Does that statement just kind of grab you by the head?

Did it grab you and literally make your knees shake?

I’m going to explain to you why Donald Trump is the perfect president for the United States at this time. And it’s not because I agree with his policies.

It’s not that I think what he does on a daily basis is earth shattering and amazing.

It’s not that I believe in him at all. As a matter of fact, I don’t.

I don’t believe in Donald Trump at all. I think Donald Trump is literally, well, a crazed man running a self-absorbed country.

I want you to think about how Donald Trump became elected. He was able to self-serve his way towards the election.

Great little sound bites.

Sharing things with the American public nobody else ever shared before being president.

Things that you shouldn’t really share with the American public.

He would make controversial bone-head statements on a daily basis.

He would literally be caught doing things that a fifth grader who is running for school president might be caught doing, but not a grown man.

He’s a shameless self-promoter.

He’ll say anything to get him attention, to have people look at him. He’s suffers from a disease called, look at me.

He always thinks he’s right.

He always turns to social media to literally voice his opinions.

Are you seeing this? Well, are you seeing why Donald Trump is perfect for America at this time?





And any other means of self-absorbed behavior that can get to the masses…

We’re starting to see the reason why Donald Trump is exactly who we deserve as a president of the United States at this time.

We live in a culture where every single person has a voice.

Every person can say something, be heard by people.

Everybody believes that what they say is wisdom and knowledge.

He’s got people making millions and millions of dollars a year on platforms like Youtube and Facebook who are not the most educated, intelligent people in the world. They just know how to self-promote.

The United States has turned into a narcissistic place where everybody gets rewarded literally for bad behavior.

Just in the dating field alone, I know so many people who are self-proclaimed gurus that literally could not have sex if a naked person was next to them in a paper bag. They still wouldn’t know how to seduce.

Every day I get introduced to a new guru, somebody who’s 23 years old and wants to become a life coach.

What life are you going to teach me about at 23?

What words of wisdom do you possibly have at 23 years old? What are you going to teach anybody that’s grown when you haven’t even lived at all? What? You survived college?

You didn’t die at a fraternity party hazing?

You didn’t smoke so much pot so you’re able to have a brain still?

You didn’t drink too much? Did you have one relationship? But now you’ve studied to become a life coach from somebody who’s selling life coach certificates on the Internet.

Do you get my point?

Everybody is becoming shameless self-promoters without doing the work.

That’s why our president is somebody who never ran for political office ever, but just knew how to literally say the right things, the dumb things, the attention-seeking things, was able to win a presidential election.

America is a narcissistic place where everybody feels that they can be heard, where everybody feels like they’ve got wisdom to share.

So we got exactly the type of president.

Our Facebook, Instagram, tweeting culture has literally manifested before us.

We have president Donald Trump for one reason and one reason only. Because we have become a self-absorbed narcissistic place to live.

Where everybody feels like they are worthy of being recognized as an expert.



Every review site has given people a voice.

So, our leader is somebody who has a voice but absolutely no qualities.

No qualifications.

No integrity to lead this country to the next level. I’m curious to see what happens next in this ridiculous, self-absorbed, narcissistic place called the United States of Donald Trump.