proactive dating woman approach man david wygantDo you remember all of those fables that your parents would tell you when you were growing up?

Masturbation will make you blind. 

Not eating your vegetables would make you weak.

If you don’t drink milk, you won’t have healthy bones.

Five more minutes…

…That was my favorite one, often said when we were driving somewhere far.

But here’s the biggest fable that’s out there and it plagues the majority of women in the world…

It’s been an urban myth that has been passed down from generation to generation…

You will meet somebody when you least expect it.

Really? He will find you, and when you least expect it? Really?

So, you’re telling me that by doing absolutely no work at all, an amazing man is going to come into your life.

You don’t need to even show up.

Wouldn’t life work great if it was like that?

Imagine being able to do that at work, not having to show up at all but yet get all of the rewards.

Imagine doing that when you go on a diet, not having to exercise or eat well, and yet you magically become skinny.

Well, here’s the deal: Men are not going to magically appear.

If you’re not doing something every single day to attract a man, then your dating life is not going to change.

You’re going to be alone, you’re going to be miserable and you’re going to be looking at other people in love and thinking, “Why not me?”

So it’s time you become proactive and not reactive in your dating life.