Free T Shirt Guy By David Wygant

So what you need to do is look deep in your closets, and you need to figure out if you are the guy that always wears the free shirts.

How many shirts do you own from company picnics? How many shirts do you own from the Microsoft convention you went to? How about the trade show you went to last year, and you picked up six shirts because you thought it was so cool they were giving them out?

Let me tell you something – you don’t want to be that guy that walks around wearing free shirts. If you own logo shirts that say ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Google’ or ‘Adobe’ – or any other company – you are basically wearing clothes that you got for free, and what that tells women is that you’re too cheap to even buy yourself clothes.

Usually these free shirts also fit awfully, because generally they figure that one size fits all – they’ve got extra larges, they have larges – and you’re a small. You’re wearing that shirt that droops off over your shoulders – it doesn’t even look good – and it’s got a company emblem on it too.

What you’re telling the opposite sex is that you’re too cheap. By wearing these shirts, you’re telling women that you’re going to be cheap with them to.

When you’re dating somebody, she doesn’t want for you to come home and say, “honey, look what I got you at the Microsoft convention – a couple of free t-shirts! Feel – 100% cotton!”

Not only that, but the 100% cotton that they use is the worst cotton in the world – these shirts are starchy, itchy, and they don’t fit right. There is nothing cool about them, so don’t be that guy.

If you have these clothes in your wardrobe, you need to get rid of them – immediately. You need to do some shopping. You don’t want to be the guy who walks around in Free Shirt Land.