long distance relationshipsWelcome to your fantasy world.

Where you live in a city, let’s say Houston, Texas.

And one night as you’re man shopping on “Manazon.com”, or one of the other dating websites. You decide to take a peek and see what’s out there in another city. For some reason, your female intuition decides Boston.  Boston.  There was a 70s song that was called “Please Come to Boston.”

Boston is the hometown of the Deflategate, New England Patriots. Tom Brady, he’s pretty damn cute. Julian Edelman in a hipster kind of way is kind of sexy, and who doesn’t want to be thrown around by Rob Grankowski, the ‘Gronk’?

Even little quirky Bill Belicheck has some sex appeal, so you peek. You search for men in Boston.  And there, your fantasy man shows up.  He’s a pediatrician.  He’s really big in the Make-a-Wish foundation. He did ‘Doctor’s Without Borders’, too. He’s a vegetarian. He talks about long walks on the Cape. You’ve never been to the Cape, but you’ve heard it’s beautiful.

He tells you that he’s not looking for perfection. It’s okay that if you have a few extra pounds, or your boobs are not as great as they used to be, because you’ve given birth and sacrificed it for your children. This man is unreal. He hits every single trigger point. You already feel better about your body. Actually as you’re reading the profile, you got a craving for carbs.

You find some leftover Doritos in the kitchen, and you start chowing them down, because your dream man, who’s going to beckon you to Boston, is going to be okay with sitting around eating Doritos and Cheetos on a Sunday afternoon as you watch his beloved Patriots cheat their way through another game. You get gutsy. You send him a virtual wink, or a virtual kiss.

Are You Having A Fantasy Relationship?

Ah, Mr. Boston man.

He’s online for a couple of reasons. The things he wrote in his profile, though they may be true, were written by a female friend of his to make him sound more interesting.  He actually has anger management issues. You don’t find out about that until it’s too late. So far wth you he’s on his best behavior. And you start flirting with him. You have these long flirt sessions. You start giving out your Skype information, and maybe get a little daring one night and get naked for him on Skype.

You like the attention, and he gets all turned on. And together, the two of you have Skype sex. Nothing more satisfying than masturbating in front of a computer. A lot of lonely men do it all the time to porn, so why not at least do it to a live body? You have great phone sex, or great Skype sex.

You decide to finally see one another, and he shows up, or you fly to his town. You can see ‘Mr. Best Behavior Man’.

You decide to have a rendezvous once a month. And between, you have some more really satisfying Skype sex.  You start filling out the fantasy. This man’s going to move, you’re going to move. Then again, you’re not going to move. You have a kid, you have a family business, things are going pretty damn good in Houston, he’s a pediatrician in Boston.

Yet, you convince yourself that you’re going to actually have this relationship. Whenever you see him, he’s perfect, because anybody could become Mr. Good Behavior Man for 48 hours. You’ve seen the best of him. You’re not seeing his daily behavior, at all. As a matter of fact, he’s only on good behavior when he talks to you, because he likes the way you play with yourself in front of him on Skype.

And he doesn’t want to lose the only intimacy he can find.  If you’re attracting a man from thousands of miles away, you’re attracting somebody who probably has no other option.  Mr. Good Behavior Man knows that somebody from afar is going to be his best chance. Date within your zip code. Or at least within 50 miles of you, so you get to see somebody on a daily basis. Get to see what they’re all about. That’s a real relationship.

So you don’t ever have to fantasize about coming to Boston.