4th of July is coming.

In fact, it’s pretty much right here, right now.

And ladies, we’re in bikini season.

Bikini season––what a funny term.  Did Cosmo, or Vogue, or Elle come up with that terminology?


So what exactly is bikini season and why do we even have it?

Consider this: bikini season gives you the opportunity to show off your amazing, sexy body no matter what shape you’re in.  Because no matter how you look, there’s a man out there that is actually looking at you, admiring you, and desiring you––right now.

See, all men look at women in a different way.  What I’m attracted to, a good friend is not.  What’s he’s attracted to, I’m not.  There’s a different person for everybody and everybody is beautiful.

Every woman is beautiful.  Every woman’s shape, every woman’s body, every woman is beautiful.

So, on this July 4th, instead of looking for fireworks, why don’t you realize that you are the fireworks.  You are the combustive, powerful thing that lights up the night for men everywhere.

Feel it.  Feel your energy.  Feel your power as a woman.  Feel the beauty of who you are. Feel your sexuality and realize that all you need to do is let us men light your wick.  But more importantly you should be lighting your own wick––light it!––so that men can see exactly who you are.

Yes, women, realize that you’re already a firework for the 4th of July.

Now get out there and shine.