I’m going to give you the reason why men Google women, and it’s going to be nothing that you ever imagined.

Now we know why you Google us.

Your CSI investigator mind wants to find out every bad thing that we may have ever done.

You love Googling men, going in and checking out website links, reading about them, creating a story ahead of time before you even meet a man, which by the way I’ve written about so many times as being very toxic for a potential relationship. It’s almost like your new gut instinct is labeled Google.com.

why women google menEvery time a woman Googles me, she comes up with a story about what she thinks I am. But, what these women don’t understand is that there’s the public side of me and there’s the private side of me. The private side you’ll never see on Google. You’ve got to sit across from me to find that out. And that’s what I believe is the magic of dating – the finding out, that exploration of each other’s mind, stories, each other’s experiences in life, not in the black and white of Google.

Men’s Motives are a Bit More on the Surface

But men do Google women, and not for the same reasons as women Google men.

We are a little bit of a CSI investigator when we do Google women. We are looking for something.

But what we’re looking for is nothing what you’re looking for. We’re looking to see what you really look like. Plain and simple.

If we find out your last name because we met you on a dating app and we find out who you are, we’ll immediately go to Facebook and click on the photos, and get an idea of what you really look like, because we don’t trust the online dating pictures that you put up on Tinder.

On Bumble.

On Hinge.

On Match.com.

We don’t trust it at all. So we are going to Google you to find out what you really look like, before we get into a phone conversation with you, or before we commit to a date. That’s why so many times men are always asking for more pictures from women on online dating sites. We’re not asking for pictures because we’re collecting them or showing them to our friends, it’s just that we do not trust the pictures that women have put up.

Too many women have put up angle shots.

Old pictures of themselves. So we want to know exactly what we’re getting into before we go and show up on that first date.

It might sound superficial, but really is it any different when you’re trying to find out about a guy’s character through things that may or may not be written on Google? At least our thing is harmless; we want to make sure you’re hot, and that’s it. Because if we think you’re hot, then we’re willing to show up, get to know the person inside, and get to know what you’re all about.

We’ll go through every page on Facebook to find out exactly what you look like. I find our Googling far more innocent, because all we’re trying to figure out is if you look hot like your picture.

You’re trying to find out the flaws, you’re trying to create a whole story about what you think we are.

You’re trying to see whether or not we’re psychotic or crazy.

All we’re doing, innocently, is making sure you look good.

We’re just making sure you’re hot. We’re making sure you are what you say you are in the picture.

We’re just making sure that the person who shows up is somebody that we are attracted to.

Yeah, we’re men, and damn proud of it! Because when we do show up after we’ve Google pictured you, we’re showing up because we actually want to be with you. We actually want to get to know who you are.

You’ve Googled us and you’re showing up just to try to find out if the stories that you have found on the Internet are true or not. Well, maybe not as harsh, but a lot of the times you don’t even show up because you’ve Googled somebody and you’ve created a story about them.