Are you a bitter Betsy or a bitter Berry?

The other day, my friend was telling me a story about somebody he went out with.

He went out on a date.

They got along great.

They connected on many different levels.

Then, all of a sudden, she turned into bitter Betsy.

She said different things. He asked for clarification, and she said, oh I’m sorry, I’m just having a rough day because my friend is having a rough time dating and it was kind of rubbing off on me.

They went out a few more times and then she vanished yet again.

Her reason?

Nothing. The reasoning she gave him was none. She was angry in her tone, her texts were very angry, her voicemail message was angry.

Do you want to know what happens when bitter Berry or bitter Betsy meet somebody who’s great? They don’t feel like they deserve it.

You see, bitter Berry or bitter Betsy have basically programmed themselves that they don’t deserve something great at all. So then, when somebody good shows up in their life, they get all angry because they don’t feel like they actually deserve something. So they’re looking for something to go wrong, and of course, whenever you look for something to go wrong, something will go wrong, it’s the way life works. What we think about we bring about.

So whenever we’re trying to make something go wrong or sabotaging something, what happens next is we actually will sabotage it. We look for a loophole.

I always say that people who are bitter Berry or bitter Betsy are always looking for somebody to say the wrong thing because they’re constantly in stories. Their stories are that men and women do bad things to them. So literally when you start dating them, they’re basically looking for something to go wrong. You might make a mistake, you may not text them back the right way, you may have asked them out for a date on a Sunday instead of a Saturday and they think that because you asked them out on Sunday and not Saturday they think you’re dating somebody else.

Bitter people tend to look at life not half full, but half empty. In fact, mostly empty.

So then, look at how the universe has presented people in your life and ask yourself: Have you really given people a chance? Or if you’ve ever had a time in your life where you’re becoming bitter Betsy or a bitter Berry.

The only way you can change that is to be honest with yourself.