Let’s talk about available men. One of the first TV shows I ever did was this simple talk show back in 2001 where the episode was called “Available Men: Where are They?”

Unavailable men and unavailable women are everywhere. You can find them on a daily basis.

But the available man?

Well, they are everywhere too. If you know what to look for…

The available, relationship-ready man is someone who shows you a few simple signs right from the get-go.

And these are the 3 simple signs that will really help you understand when a man is fully available to the committed relationship that you so desire and so deserve to be in.

#1: From the second you meet, he acts exactly like a man who is interested in a woman should act.

Whether you have met him out and about and exchanged numbers, or you met at an online dating app, or you met him swiping, the minute he is in contact with you, he’s consistently trying to get to know you.

And he’s acting like, well, a man who’s ready to commit. Things like:

  • He’s setting up plans, but not only that, he’s consistently following through on them.
  • He doesn’t waiver at all.
  • It doesn’t feel like he is dating 17 other people.
  • You are seeing him on a regular basis and he is consistently planning more things with you.
  • He is respecting your boundaries when it comes down to sex.
  • He is respecting you.
  • He is listening to you.
  • He is asking many questions, because he wants to get to know the real you.

He is an available man because he is pursuing you. A man who doesn’t pursue and a man who doesn’t keep up the pace that started from the get go is a man who is not available… which leads us to number two.

#2: He has no problem telling you he wants a relationship.

Not only does he want a relationship, he is acting as if he is in a relationship with you from the beginning.

He is texting on a regular basis. He is saying “good morning.”

He is making plans with you. He is keeping abreast of what is going on in your life. He is showing up for you every single day, whether you see him once a week, twice a week, or three times a week.

You’ll start seeing him more every single week, and he’ll start getting more involved in your life and he’ll start becoming the friend that you are looking for.

And, he also has no problem at all talking about wanting a relationship. He is past the stage of “dating.”

He doesn’t need to date endless women non-stop.

#3: He is a “future-tasker,” as well as a present junkie.

He’s got the right mix, the right balance between living in the present but also thinking about his future with you.

He is extremely present when you are together. He has fantastic follow-up and whatever he plans for the future with you is something that he actually comes through with.

He is a man of his word and he’s a man of action and he is somebody who is constantly telling you, in many different ways, that he wants you in his life.

Those are signs — simple, basic signs — of an available man, so you will recognize him when he shows up in your life. We don’t need to talk about the signs of unavailable men, because if the man is not showing any of these signs, it already shows his lack of availability to you.

We tend to complicate things so much in today’s world. We complicate relationships, we complicate “signs” like these. We spend so much time in our heads, but really, when a man wants a woman, he is pursuing her non-stop and he is making plans and showing up for her on a daily basis.

That’s it. That means he’s willing to commit and explore something deeper with you… if you are willing to dive into something with him too.