I’ve been living in California for almost 20 years, and I’ve got to tell you something about California.

There are some health conscious people here. There’s liberal people here, but man, I got to tell you, so many people here like to talk, and talk and talk.

They talk about all the things they’re going to do.

They talk and talk and talk.

I feel like there’s more talkers than doers here. I know that’s a generalization. I’m not big into generalizations because I know that there are talkers all over the place and doers all over the place.

To me, in general, a New Yorker is geared more towards doing than talking. California loves to talk about things. Their feelings around that. They like to thinks things through. They move slower.

My message to Californians: Shut up.

Shut up. It’s annoying already, all the talking and thinking and overanalyzing and thinking of different scenarios and the slow pace.

I love New York. I love the fast pace. I like how people want to get things done. I like how people make a decision and they do it. I like the fact that people in New York don’t stop nonstop about what they’re going to do. They make a decision.

If you think about it, the industry that dominates New York City is the financial market.

The financial market are for quick-witted, quick thinking, quick reacting individuals. You can’t think in the financial markets.

You can’t think about buying a stock. You can’t think about making a move. You either make it or you don’t because if you don’t you get lost with dust behind you.

California — and especially Los Angeles — is dominated by the entertainment industry. If you’ve ever been in the entertainment industry (and I’ve had bits and pieces of things in the entertainment industry) the decision making process is unbelievably slow.

They like to talk for hours.

Then they like to tell you how great they are. And then, they like to think about it for months. And then, they finally get back to you. If you’re lucky enough to tell you that through all the thinking they decided to go with somebody else. That’s Los Angeles. That’s California for you. People are thinkers here.

I’m a doer.

I’ve always been a doer. I’m a doer living.

It drives me nuts here, it really does.

That’s probably the reason the people I hang out with are more transplants from cities that actually get things done. I find the locals, as nice and sweet as they are, some of them are just the most over thinkers I’ve ever met in my entire life. It’s painful. I wouldn’t want to be inside their minds.

I don’t even know how they even get anything done with all that California overtalking and over thinking garbage that stops them from succeeding the way they need to.

What’s your opinion on California and New York? How does your experience fit, or do I just sound like somebody who really needs to move and get the hell out of a town that really is not suiting me on a mental level anymore?

On a physical level, I love California, I really do. I love how health-conscious people are here. I love that about this place. It’s fantastic. Wherever you go there’s always somebody talking about their physical health. Is it because they’re more vain? Maybe in some ways.

But in other ways I just think it’s a beautiful thing to be that aware of how you are in your physical condition.