Do you tell your friends the honest truth, or do you spin a story based on lies?

Recently, I was going through a business dealing with somebody.

And I kept thinking to myself, do they tell their friends the same lies they are telling me?

I personally know half their friends.

And every one of their friends that I’ve met is a person of high integrity. I’ve met their family.

They have high integrity. I’ve hung out with their friends. They’re honest, hardworking, good people.

And yet, this person I’ve been dealing with spins a story of lies.

And I’m wondering, what are their friends saying to them? Luckily, everything worked out, because apparently one of their friends probably did speak up and they probably listened.

So the business dealing that we were doing actually worked out in everybody’s favor.

But it really led me to think: what bullshit are you telling your closest friends?

You see, with my friendships, I tell them exactly what’s going down. I call it the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You see, I want my friends to be able to guide me, and to me true friendship is truly being able to have an honest, ethical relationship with your friends.

But unfortunately in life, there’s a lot of liars out there. And I’ve always wondered when I’ve come across these liars, are they only lying to me?

Because I can clearly see when people lie. A matter of fact, I’m like that kid in the movie the Sixth Sense.

He sees dead people, I see bullshit.

It’s my job as a coach to really expose people to the lies that they tell themselves.

But isn’t that what true friendship is all about? I always wonder when a liar walks around telling lies, they must be telling lies to their friends as well. Otherwise, they really don’t have any friends.

Because a true friend is going to call you out on your bullshit. A true friend is going to tell you that you are doing things that are not ethical, or you are doing things that may harm other people.

I’m not a liar, so I don’t understand when someone is trying to get over on somebody else. I don’t get that mentality at all.

As a matter of fact, I don’t even understand how someone can ethically try to get over on somebody that treated them well.

It blows me away, and I definitely have been involved with some of those people, as we all have in life. Or, I’ve run up against these type of people. The people that feel self-entitled to get over on other people.

It amazes me when I run into these people, and it always amazes me to think to myself, well, if they’re trying to get over on me or trying to get over on somebody else, their friends must be really shitty people as well.

Because isn’t anybody calling them out on their shit? Can anybody stand up to them, does anybody tell them that they’re being unethical and they’re trying to get over on somebody? I just don’t get it.

I really don’t. It’s never been my thing to get over on people. Have I ever done it? Sure, probably when I was younger. I can see things I’ve done that may not have been the highly ethical. I think we all do at one point in our life, maybe do something that we’re not overly proud of.

But in time, I think we grow out of that because we realize that there’s something called karma.

You try to get over on somebody, and guess what’s going to happen? The universe is going to get you back. Karma’s a bitch, man. It’s going to pay you back, big time.

Anyway, it just amazes me when I run into somebody who has no ethics. I think to myself, they must have some really bad, unethical friends as well. Or maybe, they’re just lying to everybody about their life. They’re lying to everybody about who they are and what they’re all about.

Do you run into the type of unethical people who bullshit and lie to everybody? Let me know.