How many times have you stumbled across a highly charged synchronistic love connection?

If that statement makes you scratch your head and think, what the hell is that?, that means you’ve shut down the energetic love and it’s been so long since you’ve had it, you need to revisit it again.

In life, we have lots of soulmates. If  you believe there’s only one soulmate for you, let me put this out to you right now:

Say you live in Seattle.

You believe in the one soulmate phenomenon.

Your soulmate lives in Ohio; Columbus to be exact.

You have a fear of flying and you’re never going to be in Columbus, Ohio. Does that mean that you spend the rest of your life alone?

Many Soulmates

Soulmates come in and out of our lives when we’re open to love.

When you decide you’re ready to love, it starts from within.

When you go out and do your thing,  people start recognizing the amazing you. The beautiful, amazing you that’s showing up on a daily basis.

The universe is watching as well.

All of the sudden, as if by magic, somebody comes into your life. You have that deep connection. You feel like you’ve known each other forever. You’re so comfortable with one another.

You get into this blissed out, amazing soul-to-soul connection with this other human being.

Then all of the sudden, as the universe giveth, it seems to taketh.

It happens. You go through it over and over again. You overanalyze it; you sit down with your friends; you try to figure out why this ended, how it ended, and you grieve it.

Let me tell you a different way to look at things:

We have these beautiful, synchronistic love connections because it keeps us on the path to where we’re supposed to go.

Don’t Limit Yourself and Your Life to One Love

why soulmates vanishI tell people all the time that I’d rather love many than love one because if I loved one and never loved again and that person vanished from my life, that would mean that I’m living a limited life. When you’re open to love many, you’re going to be able to experience many different people throughout your life. Some people will come in for long periods of time, some people will come in for short periods of time.

But if you love the people that you’re with every single day, and you love these incredible soul-to-soul connections that come in, eventually some will hang around longer than others.

We’ve been taught wrong about love. We’ve been taught that love is simply something that we must have and when we have it, we must hold on to it no matter what. But what if the person that comes in is somebody that’s only supposed to come in for a certain period of time?

What if you guys were just pit stops for each other, teaching each other a few beautiful lessons and then going off to take those lessons to love somebody even more.

Every time we limit love, we’re limiting ourselves. We’re telling the universe that love has limits. When we try to force love or make love last that’s not supposed to last, we’re forcing the energetic flow to change.

Whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. If you’re with somebody for three hours and you’re in love with them for three hours, it was meant to be a connected love romance.

If you’re with somebody for four year and all of a sudden it just doesn’t work anymore, no matter what you’ve done, your energetic flow, your universal contract of love between the two of you is officially over. You’ve grown as much as you could with that person.

You need to be grateful for the love that you share. You need to look at the lessons. You need to see how much you’ve grown and then you need to expand and realize that the universe is going to give you another beautiful love relationship in the future.

That’s how it works. It doesn’t work when you try to control things. It doesn’t work when you don’t see the lessons. Is love an open door for you?

Be Open and Love Often

Relationships are the greatest gift we can have. When we’re not in them, we tend to only grow as ourselves. When we’re in a relationship, we have a mirror. We have somebody we can grow with, be inspired by and transform in front of each other’s eyes. The love, the support, the family that you have with them is for however long it’s supposed to be.

If you get a grasp on this and realize that soul contracts are for as long as they’re going to be, they’ll start to become more present in all your love relationships. You’ll stop thinking of the future and start being in the present. When you’re in your present, you’re in your love. When you’re in your love, you’re able to then go and expand.

Every love relationship that stays in the present lasts a lot longer than one that is in the past or one that is in the future.

So the next time the universe lends you this beautiful synchronistic love connection, I want you to stay present for as long as you can. I want you to appreciate the gift that’s been delivered to you and I want you to look at that person and thank that person every day for loving you. Thank that person for coming into your life and thank that person for the beautiful gift of love that they have delivered to you.

Look at loss and trying to own, control or have outcome. The outcome is never anything you can control anyway, so just love. Love hard. Love beautiful. Love with an open heart. And watch how different these beautiful love connections are when you’re so present to what is actually going on, instead of creating a story about what you want it to be.