One of the key traits that I look for in people that surround me in my life is integrity.

If I hired somebody to do some work, I take a look at their integrity. Do they say what they mean? Do they get things done on time?

Are they apologetic when things are not done correctly?

Do they back their words up with actions?

Integrity is something that is so big in my life. Have I met some people that I thought had integrity and turned out to be complete users? Absolutely.

The scary thing to me is when someone who thinks they have integrity. They will full out lie to somebody, try to manipulate situations, and try to get money for nothing, basically, because that’s what people of low integrity do. People with low integrity tend to think the world owes them something.

So they’ll constantly try to manipulate and try to get money from people and try to hustle people, because they just believe that they deserve that. They don’t have integrity.

I know quite a bunch of people with not integrity. I’ve seen them. I’ve lived in Los Angeles a long time. There are people who think they have integrity that have no integrity at all.

The scariest thing about people who have no integrity, and are just so about themselves, is that a lot of them that I’ve met have children.

They’ve got kids. They’ve got sons and they got daughters. And you know what? They’re teaching their children that it’s alright to have no integrity.

That’s the scariest thing. I don’t know how someone lives with themselves when they don’t have integrity. They think they have the world coming to them. They think people owe them things.

They feel the need to hustle or go back on their word. That’s the thing that bothers me about somebody with no integrity. Somebody that goes back on their word. You got their word.

They promised you their word. And then they just proved that their word means nothing.

The worst thing about these people is that they got kids. A lot of them do. And they’re just teaching their kids to be manipulative, low integrity liars, just like them. Its kind of sad. Because kids are just cool little spirits. Kids are just these like fun little bundles of joy that come into this world and don’t really know shit.

They’re just here to have a life experience, and the life experience they have is really given to them by their parents. Whether their parents are honest, good, hard working people, or people who have low integrity.

These kids don’t know right from wrong at all. They’re just taught whatever mom and dad teach them. And that, to me, is always the sad part. It’s that their kids really don’t stand much of a chance, because dear old mom and dad are not really the best people in the entire world. Dear old mom and dad are not honest. Dear old mom and dad don’t have integrity.

Dear old mom and dad went back on their word.

In life, the only thing we can control is ourselves. So, every day I wake up and I’m just a man who makes sure I treat people really well, with integrity, with compassion, with empathy. I don’t expect anything. I say I’m sorry and treat others how I want to be treated and I just realized there’s some pretty shitty people out there in this world that don’t have the same ethics that I do.

Let me know what you do when you find out somebody you trusted is really somebody that’s got no integrity. I’d love to hear it.