Are you an emoticon person?

Someone sends you a text and you send them back four or five emoticons expressing your emotions. Expressing yourself through pictures and not words.

Well, let’s take a look at those human emotions and go deeper into what emoticons actually mean.

Emoticons are caveman communication

If you look at caveman dwellings, you’ll see the origin of emoticons on the wall. See, back in the days when we grunted instead of spoke to one another, we used emoticons.

There would be a picture of a man.

There would be a picture of a spear.

There would be a picture of a big dinosaur.

And next to the picture of the dinosaur, the man would be gone.

The woman would come home from a day out socializing, having it out with other cave moms, and she would come home, and she’d ask one of her sons, what happened to Dad?

He would point to the wall, and she would realize that the big dinosaur ate her husband.

The next day, she couldn’t go out and socialize, she had to go and bring home food for the family.

Thus, the emoticon was born.

Because look at modern culture and emoticons now: we’re back to the caveman times. Why? Because people can’t express their emotions.

The human race is so stuck in it’s head all the time that they can’t express a single thing.

We’re doing smiley faces, we’re doing funny little things. We have short little SMS conversations.

And we really don’t like to have any communication that’s face to face.

We’d rather text than talk.

Actually, we’d rather ignore than talk.

We’d rather date online and speak in half sentences than remotely go out and meet people in public, and when we finally do meet somebody, we emoticon each other.

Why? Because the human race is so stuck in it’s head.

Since the age of the Internet has come upon us, we have been writing article after article on how to succeed at dating. Look: I’ve been writing articles for 14 years now on the Internet.

And every year, someone always comes to me, says can you write an article about “10 ways to meet somebody?”

So, I carefully write the same article I’ve been carefully writing for the last 17 or so years.

Very simple: how to meet somebody.

Imagine, us being cave people.

You take your spear.

You throw it at another human.

You stab them in the arm, they start bleeding, you run over, and you help them, and you’ve made a connection.

We’re so stuck in our heads all the time that we don’t know what to say or do any more. We’ve become a society of over analyzing every single thing imaginable.

Why do we do that? Because we’re searching for the perfect answer, and if we don’t have the right answer, we use an emoticon.

Why are we doing this.? Because that’s how society has progressed.

We have basically progressed back to cave man days all over again.

if you ask me.

That we’ve literally progressed to cave man days all over again.

For no reason at all, except the fact that we’ve developed a fear of one another.

But now, in the modern cave, all we have is this…

A picture of a man, sitting and watching TV or swiping.

A picture of a woman doing the exact same thing.

A picture of the man and the woman staring at their screens.

A picture of the man and the woman staring at their screens.

A picture of the man and the woman staring at their screens, and it doesn’t stop.

It doesn’t stop.

People aren’t connecting, people aren’t hunting one another any more. People aren’t doing anything except staring at their screens, hoping for a connection so they can use the clever emoticon. Expressing their emotions.

Can we say to our emotional block that the culture can we say that we have over analyzed just about every thing imaginable. Absolutely. Every single day, there’s another article on the Internet about how people can meet.

Why don’t we just draw it in caveman dwellings and save the words? Because it seems like we don’t even care about using those any more. Pretty soon, words will be extinct, and the entire human race will have evolved backwards instead of forward.