Monday and as always wishing it was still Sunday!!

Great weekend here with 7 guys for the LA bootcamp!!!

How was everyone’s weekend?

Today I was thinking.

Do you enjoy the people who you hang out with?

Do you have a good time with your friends?

Or are you just hanging out with them because they are the people that go to the right places on Friday night? Or are they people that make it easier to meet women?

Life is about attraction. It’s about attracting people into your life in every way.

So really: who are your closest friends? Are they people that you really love? Are they people who you really enjoy being around? And are they people who you have a really great time with?

Or are you just hanging out with people that only serve your needs? Because if you hang out with them, you can get invited to the right parties?

If you’ve listened to my products, read the blog regularly, or met me in person, you understand that I’m not about chasing; I’m about attracting. If you’re with people who don’t make you feel good or aren’t fun to be with – the woman or man who you’re hoping to attract will look at you and wonder about your own character.

Are you someone who doesn’t drink, but you go out a lot with a friend who can’t handle his alcohol? Do you end up spending the entire night taking care of him? Do you know that people look at you and wonder why you’re hanging out with that person?

They don’t see you taking care of that person – they don’t see the nurturing side of you. They’re just wondering about your character – why you’re with that obnoxious person.

I remember Rey was out one time with a friend of his who thought it was funny if he peed outside waiting in line at a club. I remember Rey telling me this story. Everyone looked at HIM, not at his ass of a friend. They were wondering about Rey’s character: why would he go out with somebody who would pee outside in public?

I’m not making this stuff up. You’re perceived through your friends. When women meet you, they are looking at your friends. When men meet you, they are thinking, “Hmm, let me find out something about her (or his) character.” That’s how people judge and evaluate you.

So really, who are your friends? And do they truly represent who you are as a person?