether it’s body, mind, or soul, but if you stick with it, it will work for you.

Because it worked for me.

I used to be a scrawny teenager. And that’s right. That’s me in that picture that you see. It’s the way that I used to look when I was a kid. Not exactly me, but like me.

And now the picture below it it is the way that I look now. And the way I’m going to look for the remainder of my life, because it takes dedication and will power, and that’s how change on all levels is attained.