Take a look at the election map.

As a matter of fact, take a look at the last few elections and look at how the elections have panned out.

You’ve got the coasts. Coasts usually go for the Democrats.

Then you look at the interior of the country, and they are straight red states. They always go for the Bible-preaching, conservative-speaking white man, who looks like every other politician that’s ever been out there.

I’ve been reading the comments on the blog, and it’s starting to get racist.

Is this what we’re about in the country in 2012? Deep down, we’re racists?

Do you all really believe that a politician is going to save you?

Do you think that the price of gas is actually determined by a politician? One man—whether he’s black, white, yellow, purple, or red—can actually make that much difference?

We have really become a fractured country.

The coasts are full of people who live there because they enjoy the beach and like to travel.

For the middle of the country, they’ll basically take their RV and travel 100 miles and call it a vacation.

I’m not saying the middle of the country is full of ignorant people who never go anywhere. That’s not my statement. But the bottom line is we have a very conservative middle of the country.

Look at the cities in the middle of the country, look at the values.

A lot of the middle of the country is very religious-based.

And to me, religion is the business of selling fear, keeping you down, keeping you wounded, giving you eternal hope and making sure you live by some type of rules, because God forbid—oh, there’s God, I threw the word in there—you actually create your own rules and your own thoughts and your own ideology.

I’ve been all over this country and there are fabulous people everywhere. I mean, I’m talking great people in every single state.

I used to speak at the college circuit and I used to go to small, tiny, little conservative towns, and they were loving, incredible people.

But for some reason or another, we’ve become a really fractured country with very different thoughts. The people on the coast think very different than the middle of the country.

There’s nothing wrong with that. We shouldn’t all think the same way.

It’s okay if the middle of the country is full of conservative, Bible Belt, religious people who really want to believe in certain values and certain things. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

There’s nothing wrong if the people on the coast want to travel the world, want to live in fancy little cities with lots of culture around them and could care less about borrowing sugar from their neighbor.

It’s very different everywhere and that’s what makes this country very unique.

The real issue we have is not Obama or Romney.

The real issue we have is this two-party political system. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t fit who were are as a country anymore.

All government are corrupt.

All governments spend money they don’t have.

All governments are some of the worst run businesses in the entire world.

Look at our government: if it was an actual business run by an entrepreneur, it would’ve gone out of business a long, long time ago—it would’ve gone bankrupt.

Imagine only a small neighborhood bar and all of the sudden people aren’t drinking anymore. (Well not in the U.S.—we’re a country full of alcoholics anyway.)

But imagine people are not coming in to drink. Wouldn’t it be great to just print money? It’d be fabulous.

You can turn to your manager and say, “Hey it doesn’t matter that we can’t get people in to drink our alcohol, we’ll just go print money in the back and we’ll stay open.”

That’s the real problem, that’s what the government’s been doing for years. Printing money, allowing a bad business to stay open without making changes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a red state, a blue state, it doesn’t matter if you come from a conservative state, if you’re a religious guy, or if you’re a spiritual person.

It doesn’t matter where you live. The issue is not the differences between the states.

The real issue we have here is the system doesn’t work anymore and hasn’t worked in a long time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Romney or Obama.

It wouldn’t matter if it was Nelson Mandela or Queen Elizabeth running this country.

The rules and regulations of the government don’t work. The government is the biggest waster of money ever.

Look at the military for instance.

Look at some of the funding the government does.

It’s a mess.

The beauty of America is that we’re all very different.

What makes me sick is when I see racist remarks. He’s a black man and that’s why it happened.

That means nothing. It’s racism that needs to die. Black, white, yellow, purple, people are all the same inside, doesn’t matter what color is on the outside.

A lot of people have different beliefs, so let’s argue the points.

The real issue is that the government is corrupt, bankrupt, and poorly run. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a black man or white man running it.

It’s the people that set this up. It’s the system that’s in place and the system is antiquated, old, and in dire need of change.

We have the Ron Pauls and the Ross Perots but they weren’t elected. They couldn’t even make it through the primaries. (The primaries: what a joke all that stuff is.)

If you look at the popular vote, it’s close to being even.

But the electoral college made it look like Obama won by a lot.

The system is wrong.

Let’s make it a popular vote so every vote counts. Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t that get people out? Wouldn’t that be better than being a red voter in a blue state like California and knowing that your vote doesn’t count.

Let’s stop focusing on the stupid details and focus on the real problem.

I’ve shared my ideas for change—what are yours?