Life is Repetitive By David Wygant

I do yoga once or twice a week with a private yoga instructor – yeah, that’s right, I’m very LA. I go to a yoga studio a few days a week and I have a private instructor the rest of the time.

Last Night during yoga, my yoga instructor Olivia and I were talking. We were talking about yoga and just life in general. I’ve been doing yoga for about two years now, and I have to tell you – before I started yoga I had hamstrings that were about as flexible as the 405. I had shoulders that if you pinned me back a certain way, not only would they not touch the ground – they would scream their way back up in the other direction.

After practicing yoga for a couple of years, each day my hamstring moves a little bit more. Each time I do yoga, my shoulders touch the ground a little bit more. Every day I get a little bit further in my practice.

Yoga is one of the most repetitive things in the world. You can do downward dog 14 times in a class – triangle pose eight times in a class – it’s not the most exciting thing in the world. But what it does is teach you that life is extremely repetitive.

Everything you do in life takes practice every single day. When Peyton Manning fades back to pass to Marvin Harrison, who then scores a touchdown in the corner of the in zone, it’s something they have practiced thousands of times before. Every time Johan Santana throws a strike – this is something he’s been practicing every day of his life to get better and better.

But how come when it comes down to meeting women, men will try one thing one time, and never do it again? How come when women go out and look at a man and smile, and the man doesn’t smile back, they say, “this doesn’t work! I’m never going to do this again.”

It seems like in dating and meeting the opposite sex, people don’t become repetitive. They tend to think that something is going to work once – and if it doesn’t, they’ll never do it again.

I was speaking at a seminar a couple of weeks ago and I told everybody that if they went out and observed everything in their life for five days, they’d be able to come up with their own openers to talk to people. One guy asked me if he had to do it for five days, and I responded, “no, you should be doing this every day of your life! Let’s start with five days, and work our way forward.”

Everything you do is repetitive. To become great at any job, you need to do the same things everyday. In order to become a major league pitcher, you need to throw the ball over and over again. In order to become a great lover, you need a lot of sexual practice. In order to become a great writer – like I am! – you need to write every single day (I hope you caught that joke). In order to cut hair well, you need to cut hair every single day.

You need to practice to become great at everything you do. If that’s true, then how come some of you get all of this great advice about how to meet women or men but you’re not out there doing this every single day?

Why do you expect to break the way life happens? In order to become great at something, you need to practice every single day.

Have you been practicing meeting people every single day? Or do you keep trying things in small spurts, and then keep buying other books to see whether or not you’ll finally find the magic pill?

If you meet women, go out there and talk to them everyday. If you want to meet men, do the same exact thing.

Stop complaining, start doing and realize that you cannot break the cycle of life. Practice, and you will be good at it.